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9 Essential Copy Cosmetic Enhancements

By on July 2, 2015

In today’s gotta-have-it-now mentality, most people skim long copy and rapidly decide whether or not to read it in details. To compensate for this,  Copy Cosmetics are extremely helpful for grabbing attention and guiding your reader’s eyes to important areas in your copy.  I call this selective emphasis.  Not every word of your copy has the same level of importance so you can draw the reader’s eye to critical areas using these nine essential Copy Cosmetic techniques.

1. Boldfacing – Use bold type to emphasize subheadings, important words, phrases, dates and other segments of important copy.

2. Borders – Border draw attention to important items such as headlines, testimonials, and coupons.

3.  Color – Blues and softer colors relax us reds and hotter colors energize us. Use strong colors to grab attention and create urgency

4. Personalization – Personalization is a critical Copy Cosmetic strategy, because it can yield significant bumps in customer response, much more than simply inserting the reader’s name in the salutation.

5. White Space – This is necessary for readability; too much and you lose valuable real estate; too little and the content is difficult to read.

6. Subheads – Subheadings break up long copy and offer eye relief. They are also critical for skimmers and make long copy less imposing.

7. Simulated Rubber Stamps – A favorite technique of mine, especially on envelopes and order forms. They help create an attention-grabbing, unique, one-of-a-kind look.

8. Photographs and Illustrations – Studies have shown that photos and illustrations are two of the most-often looked at parts of a letter and help to increase interest, because people love looking at compelling photos.

9.  Lists – Include bullet, number, and checklists among your copy. This is an important technique because it communicates priority and “airs out” your copy.

Since readership is never guaranteed. Using Copy Cosmetics is a good way to ensure readers will delve into your copy.  However, I must warn; like anything done excess Copy Cosmetics are no different. If you use too many within a single copy you will only distract the reader. Remember, when everything is emphasized, nothing stands out.

You can find a complete list of my 27 Essential Copy Cosmetic Enhancements in The Ultimate Sales Letter book find here.

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