Grumpy Old Man!

By: Mara Glazer on: February 9th, 2010 9 Comments

CJ Bronstrup won the OUTRAGEOUS Advertising Contest at the OUTRAGEOUS Academy and Workshop with his Grumpy Old Man videos. I thought you might like to see one of the videos he presented at the event so I inserted it below. Let me know what you think in the comments section. Enjoy!


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9 Responses

  1. Charles Ra says:

    hey Mara
    the video is not buffering correctly,
    can you tell?


  2. Donna Kopf says:

    Grumpy old men do love florida. That was cute!

  3. Charles Ra says:

    takes long time to buffer 5-10 min
    however its working
    outrageous video Mara

  4. LOL! short and funny!

    Its these kinds of videos that are the rage these days- not $10,000 budget short clips with airplanes exploding…

  5. One of the highlights of the OUTRAGEOUS Academy & Workshop!

    As soon as CJ finished his presentation, I turned to one of my GKIC Chicago chapter members who was there with me and said, “Now THAT’s how you win a Marketer of the Year Contest!”

    Congratulations again, CJ!

    And thanks for bringing back the fun memories, Mara! See you in Dallas!

  6. Mike says:

    Gee Mara, Dan’s message to market match is definitely an advertising principle to live by. Especially when being OUTRAGEOUS!

    I’m afraid I was the wrong market for this one. All I see is a guy pretending to be a grumpy old man.The great thing about the movie by the same title is the actors don’t come across as acting. Compare this to Frank Kern who acts the part in his “movies” so well … you can’t be sure if he really is a lazy surfer bum or if he’s acting. The word “verisimilitude” come to mind. (The appearance of truth.)

    This video borders on trying to be creative and clever … more so than outrageous. Maybe it’s just outrageously silly.

    But then again, I did say I’m not the right market for this video. Although I am a prospect for the book … and … for all things Glazer Kennedy.

    You did ask for comments on what people think.

  7. Mike,

    I also thought it was silly at first… until the part where the starts getting angry at the cameraman and lifting his walker…

    When the cameraman is part of the act, it takes away from the “scripted” type of film because in a sense there is direct interaction with you, the viewer… and an interrupt of what you would expect to happen.

  8. Rob Anspach says:

    what a riot…kudo’s to a well thought out short and funny video

  9. Les Rose says:

    Oscar winning script it isn’t, but you know what ?
    I’ll bet that all of all saw it until the end, so it got it’s message across.
    So target achieved……

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