A.J. Mirabedini


Immigrants and entrepreneurs have lots in common; resilience, hard work, self-dependence, never say die attitude, high risk tolerance. GKIC CEO, A.J. Mirabedini is both, an immigrant AND an entrepreneur. After leaving his home and family in Iran as a teen to attend college, A.J. never looked back. He worked and paid his way through 4 years at The College of Wooster in Ohio, graduating with a degree in Marketing and communications. Immediately after college the entrepreneurial flame was ignited in him as he turned down an internship at the United Nations (the safe path) to invest in and work for a start-up magazine in their advertising department (the risky entrepreneurial path).  After a year, the magazine went out business and his investment up in smoke. This only drove A.J.’s hunger to figure out this game of marketing, advertising, and making money to new heights and he did what any entrepreneurial loving soul would do. He started consulting with small businesses, providing marketing guidance and resources to support and sustain their businesses. The entrepreneurial path since then is the only path A.J. has known and been on.

His path would take him through many opportunities and through many rough patches, all giving him the insights into what made certain entrepreneurs successful while others struggled.  He threw his savings into a dot com company and was ready to roll that out just as the dot com crash happened.  He spent 7 years building his first company only to have every last penny of the profits embezzled by an office manager.  A very expensive lesson in the school of hard knocks that left him with again with 2 choices… either give up and take a job or rebuild his business bigger and better.  It was at this time that he learned the principles that we call Magnetic Marketing and cracked the code to attracting, retaining and converting prospects into clients.  In just a few short years, that business grew to a national firm working with hundreds of clients nationally, creating lots of record profits, jobs and a lifestyle that A.J. had dreamt of.

A.J. brings over 30+ years of entrepreneurial, marketing, sales, and money-making life-skills to GKIC.  He always knew that he thought differently than his family and friends, knew that he was willing to sacrifice things that they weren’t, knew that working all those long hours and long weeks would pay off which is why at GKIC, he finally feels like he has found his home.

Contact A.J. at amirabedini@gkic.com

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