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Three Uncomfortable Truths About Why Most Businesses NEVER Crack Through To Top Income
May 21 2016

It doesn’t much matter where you are in your business at the moment. You can be a well-established pro who knows his income ought to be higher. Or you can be a beginner coming out of the gate and trying to make your way…as long as you have your thinking straight and are serious...

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Grab Them By The Throat Using These Headline MUSTS!
May 19 2016

The headline is the single most important part of any type of advertising you do.  Wether it’s a traditional print ad, like a postcard or sales letter, or the first sentence out of your mouth to a prospect in person or on a webinar or video sales letter (VSL).  When using...

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7 Keys To Writing Killer Copy Quickly and Easily
May 17 2016

In business you must always seize the moment. Opportunities quickly arise, producing the need for quick, clean, effective copy. Which drives the need to kick out a killer sales letter at blinding speed. If you want to write copy at the fastest speed possible, then you must do...

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  • Had His World Opened By the New Ideas at GKIC
    Had his world opened by the new ideas at GKIC.
    - Tony Bonifacic
  • Will Never Cancel his Gold Membership
    Will never cancel his Gold Membership.
    - Micah Mitchell
  • Implementation... the Difference Between a Good Idea and a Good Bank Account
    One of the Dan Kennedy tenants that we really hold on to is his philosophy of, "If I'm thinking of you or your problems 3 times when I wake up and I'm not sleeping with you, it's time for you to go".
    - Suzanne Shafer