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8 Steps for Getting Past No

By on July 1, 2015
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As a sales professional you need some sensitivity to the reasons, the psychology behind people saying “no”, so you can design sales presentations that acknowledge but pre-empt them. Then you can be deaf to them and sell past them.

People start out by saying “no” to things for many, many reasons. For some, it’s an automatic, knee-jerk, defense mechanism. They may not fully understand the matter you are dealing with, and be too embarrassed to admit it. They may now know how to intelligently make a decision. They may lack self-confidence and self-esteem. They may be afraid. They may have financial problems that (in their minds) preclude them from going along with you. There are hundreds of possible reasons for the “erroneous no.” Don’t let it stop you.

Sales professionals will hear “no” often from customers. These no’s will signal different obstacles to the sale that need addressed. They must be heard with no emotional response to them, they must be addressed in a way meaningful to the customer, and ultimately, they must be ignored and not permitted to end the selling process.

Eight Steps for Getting Past No

1. Determine that you are going to exert control over the situation and the other people involved.

2. Determine that you can and will get positive results even in negative situations.

3. Get your ego out of the way.

4. Do not confuse refusal with rejection.

5. Be more interested in achieving positive results than in anything else.

6. Understand that most no’s are erroneous.

7. Ignore the “erroneous no.” Keep making your case. Keep probing for the real reason for reluctance or refusal. Acknowledge but never accept.

8. Respond only to real reasons. Don’t get caught up in responding to “erroneous no’s” – that’s like wrestling with a phantom.

Understand, remembering, and using these eight steps will help you convert many refusals to ultimate acceptance.



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