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The 4 Types Lead Generation Websites

By on July 2, 2015

There are 4 types of websites for lead generation that leads into a sales process.   Knowing the details of each will enable you to develop the most fitting website that will help you meet your end goal. Fortunately for you, designing a site built for leads doesn’t have to be a long, time-consuming. process.

Soft Capture

The soft capture is where everything is optional. We are letting them have access; we are letting them get stuff; we are letting them go behind the door and see things without stopping them at the door and checking their papers.

Hard Capture

Hard Capture is where all the options are replaced with demands. In order to get through this door, you must give us certain things or do certain things; in order to get through the next door, you must do certain things or give us certain things.

Forced Capture

The minute someone lands on the landing page, nothing is possible without compliance that is required. Sometimes that can be full contact information.

Contact Info + Information

This type of site not only requires contact information from them; it ask them qualifying questions and makes them self-select; it puts them through a survey etc.

Run multiple test using the these 4 types of sites, until you find out what works for your situation— and most importantly, why it works.




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