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By on November 3, 2015

My contention is that truly understanding the targeted prospect/customer is more important than any other element in marketing success. Yes, a true pro like me can often create offers, pitches, copy, etc. that will get satisfactory results even with a market I have little understanding of – but it’s not a very good situation.

When I take on a project, I do my best to get in sync with the market. But quite truthfully, there are a handful of markets where I get much better results than with all others, because I truly understand those consumers as thoroughly as I know that man I see every day in the mirror.

I am dismayed when a client, when challenged, cannot describe their “ideal customer” in copious detail. Here’s a simple 3-Step test to see how well you REALLY know your customer.

First: Take a sheet of paper and write out the most detailed description you can of a TV character from one of your favorite shows – such as Tim Allen’s “Mike Baxter” from ABC’s Last Man Standing.

Second: Write down answers to at least the following: where does he live, how does he dress, what interests him, likes/dislikes, what does he think about money, sex, etc.? Fill both sides of the page.

And now the kicker…

Third: When that’s done, try and write out just as detailed a description of your customer.

If you find it easier to profile the TV character than your customer, that tells you a lot.

I absolutely guarantee: the more you know about your customer, the easier it will be to use lead generation methods to attract them cost-effectively and the easier it will be to actually close the deal once they arrive at your doorstop.

Fortunately, in a few days, Dave Dee will reveal his most closely guarded secrets to not only UNDERSTANDING your “perfect customer,” but also how to ATTRACT literal floods of them – to your website, to your storefront, to your phones – in a LIVE presentation he’s calling:

Open the Floodgates: The Hottest, Most Powerful Methods
for Generating a Gusher of Qualified Traffic!

It takes place direct from Info-SUMMIT this coming Friday, November 6th at 12PM ET.

Imagine what it would feel like to never again struggle with trying to figure out “the best way” to attract just the right customer, client, or patient. Well, you don’t have to imagine – Dave’s going to spill the beans on what’s working NOW to do just that.

You can learn more and even grab your seat by clicking here.


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