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Registration is FREE for GKIC Members (all we ask is that you put down a refundable deposit to hold your seat). And for the first time ever, registration for non-members is ONLY $97 (usually $497). If you are not a GKIC member, and want to attend for FREE, call 800-871-0147 to find out how!
  • 2016:
  • May 23-24 — Chicago, IL
  • Aug. 29-30 — Chicago, IL
  • Nov. 17-18 — Atlanta, GA
  • Feb. 2017 coming soon

In just 48 hours, you'll discover the most valuable GKIC money-making systems, tools and strategies that transform lives and build top incomes and wealth at the


You'll discover LIVE everything you need to know to quickly and easily incorporate GKIC Marketing into your business and start making more money, faster...

"I came across from York, England to learn more about implementing GKIC type marketing QUICKLY. I came away with step-by-step instructions and blue prints I can use straight away in my business. Without a doubt it was the most valuable 48 hours I have spent. EVER. I know what I learned will get F-A-S-T results." — Julie Wilson, York England

ATTENTION: New, Relatively New, Overwhelmed or Struggling, Doing Well but Not Where You Want To Be, and Longtime Members...Who Want to Quickly Grow Your Business, Make More Money, and Create the Ideal Life In As Short A Time As Possible.

From Dave Dee & Darcy Juarez ...
Dear Friend,

If you are like most of our members, you're convinced that our unique and outrageous marketing strategies work, as is evident by the tens of thousands of GKIC students worldwide employing these powerful strategies with tremendous success ... BUT you're likely still feeling a range of emotions that leave you wondering;

  • If you can consume all the information that you receive each month from us effectively?
  • How to IMPLEMENT all the information to GROW your business FAST?
  • If you are the only lost and lonely solider doomed to do battle in this entrepreneurial jungle alone...with or without the tools and strategies that have been shown to work?
  • If you will ever be able to dominate your business the way the other GKIC Success Stories have?

And worse, you might still be thinking that your business is different!

Sitting at home, reading your GKIC newsletters, participating in Google Hangouts, and watching GKIC videos, you observe others experiencing tremendous growth and dramatic transformation

No doubt, you are longing for similar success for yourself...

But here's the home it's easy to get distracted... your cell phone rings, a new proposal needs to be written, emails need to be answered, your family is asking if you will be home for dinner... We could go on and on.

It's easy to doubt yourself, to try something and not know if it really worked or not, left to wonder if this really can work in your business.

New ideas ARE overwhelming, stressful, and you may be left wondering "where do I start?"

But it doesn't have to be that way.

You see, We want to put an end to the distractions... the wishing... the doubting...the un-acted upon dreams - because the truth is, you don't have to just watch, you can experience bold business breakthroughs too.

They Started at a Bootcamp...

2013 GKIC Marketer of the Year, Jimmy Nicholas was operating in the red when he travelled over 3000 miles in January 2012 to attend a Fast Implementation Bootcamp. Within 5 months, his profits had increased by 600% and he was voted by GKIC and his peers to the high honor of GKIC Marketer of the Year at that years Super Conference.

The 2012 GKIC Marketer of the Year, Walter Bergeron had been reading GKIC newsletters and even purchased Magnetic Marketing...but he hadn't really implemented any of the strategies in his business when he attended a Fast Implementation Bootcamp in September 2011. Within 90 days, he had made $1,120,197.77 from what he implemented.

How did they do it?

They both attended Fast Implementation Bootcamp. And they both believe that was the jump start that they needed to REALLY implement the GKIC marketing strategies and ideas that they had been reading about. Which then gave them the tremendous growth and success they had always wanted.

Implementation is the difference between a good idea and a good bank account.

You are not in the business of doing taxes if you are an accountant... you are not in the business of dispensing legal advice if you're a layer, you are NOT in the business of selling 'how to sell a membership site' if you're selling online, you are NOT in the business of cutting meat, baking cakes, or making candles if you're a butcher, baker, or candle stick maker....

This is about YOUR BUSINESS becoming the DOMINANT business in your community or business category. This is about shutting out your competition and putting an iron cage around your customers

You are in the Business Of Marketing Your Business!

That's exactly why FAST Implementation Bootcamp was created.

Your shortcut to the business (and lifestyle) you've been dreaming of can start right here at this bootcamp.

There is simply no substitute for spending focused time, LIVE and IN PERSON with us as we hand deliver the unique strategies and maneuvers that whip sluggish businesses into shape, jumpstart you to more profits and set your business up for long-term success.

What if we worked with you for 2 days, face to face, dumping our brains, answering your questions and holding your hand through the process of building your ideal business?

Would that solve something for you?

I attended this bootcamp because I knew that in order to achieve greater success, there is no better way to achieve it than by learning from the BEST, and more importantly "IMPLEMENTING" all the methods which are taught!! I have learned more in the past 2 days then what I learned while getting my MBA in Graduate School..." -- Daniel Hash, UT

Now We are not going to claim that you'll get the same results as anyone else... BUT what We can say is that nothing will change just sitting at home!

Forget Everything You Ever "Thought" You Knew About Marketing Events....This is like NOTHING You Have Ever Seen Before

Before We tell you about the event itself, We want to tell you what this event won't be.

  • This is not a Multi-Speaker Event. You'll be with Dave Dee and Darcy Juarez for 2 straight days. We will share with you member success stories and a few Peak Performer members may pop in to share their stories, BUT this won't be a constant rotation of named or no-named speakers not associated with GKIC.
  • This is NOT full of old or outdated information. We work constantly with business owners just like you, We are privy to more of what is working and what isn't working than anyone else out there. PLUS both come from entrepreneurial backgrounds — we have been where you are and we know how to get you to where you want to go.
  • This is not a pitch-fest of useless information or products. We will present you with key resources to help you on your journey — and the choice is yours from there. There are no high pressure sales.
    "I came to the workshop to get 2-3 good ideas that would help me accelerate my business growth. Was I surprised. My 'to do' list is loaded with good ideas. The interactions with Dave, Darcy and the other attendees was outstanding. This is a 'not to be missed' event. Loaded with content. Not a pitchfest. And Fun! Broadens your thinking!" -- Tom DeMaio, FL
  • This is NOT about filling your head with dreams or giving you a bunch of theory

The vast majority of what you'll learn in these 2-days are ideas, strategies, and tactics that you can take home and implement in your business starting the next day. Each by itself is powerful, but when used together provide you with the arsenal to 2X, 3X even 10X your business.

"I came here because I wanted FORCED Implementation because, as a busy lawyer, uninterrupted marketing time is heard to find. If you are a busy professional, you're crazy for not coming. I can't believe how much great information they teach for free and how much I already did that is done, implemented. GKIC's sales material for this does not do the deliverable justice. This was absolutely amazing." -- Kellen Bryant, FL

Here's Just Some of What You'll Discover at the LIVE Bootcamp:

  • How to create a Unique Selling Proposition for your Business so yours is the clear choice of your customers or prospects... not only will we cover this critical topic, you'll receive a fill-in-the-blank template and discover the 18 key factors to consider when building YOUR USP!
  • The "8- Direct Response TRIGGERS" that you must know in order to DOUBLE or TRIPLE response in all of your marketing
  • How to CHOOSE The RIGHT MARKET for your Business so you can focus with laser-like precision, cut your waste to zero, and get MAXIMUM results from all of your marketing.
  • A deviously clever, yet so-so-simple 1-2-3 Step Letter Sequence FORMULA proven again and again to close the deal for ANY business in ANY market!
  • Fundamentals of Crafting a COMPELLING MESSAGE that will have your prospects whipping out their wallets to buy from YOU.
  • The 10 Money-Making Rule$ you'll learn to live by and LOVE!- as a GKIC Insider
  • You'll also be fully equipped for both online and offline marketing...and know how to integrate the two for maximum response. Ramp up your income with:
  • Radical SECRETS of using E-mail to build long term relationships with your customers that lead to predictable, lifetime revenues.
  • Why you can't just rely on 1-step marketing and exactly how to close the deal with a comprehensive, multi-step fully integrated approach!
  • How to 'map' out your business for long term success
  • Create "Free Money" out of lost opportunities. (You'll see how to build and tweak your funnels/processes so that you can create an immediate money...even if you don't have a product to sell.
  • The Single Most Valuable Time You'll Spend On Growing Your Business Each & Every Year
  • How to find the HIDDEN GOLDMINE in your own Customer List (there's a fortune to be made with just this bit of information alone).
  • The 3rd Easiest Customer to sell to (You can easily get them and probably don't even know it.) NOTE: You'll leave the BootCamp with an actual marketing campaign ready-to-send to sell to these customers.

GKIC's Fast Implementation Bootcamp is designed from square one to put those tools and that power into your hands when you walk out of the door after two very intensive days. You'll leave feeling energized and confident just like these former Fast Implementation Bootcamp attendees...

  • Paul Finney was a small business owner, constantly fighting fires and battling distractions that kept him from doing the hard work he knew he should be doing — Marketing his business. The bootcamp was the breakthrough! " I walked out of here with my homework assignment finished, a usable foundation of materials I just wrote and ready to implement! I've got lots more to do and plan to do it NOW! Massive!"
  • Carrie Weise: "I came because I was 'stuck' in marketing my new business. In my other business, I had been doing it so long I knew exactly who my ideal client was & how to market it effectively. But with the new one, I was at a loss. The bootcamp gave me a whole new perspective, helped me define my ideal client & gave me a complete marketing plan, and helped me realize that it is no different. The marketing is the same no matter the business!"

Still not sure this is for you? Let's see whether you and your business would be a good fit for the bootcamp...

Are You A Good Candidate for The Bootcamp?

(Check YES or NO for Each Question Below)
Yes No

Do you wear more than one hat in your business besides marketing? Are you the Chief Marketing Officer, Operating Officer, Secretary, etc.?

Are YOU responsible for marketing/advertising?

Are you interested in finding easy ways to increase the response you get from your marketing materials?

Does the idea of having proven marketing TOOLS, not just one-off experiments, appeal to you?

Are you tired of spending money on ads without a way to tell if the money was well spent?

Would you like to discover how to quickly and easily generate effective marketing materials again and again, almost like simply pushing a button?

Would you like to know how to find the PERFECT Market for your products / services who would be eager to purchase?

Does the possibility of generating more revenue and sales from existing customers excite you?

If you answered YES to 3 or more questions, then the Fast Implementation Bootcamp was created just for you!

How To Quickly And Easily IMPLEMENT GKIC Marketing In Your Business For Fast Growth

Bootcamp was carefully designed start-to-finish to put in your hands actionable items that are EXACTLY what you need to IMPLEMENT... right now, so that you can quickly and easily put your business on track for immediate and fast growth.

We know that is a BIG promise. But it's one we are absolutely confident in making because we've helped business owners like you do this again and again... In fact, these bootcamps are going into their 3rd year running and each and every one receives high marks and praises than the last!

Turn Your Learning Into Earning... In The Shortest Possible Time

Let's face it, life can get hectic and things put aside. If you have started going through Magnetic Marketing a while ago and haven't finished it, you're not alone.

People come to Bootcamp admitting they have half-read newsletters and programs. They know GKIC marketing will work, and don't want to let their dreams die, but going at it alone just isn't working. They want a jump start and a fast-forward button to get them on the right path quicker. Longtime members want a refresher on getting back to the basics that build a strong, profitable and growing business.

That's exactly what you get at Bootcamp. You leave qualified and prepared with the right moves that will attract customers automatically and completed pieces ready to send.

  • So Who Are Your Leaders?

    David Dee

    First off, you'll get me. Dave Dee. I've been an entrepreneur for practically all of my adult life. I owned a chain of magic stores and a karate school before deciding to make my dream of being a professional magician come true, After diving head first and applying GKIC marketing, I went from doing three shows a month to averaging over 25 shows a month in less than 90 days.

    Other business owners, including many GKIC members, took notice of my success and started asking me for my help and guidance. And from that my consulting business blossomed. For over 16 years, and now at GKIC, I have been inspiring and teaching entrepreneurs and business owners, just like you, how to have more successful businesses that give them more freedom, money and personal fulfillment.

    And of course FAST Implementation Bootcamp wouldn't be complete without my co-host...

  • Darcy

    Darcy Juarez has spent the last 12 years creating some of the most successful product launches and marketing systems in the direct response and information marketing world that have gained national attention, earned Accolades, and increased revenue by millions of dollars while reducing time to purchase. She has developed and refined marketing systems for building quality leads and new business that decrease the cost per lead while increasing transactional volume which immediately add significant income to the bottom line. She has worked with some of the top names in Direct Response Marketing and Info-Marketing.

    With a passion for automation, she helps entrepreneurs implement programs and solutions for saving time while increasing profits and reducing overhead through her step-by-step strategies for creating a successful business.

You'll also hear the actual stories from folks like you who have experienced tremendous growth by employing our strategies. You'll see firsthand the powerful promotions that have added zeros to their bottom line including examples from small businesses, businesses selling to businesses, service businesses, professional practitioners, sales professionals, authors & speakers, consultants, and entrepreneurs of any kind.

Don't miss out on this incredible chance to learn from GKIC masters who are uniquely devoted and passionate about helping small business owners and entrepreneurs as well as build up your personal connections with quality individuals from a variety of backgrounds and markets.


This is a HUGE extra session that we've added based on the powerful feedback from past attendees — indeed, this could be one of the major NEW takeaways and "AHA Moment" experiences you leave with after all the dust settles from these two days...

So... what is "Outrageous Advertising?" Well, it boils down to the core principle of "Showing up like no one else shows up!"

With all the clutter out there today, advertising messages that are run-of-the-mill simply don't rise above the noise to get noticed. We're all bombarded with 1000's of marketing messages every day, from a multitude of media sources.

Getting your message even NOTICED is a massive challenge. And that's exactly the problem that the concept of "Outrageous Advertising" was designed to solve.

During this Advanced Session, you'll discover practical, proven, and totally OUTRAGEOUS Advertising examples that ensure YOUR marketing messages are noticed, considered, and acted upon. We'll take you by the hand to go behind the scenes here at GKIC to reveal our own "home-grown" secrets to the world's best marketing campaigns.

Guaranteed — you'll never look at advertising the same way again!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Really this is one of the safest investments around. Because as we all know, the economy continues to take a beating. You can't afford to waste time or money. You can't give up on your dreams and you shouldn't leave them on the back burner any longer. It's your time to finally go for it.

But don't just take our word for it, listen to what a few of your fellow GKIC members have to say:

"This Bootcamp was AWESOME! Tons of information. Every Business in the world should go. A Must Do!! — Colie Goodrich, "I came to the bootcamp because it was a chance to pick up some marketing tips from the "experts". The fact that it was free was a huge bonus. So much great information!" — Jim Langford

"I built my USP!! That was worth thousands of dollars. Not only that, I created business partnerships. I learned a lot and if you are to busy to come it's just because you are doing something wrong. Save some future time and come to the bootcamp, it's worth it!" -- Miquel

If you want to experience the same success as these folks and are serious about finally making this year count, you simply can't miss this event. You can't afford not be here.

So... How Much Does This Cost?

The retail registration rate for this event is $497/person, and We would say that is WAY to low. But it is our goal, no our mission to make sure that every small business owner has the tools and strategies to build the business of his/her dreams, and we want to remove every possible barrier.

If we added up the day rate for both Darcy and I we would be well over $15,000, and since you are getting us both for 2 days it's like you're getting over $30,000 in intense training from 2 masters of online and offline direct response marketing and business growth.... For only $497!

The best part, we are waiving the $497 fee for all GKIC Members. That is right, if you are a Gold, Diamond, Peak, Platinum or Titanium Member your registration fee is $497 FREE (all we ask is that you put down a refundable $97 deposit to hold your seat.)

If you would like to bring a guest (or 2) with you, and I highly encourage you to do that as it takes a village to raise a child (or build a business), they can attend with you for only $97.

"My husband is a gold member, has Magnetic Marketing and was at Info-SUMMIT. I wanted to understand what he was so excited about. For me — this was the best 2 days you can spend. I now understand, I'm on board and ready to run with the new knowledge."
— Myra Daniels

If you have ever felt like no one in your office understands what it takes to run an entrepreneurial business, or that your spouse doesn't get the excitement you feel — this is the perfect event to immerse them in the GKIC ways so that they are just as excited to help you grow your business!

Registration is LIMITED to 157 People

But you need to act fast. There are only 157 seats available, and every event over the last 2 years has reached this capacity.

Once you register, you'll be notified of the exact hotel details, but hurry. Due to the intense, "hands-on" nature of this event...where you WILL be producing "take-to-the-bank' materials for your business, seating must be limited to 157. This is a HARD and FAST upper limit. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Don't miss your chance to experience a unique, live, in-person training with the GKIC Marketing Masters.

Dedicated To Helping You GROW Your Business FAST,

Dave Dee

P.S. It is "better to spend a day with a master than 10,000 years of study." Just imagine what these 2 days with the Masters of GKIC Marketing will do for your business. Dave is not only one of Dan Kennedy's top students, but he has spent the last 15 years showing business owners and entrepreneurs just like you how to live the life of their dreams by implementing GKIC marketing.

P.P.S. Your opportunity to get 2 days of pure study with the masters dwindles as the clock ticks because seating is limited for this mission. Complete your enclosed registration form and fax, mail, go online or call the office IMMEDIATELY to secure your spot.