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By on August 12, 2015

I just released a special report that contains the strategy to creating THE biggest advantages you can have in your business over your competition. It’s all about attracting your ideal new customer, client or patient and THE thing you need to do, which incidentally, most people mistakenly believe the opposite, in order to get them coming to you in droves.

Below is an excerpt but you can get the entire special report and accompanying videos that outline a number of other success strategies by clicking here and requesting immediate, free access.

The single biggest consumption of time (and money) in most businesses is: getting new customers. Many business owners are smart and adept at developing value in customers once acquired, but handicapped and held back by the difficulty of obtaining them in the first place.

This is why anything you can figure out, to get connected directly with somebody else’s good or best customers (rather than finding them “needle in a haystack” style) is usually worth more time and money than most business owners are willing to give it.

The question isn’t “What will you pay to obtain a new customer?” It becomes a matter of: “How can you increase that maximum allowable acquisition cost?” More importantly, your quest has to be viewed in broader terms than just dollars paid for advertising. You need to look at it in terms of money + time + trouble invested in working relationships with others who have the customers you want.

OPC – also known as “Other Peoples’ Customers” – provide a lot of leverage.

You should expect to pay a price for it – and not just in monetary terms. This goes beyond just tapping into someone else’s customers. You should be customizing to attract them rather than force-fitting OPC into your single, standard “round hole” world. It also goes beyond “making nice with” or “flirting with” them. You should be reinventing yourself as a highly attractive alternative to what they are currently receiving from your competition.

I recently “prearranged” a truly ideal situation for one of my clients with another that, if done as I’d suggested, would have provided a permanent, continuous, albeit small feed of good new customers to Client A. It also would have provided a nice, continuing, passive income to Client B, without interfering with their other promotional activities.

Client #A then “downgraded” this to a one-shot reciprocal use of lists for single promotions, and worse, “force-fit” his standard promotion (a poor fit for Client B‟s customers). The result is certain failure. A waste of time for them and me. And a mistake I won’t make with Client A again.

Here’s the lesson to be learned for all of this. Effectively, successfully tapping into OPC is not supposed to be easy or cheap. It’s too valuable for that. The rewards down the road are too lofty to approach it any other way. It takes time, will cost money and it won’t be simple. But in the long term, it can be highly desirable and profitable.

The strategy above, while just a glimpse, provides one way that you can best leverage your time and money in order to obtain your new, ideal customer, client or patient.

In this report I go through this entire strategy in much greater detail along with eight immediately useful strategies on leverage spots that will give you more time, money and success.

Click here to get the entire special report and accompanying videos that outline a number of other success strategies by clicking here and requesting immediate, free access.

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