GKIC Events

GKIC sponsors several key events during the year to help our members get live, in-person access to the best minds in marketing today on the topics they care about most. Our core events include:

F-A-S-T Implementation Boot Camp

2014 New Member Bootcamps:

Atlanta, GA - Dec. 4-5 ~ Register Now

2015 New Member Bootcamps:

Online registration for 2015 New Member Bootcamps will be online soon, if you would like to register now please contact our customer care team at: 1-800-871-0147

Orlando, FL - February 26-27 ~
Schaumburg, IL - June 4-5 ~
San Antonio, TX - Sept. 10-11 ~
Atlanta, GA - Dec. 3-4 ~

THIS IS FOR YOU whether you're new to marketing your business - in which case you'll leave with advanced marketing acumen, or if you've been a student of marketing for quite some time - you'll discover little hinges that swing BIG doors wide open in your business to let hidden profits pour in!

You'll Discover at the Live Event - The “8 - Direct Response TRIGGERS” that you must know in order to DOUBLE or TRIPLE response in all of you marketing.

Destroy Your Competition on the
Business Battlefield

ONLINE MARKETING: How to drive MASSIVE Amounts of Qualified Traffic to YOUR WebSite (s) - to Directly sell products/services or promote any business, Secrets of BUILDING SQUEEZE PAGES & WEBSITES that Absolutely Capture Traffic, TRIPLE your online sales/conversions and Secrets for Productive, PROFITABLE E-mail Marketing NOW .

Fundamentals of Crafting a COMPELLING MESSAGE that will have your prospects whipping out their wallet to buy from YOU.

In two days time, you'll walk away with a fully-loaded marketing campaign created and ready to send the minute you return home. Instead of struggling by yourself to create the perfect campaign, you'll also have a marketing coach there to help you make sure you've got it right.

The best part is that a member you can get this coaching for zilch, zero, nada. That's right, GKIC is doing an exclusive Boot camp for you completely free of charge.

To learn more about the next bootcamp go to http://gkic.com/bootcamp

What Others are Saying about

SuperConference 2015 SM

A direct response marketing super-summit, packed with sessions on topics like internet marketing, copywriting, direct mail, sales strategies, speaking, and much more! The SuperConference™ brings together businesses of all kinds and from many different industries, all-sharing the common goal of generating more leads, making more sales, and increasing profits.

This event will be held April 29th - May 2nd, with Bonus Day May. 3rd 2015, at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With celebrity guest speaker Penn Jillette.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW! Or feel free to call us at: 1-800-871-0147

What Others are Saying about Info-Summit SM

Info-Summit 2015 SM

“The PLACE” where the richest, most successful Info-Marketers in the world and those most serious about entering the field and launching their own Information Businesses, all gather, ONLY one-time-each-year, to exchange new information, new discoveries, 'what works', new opportunities, network, create million dollar JVs and make contacts.

This event will be held Nov. 4th - Nov. 7th, with Bonus Day Nov. 8th 2015, at the Omni Interlocken Resort in Broomfield, Colorado. With celebrity guest speaker Keith Farazzi.

Further details to come. THIS IS AN EVENT YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS!

To register now please call 1-800-871-0147