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By on November 5, 2015

There’s an old saying that “you shouldn’t believe your own press.” The point being that you need to think accurately about the reality of your business, and not be sucked into buying any kind of “happy happy” spin – even if it’s spin that you’ve worked hard to concoct and broadcast to the world.

That level of self-awareness and accurate thinking underlies what some might call the “Golden Rule of Lead Generation,” which boils down to this:

Ya gotta know how much Gold it REALLY costs.

You HAVE to be able to accurately assess the “REAL cost of lead generation” in your business. Because if you’re successful in generating leads, you have to apply metrics to ensure it’s making solid business sense in accordance with your strategic goals.

Take a lead gen media such as Google Adwords, which can still prove extremely lucrative. Most marketers only count the cost of the Pay-Per-Click spend itself. But your time to manage this needs to be factored into the investment as well.

For example, if you check your stats once a day times 5-minutes, that’s 5 minutes x 365 days = 30 hours a year, times whatever your hour is worth. Mine is worth $3,000.00, so that would be an investment of $90,000.00 for me, requiring a direct return of at least $180,000.00 to even get considered.

Same as with any labor: when I was getting new customers by speaking, I could make myself feel rich beyond imagination if counting only the hour giving the speech or even the several hours on site – or I could opt for accuracy and count the day of travel on either side plus the day of the gig, plus the opportunity costs of not being at home doing other productive work.

The key point here is that there’s no strategic leverage in media that must be managed, massaged, even re-created and labored over every day. An oil well that needs to be drilled anew each morning isn’t much of an asset.

Where you’ll find REAL LEVERAGE is with media that can be put to work and then left alone to work again and again over some length of time. That’s why establishing leverage in all of your lead generation efforts is so important.

In a few days, I will cover EXACTLY how to achieve this kind of leverage in a presentation I’m calling:

Open the Floodgates: The Hottest, Most Powerful Methods
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It takes place direct from Info-SUMMIT, this coming Friday, November 6th at 12PM ET.

Imagine never having to worry about lead generation or whether it’s making sense business-wise, because you’ve designed everything to work on autopilot according to plan. That’s exactly the kind of scenario you want to experience.

If you’d like to make this happen in your business’s lead-gen efforts, I suggest you CLICK HERE now to learn more and save your seat.


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