Sage Info-Marketing Advice From A Marketing Legend Ahead Of His Time!

By: Darcy Juarez on: June 13th, 2017 8 Comments

He sold stoves to nuns, drunkards, and everyone in between… “Now, You Can Learn The Secrets of Writing Headlines That Sell From His Vault of Blockbuster Ads!” Hidden in ads, is a ‘Secret Selling Formula’ proven to skyrocket your sales… Read on To Double, Triple Even Quadruple Your Turnover… If you want your business to explode out of the gate with maximum success then keep reading because you’re about to experience. A secret selling formula[…]


Psychology Tricks That Can Positively Influence Your Ideal Customer

By: Darcy Juarez on: May 23rd, 2017 5 Comments

Writing copy to boost conversions is not something that comes easily without practice. There are a number of things to consider when undergoing the task of writing copy. And the things outlined in this week’s post are NOT necessarily things you may have considered before… Let’s talk about psychology-based copywriting tips. Tips that make your words latch onto your reader’s subconscious, which solidify the connection between you as you become the best provider of the[…]


Sales Letter Secrets To Living Happily Ever After

By: Darcy Juarez on: May 2nd, 2017 5 Comments

Crafting sales letters is something we are all largely familiar with. I’m sure you’ve buried your nose in plenty of materials guiding you through the standard ‘how-to’ steps that form the basic shell of your next sales piece. (You can also refer to last week’s post, where I included reference to Dan Kennedy’s ‘The Ultimate Sales Letter’…) Now for this week’s post. Which, I can tell you now, will NOT give you steps like headline,[…]


Writing Headlines That Close In For The Kill… And Get It

By: Darcy Juarez on: April 25th, 2017 2 Comments

    Please raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by a headline. By victimized, I mean it’s been waiting sneakily in your line of vision with baited breath, and as you gaze in its direction, BAM! it pops out, all 72pt and bolded, and even though you may only read a random word from its imposing sequence, your moving gaze can’t help but stop. There’s an urgency within you, a burning[…]


Still The Best “Big Darn Secret” I Use To Make Serious Money

By: Dan Kennedy on: February 18th, 2017 20 Comments

Words matter. One of the things many people wonder about is what I do that can possibly justify fees of $18,800 to (more commonly) $100,000 to write an ad, sales letter campaign, video script, TV call to action, etc. The answer is simply that “words matter” and I’ve gotten good at picking and combining words that sell. I have a little, internal alarm bell that goes off when I hear or see “turn off words”[…]


Sales Letter Secrets Part 2

By: Wil Beyers on: December 20th, 2016 4 Comments

NB: This article is a continuation of last week’s, which you can find here. Why Just “Writing Copy” Isn’t Good Enough. If you pick up most copywriting and marketing books, they’ll teach you how to do the basics. They’ll show you how to write a headline, close a sale, and insert “hypnotic commands” in your copy. They might even include templates you can “swipe and deploy” for your own business so their products are as[…]


Sales Letter Secrets Part 1…

By: Wil Beyers on: December 12th, 2016 3 Comments

This is truly where “rubber-meets-road” – the creation of your sales letter. It may not be THE most critical component in your Lead Generation System, but it certainly is ONE of the most critical – for a very simple reason: It’s Where You Ask for the Sale! Now this is often where a lot of business owners freeze up or freak out – “I’m not a writer!” they proclaim, “I barely even passed English!” If[…]


Creating Killer Copy

By: Wil Beyers on: November 22nd, 2016 6 Comments

If there’s a single skill you need to flourish as a Dan Kennedy style “Direct Response Marketer” it’s the ability to either write sales copy OR at least be able to recognize good copy. If this sounds daunting, don’t worry – the templates we’ve provided in this article give you a massive advantage over your competitors… most of which have absolutely ZERO clue about how to tell a brochure that sucks wind from a sales[…]


Grab Them By The Throat Using These Headline MUSTS!

By: Mike Stodola on: May 19th, 2016 1 Comment

The headline is the single most important part of any type of advertising you do.  Wether it’s a traditional print ad, like a postcard or sales letter, or the first sentence out of your mouth to a prospect in person or on a webinar or video sales letter (VSL).  When using Facebook or other pay-per-click media, a headline is practically all the real estate you get.  As we’ve said, ‘the headline is the ad, for[…]


7 Keys To Writing Killer Copy Quickly and Easily

By: Dave Dee on: May 17th, 2016 2 Comments

In business you must always seize the moment. Opportunities quickly arise, producing the need for quick, clean, effective copy. Which drives the need to kick out a killer sales letter at blinding speed. If you want to write copy at the fastest speed possible, then you must do more than sit down at the keyboard and hammer away. You need to have some kind of process and strategy in mind. And that’s why over the[…]