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Common Objections And What To Do

By on July 2, 2015

Anybody in selling who doesn’t love objections is silly – objections are the stepping stones to the sale. In personal selling, the prospect’s objections are necessary, so he can feel he has bought, not been “railroaded” or “smooth-talked”. He has to ask questions, sometimes phrased as objections instead of questions. But these are the keys to sales.  Here is a list of some common objections and how to address them :

Price Objection:  Explain quality, superiority, service (justify price). Break down into units amount so the $360 price only comes to $1 day. Price is relative – competitors may be cheaper but what about quality and service.

I Can’t Afford It Objection: Point out terms and use the “selling money at a dis-count” technique.

Product Criticism Objection: Use facts to overcome criticism, don’t get defen-sive. Express faith in the company.

Rumor Objection: If it’s unfounded, explain why. If someone had an actual problem, explain what was done to correct it. If it’s a complaint from someone they know, offer to talk to them and see what you can do about fixing the problem.

Satisfied and Loyalty Objection: Point out savings, benefits, superiority, first duty is to themselves. Allow a test situation to help them break those ties.

I Have To Talk It Over Objection: Usually this pertains to a spouse. Point out other decisions they make by themselves.If it doesn’t work arrange a meeting as soon as possible. Preferably call them then and get approval or meeting set-up.



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