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Different Types Of Emails

By on July 2, 2015

One of the biggest problems that people have when they’re doing email is that they get tied into the same type of email and it gets really boring.  It is important to have different emails that you send out because it is important to have different purposes at different times. In addition, when you are communication with the same people again and again and again, you have to walk a tightrope between moving away from what works to being so predictable and so routine that people’s paying of interest to you diminishes.  Here are 4 different types of emails that I personally write a lot.

1. Q&A email – This is a really neat one where your subscribers are writing you in questions and then you answer the question. The problem with a lot of email communication is it’s one way. You’re pushing it out, you’re pushing it out, you’re pushing it out.  This strategy allows you to obviously get them engaged and get more of a conversation with them.

2. Classified – This is a very short email. It’s not a long story or anything like that. It’s designed to get people to take some action – click on some link, call a phone number or do something like that.

3. Pure Pitch –  This is a pure pitch. You’re just selling. First of all there is pitching and there is pitching.  You can’t use this email every time but it’s a must that you use it if you are looking to make a sell.

4. Disguised Pitch – This does not look like it’s a pitch, but the real purpose of the entire email is a pitch. Often the email will have a story element but the real point of the email is to actually sell something.

5. Workshop – This is were you have the person have to go do something . This is a good email type because it brings about some form of active engagement, not just passive receipt.

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