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Determine Your Number One Asset

By on June 28, 2015

“Take away my railroads, my factories, my financial resources, but leave me my people and I’ll have it all back in 6 months.”

– Andrew Carnegie –

I no longer interpret this – as I once did – as a mandate to surround yourself with people, such as partners or employees. Or even in today’s world of outsourcing, to specific vendors. The bigger interpretation has to do with your means and methods of getting things done. In Carnegie’s time, the primary means of getting things done was manual labor, and in industry, such as his factories, certainly the primary asset was a trained, diligent, productive workforce and astute, effective supervisor and managers. But today, different types of entrepreneurs may have very different “#1 assets”. For example, I might say: take away my business, my product, my equipment, my resources, but leave me (a) my ability to peak and / or (b) my mailing lists, and I’ll have everything else back in 6 months.

I now believe the message behind Carnegie’s statement is: figure out with your #1 asset is; the thing that makes everything else possible; and safeguard that above all else, seek to leverage and capitalize on it above all else, invest in enhancing it above all else.



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