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5 Game Changers That Changes Everything

By on July 2, 2015

Certain business strategies have proven themselves as game-changers, while others– principally in category of media, have been touted as such but failed to prove themselves. A lot of success in info-marketing has to do with what you choose to invest time and resources in, versus what you ignore or back-burner. This list of 5 game changers is intended to help set or reorganize those priorities.

1. Make the purchase itself an achievement – To be clear, I don’t mean the purchase as a status symbol. I mean it as substitute for and equivalent of actual achievement. As example, attending workshop is a purchase, but exiting a workshop as a Certified Something or other is an achievement.

2. Create a hierarchy; ascension ladder – Present a clear path of upward mobility known to all, in which there is movement by merit (or longevity) and purchase from one level to another. Some sense of achievement for the person, and that can be acknowledge as achievement by others. In martial arts, it’s belts.

3. Ascension from student to teachers – Far more are eager to teach than to do. Teaching is ego-satisfying; doing puts ego at risk and in harm’s way. The status of being a presenter, teacher, trainer, coach, mentor and the sense of achievement gotten from sharing one’s wisdom with others is compelling to many, to point of them being eager to work for free or even pay for the privilege of working for free.

4. Commitment – If you are bringing customers in through a “no commitment doorway,” and not quickly and aggressively moving as many as possible to significant financial or/preferably and time commitment, you are living with the unavoidable result: a shallow buck with false bottom. Keeping quitters from quitting is part and parcel of our business. Understanding this and altering your business accordingly, game-changer.

5. Fast-SOMETHING – Immediately after having been recruited into something salesforce, cult, course of study, etc. – the person is not only questing his choice facing all his own self-doubt, he is most suitable to negative influence of other people.  The ideal antidote is an engineered, immediate small-victory. Something that actually happens.  An example antidote would be exposure to group of happy converts. But if this does not happen immediately, it’s useless. They are in the process of backing away, talking themselves out of seconds after they bought.

The need for adaptive change in info-business us and if you’re willing to do complicated and sophisticated things then there’s’ still plenty of opportunity for you in this industry.




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