It’s The Last-Ever Copywriting Mastery And Sales Thinking Bootcamp And You’re Invited!

“Dan Kennedy FINALLY Reveals His PROVEN Secrets On How To Grab Your Readers By The Eyeballs And Dramatically Boost Your Sales, Conversions, And Business GUARANTEED…Even If You Can Barely Write A Grocery List!”

It’s Not Brain Surgery! Your Days Of Suffering From “Writers Block” Are Finally Over As Dan Reveals 638-Pages Worth Of PROVEN Ads You Can “Swipe And Deploy” For Your Own Business!

Best Part: We’ll Even ‘Hold You By The Hand’ And GUIDE You To Copywriting And Sales-Thinking Mastery Thanks To Our Stable Of GKIC Copywriters…But ONLY For A LIMITED Time!

Dear Renegade Millionaire:

I have achieved total and complete financial liberty. And if you isolated the ONE THING that puts me here…above anything and everything else…is my ability to write copy that sells—for ads and sales letters and other media.

And I will tell you this: Anybody can do it. I have a high school education and “regular” talents and skills, yet I am one of the most highly sought-after copywriters in the world.

This year, old and new clients will pay me more than a million dollars for copywriting…and over 85% of clients use me repeatedly. My work in client’s hands has brought in over $20 million thus far this year.

I have also written over 300 print and direct mail campaigns that have raked in $1 million or more. I also have dozens of “evergreen” controls that have been mailed for 5-10 years…broadcast advertising that has generated over $30 million…and speech and seminar scripts that have raked in $100-million.

The breath, depth, and diversity of my knowledge of copywriting is simply not matched. And it all had to do with discovering:

The “X-Factor” Almost Nobody Talks
About Because So Few Understand It!

The first person talking about “how to succeed” I discovered was Earl Nightingale. He was famous for saying one of my favorite lines: “Figure out what everyone else is doing…and then do the opposite.” I benefited greatly from it.

But there was something missing. I realized that “attitude” didn’t matter if I didn’t have a qualified prospect in front of me…one that could give me money.

That shifted my interest into marketing. I remember getting my hands on an 18-cassette product from Zig Ziglar and some other speakers. They said the key to wealth and abundance was persistence, determination, desire, goal setting, yadda, yadda, yadda.

But the discovery and direction that changed my life wasn’t any of those things. Sure, they were ALL useful, but there’s one thing that made me extremely wealthy:

That One Big DARN Secret Is Cultivating
The Ability To Put Words On Paper That Compels
People To Open Their Wallets And BUY!

That’s right, it’s the ability to craft a sales message and put it on paper…or on a website…compelling people to give me money!

This is the exact same thing that separated Bill Glazer from other menswear retailers—allowing his stores to prosper while his neighbors closed their doors. Copywriting has made him a wealthy man.

And it’s the one BIG secret that enabled Chauncey Hutter’s tax preparation offices to flourish—even literally drive the tax giant H.R. Block out of a market area he dominates.

In other words, this is the ONE SKILL that others in many industries or fields (even yours)…do not have. And this is your opportunity to possess a power no one else you compete with has!

You’ll Be Able To Open Any Virtual Vault

You Like…And Create The Life You Want!

You’ll be able to run your businesses the way YOU want. Not “someone else”…or how your clueless peers tell you.

You see, some people might think I’m a bit cantankerous and a little “offensive”. But that’s OK. I just don’t put up with certain “stuff” in my businesses that other people tolerate.

Being able to write effective sales copy will allow you to attract the type of customers you want…and REPEL those you don’t want.

Now imagine what you’re business is like now. Are you attracting your ideal customers, clients, and patients? Have to put up with the occasional “dumb-dumb” you wish you could get rid of but cannot because he pays the bills?

Putting words on paper can solve all that for you. Darin Garmin is a real estate agent who got SICK of carting around prospects for 3 weeks…showing them houses…driving them around town for 4 hours on a Sunday…

…Until they ended up buying a house under someone else. That REALLY ticked him off…and he came to me to solve this problem.

Well, what we did was write a sales letter that virtually eliminated “tire kickers” and “looky-loos” and brought him prospects that were ready to buy NOW.

Problem solved.

That’s what mastering copywriting can do for you. Imagine sending out a sales letter that brings on $10,000, $100,000, even a million dollars! I have done that many times—and I can assure you…you have everything in you to do it for yourself!

But If You IGNORE The Importance Of Mastering

The Alchemy Of “Salesmanship In Print”, Then Beware!

If you ignore what I’m saying here and NOT get good at putting words on paper…it imprisons you in many different ways.

It might enslave you to never-ending, never-diminishing manual labor that restricts your income and makes you “over the hill” before your time.

And it might prohibit your businesses expansion—leaving you incredibly vulnerable to new competition. You won’t be able to do “guerilla warfare” effectively and compete with big-spending advertisers that want to eat you for lunch!

Sure, you might be “OK” at writing copy—but if you’re just “OK” you’ll always be on the “short end of the stick” when it comes to the amount of income you could make…putting you at risk to changing business conditions and changing economies that could wreak havoc on your livelihood.

And don’t say, “Well, I have a copywriter…or I’ll just hire one!” Well, you might be off the hook, but if that copywriter doesn’t know what he’s doing—you would have no way of knowing this.

So it’s BETTER to have a mastery of basic copywriting and sales thinking strategies. Heck, not only will it make you a better copywriter—it’ll make you a better salesman as well!

Think about this: you can get better at many other aspects of your business, many other skills…

…and yet wind up no farther ahead as a result.

The FASTEST skill you can learn that can rake in immediate profits for you in the ability to become a masterfully adept copywriter. It can occur much faster, much easier, and yield cash in your bank account more easily.

You can use this mastery for your present business, your own products and services, to expand or diversify, to launch a new venture, and even as a freelancer…writing for others.

Copywriting can do it for you—as it’s clearly the most powerful and rapid means of creating exceptional income.

In fact, I thought it was so important that…a couple years ago:

I Held My Last Ever Copywriting Mastery
And Sales Thinking Bootcamp Teaching What REALLY Brings Home The Bacon!

Here’s the deal: It took place a couple years ago in Phoenix and only 300 people who paid a hefty $3,000 were let in.

In it, I shared every single copywriting trick in the book—along with hordes of swipe files the attendees could use to create their OWN promotions the easy way…just “copy and pasting”.

So I didn’t just want to teach them to fish…but also GIVE them the darn fish! By the time the seminar was over, everybody got a virtual sales clinic they couldn’t get anywhere else.

Tons of “heavy hitters” were there…the same ones that come to every GKIC event since we know how to “bring it” when it comes to dispensing actionable sales and marketing strategies designed to summon more customers, clients, and patients to your business.

More on that in a second. But for now I’m going to give you a chance to “let you in” on my very last Copywriting and Sales Thinking Bootcamp for a FRACTION of what “everyone else” paid

Dan Kennedy’s
“Copywriting Mastery And
Sales Thinking Bootcamp”


Copywriting Mastery and Sales Thinking Bootcamp consists of 9 audio CDs and 638- pages worth of samples and examples you’ll be able to peruse through and stitch together for your OWN promotions when that big box lands on your doorstep. So fill-out the form below to claim your copy of Copywriting Mastery and Sales Thinking Bootcamp right now!

You’ll literally hear things on these CDs you won’t hear anywhere else. And it’s not just about “writing copy”…as it has as much to do with successful thinking as writing.

You see, most of the opportunity is in the “sales thinking” that goes on before the actual writing of copy. Like thinking through the likely objections of the prospect…finding the right benefit to focus on…crafting the story…or building the right offer.

This is the detective work you HAVE to do before you start writing those fancy headlines those “killer” power words—the stuff 95% of “ordinary” marketers and copywriters miss out on.

Listen: if you’re an “amateur”, doing a good job of writing copy for your own business, this is the quantum leap to the highest levels of effectiveness, ease, and speed. I’ve had MANY members in diverse businesses who, in just a few years, have gone from “competent” to “extraordinary” in writing their own copy.

Of course, there are different levels of skill. And I am not suggesting that I can turn you into me. I have been doing this for 40 years and have a highly-trained subconscious mind that searches all that experience for each new assignment.

I’ve worked on this stuff long enough that these skills have metamorphosed into “talent”. But I can certainly equip anybody whose good with a bigger, better bag of tricks…and I can certainly take a relative novice and bring him up to competence almost instantly.

Here’s the deal: once you finish listening to the CDs and study the Manuals in this bootcamp, you will automatically become a better, faster, and adept thinker…

…An inventive sales thinker. A finder of breakthrough ideas. An engineer of irresistible offers. And able to make over your business to be more profitable and valuable than ever before.

And you’ll be armed with 638-pages of my best “stuff”. That’s because

This Wasn’t A Workshop Where I Just Talk For 9 Hours

— You’ll Get A 638-Page Swipe File You Can “Cut And Paste” For Yourself!

That’s right, we’ll show you different ways to open a pitch, build up a guarantee, and close a sale—along with many examples all stuffed in a 638-page tome you’ll refer to again and again on your wealth-building journey.

No more “writer’s block”. No more excuses for having limp and lifeless copy. Just “copy and paste” your way to a sales letter from these PROVEN examples…stitch them together, and just “rough out the edges” for the final letter…

If you implement these secrets on your first promotion, you could EASILY get your money back in no time. And we also go over the following:

  • The secret to saying more and spending less. There are all kinds of alternative formats compared to the classic 8-page sales letter, insert, order, form, or envelope. All kinds of new different formats and exciting options for direct mail. Heck, if you mail much, you could save your whole investment fee right there!
  • How to write copy faster. No more staring at a blinking cursor for 3 hours wondering what to write next. This involves using your subconscious mind to “shift” your mind into writing mode…among over a dozen other output boosters I’ll share with you in this bootcamp!
  • 5 PROVEN formulas for opening paragraphs that grabs your reader by the throat and won’t let go. If you mess this up, you might as well not even BOTHER writing your letter! This is definitively the weakest link to your sales copy, and we’ll shore that up in no time.
  • How to resuscitate dead or dying ads. This is an ad that might have worked months ago, but just “petered out” after awhile. All ads are going to stop working….or the response will go down eventually. It happens to EVERY ad—and I cover how to keep that from happening!
  • Die-hard examples of the entire writing process—from project to product…to the sales thinking that takes place, to the pieces laid out on the table, and the final assembly of the sales copy. No stone is unturned…and this is truly “insider” stuff you’ll want to check out!Now that was just a quick overview…and now let’s go through CD by CD exactly what you’re going to discover in this “no-holds-barred” course…designed to make you a copywriting and sales thinking master in no time!

Here Are Just SOME Of The “Must-Have”Copywriting Concepts

You Discover On CD#1:

  • The 2 “grunt work” things you need to do when it comes to writing copy (if you get things wrong—you don’t do things!) — this makes the difference between a successful and failure campaign (30:17)
  • The 1 “Magic word” you need to do when it comes to writing copy. People often overlook this and end up ruining their pitch and get pitiful results. (37:58)
  • The one thing that most newbie copywriters and marketers ROYALLY botch up that could hurt your sales. (Your prospect is NOT thinking this, so why mention it in your sales letter?) (45:31)
  • Why most of what you think is important in copywriting and selling is WRONG…it’s not about “hyping things up” and making HUGE claims as most people will tell you. (47:26)
  • The one time that even the best copy written by me will FAIL to sell any products or services (this is no joke—this one thing can save you a LOT of money and time!) (56:21)
  • The one thing your ad HAS to have if you hope to get people’s attention—and entice them to read your ad (Nope, it’s not having an awesome headline!) (1:01:13)
  • The one thing you must do to get prospects to bond with you. And you have to do it again and again—otherwise your customers will NOT buy from you! (1:03:14)
  • How to establish yourself as the “go-to” person in your market so you can obtain instant believability in your copy. This is KEY to melting any prospect’s skepticism! (1:12:15)



Here Are Some More Advanced Copy Concepts
That Will Take You From “Novice” To “Expert” On CD #2:

  • The 2 industries you HAVE to study if you want to “get hip” to what’s working in copy and getting people to respond. This is true “detective work”…and could give you a HUGE advantage over your competition! (2:08)
  • The one thing you need to absolve your target audience from in your copy. This is the difference between “subpar” copy and copy that REALLY rakes in the dough! (7:25)
  • What’s REALLY going on in your prospect’s head when they read your sales message. (Nope, they’re not willing and rarin’ to sit down with extra attention to your sales pitch—no way!) (11:11)
  • The 2 emotions that REALLY motivate people. Use this all the time in your copy and your response will SOAR…and forgetting this could leave you writing a “dud” every time you send out a promotion (12:13)
  • The HARDEST sale you can ever make…yet many marketers ignore this—which leads to subpar copy and their sales letter getting chucked in the trash! (14:12)
  • The secret to “swiping” and how you can stitch together a pitch from other people’s sales letters and “smooth out the edges” in your next sales letter (don’t worry, it’s ethical if you know what you’re doing!) (21:38)
  • How you can get your prospect to get your entire pitch in less than 10 seconds (most people are going to do this…and here’s how you prep your promotion to be prepared for this!) (25:37)
  • If you’re going to make a claim, you have to make sure you do this all the time. And if you don’t, you might as well not say anything at all. (Failure to do so just leaves the prospect up to her own devices!) (26:37)



We Delve Into Even MORE Copywriting And Sales Thinking Concepts

ON CD #3 That’ll Make You Into A Selling Superstar!

  • The secret to forming an “instant relationship” with your prospects in your copy. People only buy from people they trust…and this secret “bonding” technique could skyrocket your profits! (9:08)
  • How this simple “romancing the stone” technique can build value in your product or service that’ll make prospects DYING to give you money! (11:59)
  • The power of story, and how you should be implement this powerful selling tool in your copy to woo your customers. (Facts tell, and stories sell!) (28:51)
  • The “True believer” story and the “Blackie” story you can use in your copy to build desire in your prospect. Most marketers don’t implement this at all! (34:32)
  • The 3-step mailing secrets that raked in a 5:1 return on investment for an insurance agent—one of the most mundane industries ever! (if it worked for them…it can work for you!) (46:03)
  • The secrets to getting a swipe file to work for you. I reveal his foolproof system for setting up a swipe file so you can write copy quickly and easily. (1:09)
  • The secret about “attack copy” and how you can use it to your advantage without ticking people off (This is a HUGE attention getter. (1:14)


Here Are MORE Copywriting And Sales Thinking Concepts

ON CD #4 You Can Put In Your Arsenal Of Wealth!

  • The secret to making claims in your copy and making sure you’re on the right side of the law. This makes sure you’re FTC compliant AND have the most powerful selling piece at the same time! (0:30)
  • The #1 simple rule to deciding what elements to put in a sales letter…and what to leave out (It’s quite simple!) (10:13)
  • “Quick and dirty” ways to keep your ads fresh and make sure you’re always running a high-converting ad (and no, this doesn’t involve rewriting the whole ad!) (16:19)
  • The bona-fide TRUTH about spelling errors and bad grammar (your high school English teacher would be SHOCKED at what I have to say here!) (19:26)
  • How one of our members wrote a winning sales letter after his first attempt at writing copy (this goes to show you don’t have to be an expert at this stuff! (36:24)
  • What writing copy REALLY is…and how you can exploit this to massive profit. This is something most copywriters don’t “get”…and if you do this, the world is your oyster! (55:56)
  • How to determine if you product is any good…or if it REALLY sucks! Copy is only one aspect of the equation—and this little “test” can help you determine that! (1:04:21)
  • The difference between “hype” and truth in copy and where to draw the line. This is the key to getting more people to respond…and you have to have it in EVERY sales letter! (1:05)



John Carlton Reveals Even More Copywriting

And Marketing Wizardry When You Listen To CD #5 And Discover:

  • How to snap your prospect to attention with the perfect “hook” (this will siphon prospects toward to your message…and they won’t stop themselves from reading!) (1:45)
  • Uncover the magic of power words and how they can help you develop copy that hits the heart of the reader…even if you SUCK as a writer! (12:09)
  • The secret to writing in a specific pattern to really capture the attention of the reader (do this and you’ll be light years ahead of your competition!) (16:41)
  • The #1 way to get your reader to “see” the benefits of the product or service you’re selling, getting them to really picture themselves benefitting from it—if you mess this up you’re screwed! (17:30)
  • How to CORRECTLY use features and benefits in your copy…use this and it will fire up the passion in your reader and draw them to the order button! (18:20)
  • How to use “drama” throughout your ad to re-capture the reader’s attention…getting them focused back on your message (most copywriters don’t do this…and it could HURT your response!) (18:55)
  • When to effectively use slang and strong language to keep your reader engaged…most marketers don’t get this bold…so you have to! (19:50)
  • Discover how to move away from the “cold, hard reality” of your niche to the “magic” of it and see a HUGE boost in responses… getting you more money! (24:00)
  • The #1 thing that’s the “heart and soul” the heart and soul of any sales letter and how you can use them to gain a competitive advantage in your marketplace. (38:22)
  • How to use John Carlton’s infamous “1,2 Punch” in your bullets…taking your bullets to an all-new level of effectiveness (he has never revealed this to anyone else!). (41:00)


Yanik Silver Reveals These Untold Secrets To

Boosting The Effectiveness Of Online Copy On CD #6:

  • The #1 super-easy trick that could boost your conversions by up to 30%!…this is a “no-brainer” if you have any interest in getting more sales and profits! (1:15)
  • The critical secrets to pumping up online sales letters that cost you nothing additional to do—just tweak stuff here and there–but can increase conversions like crazy! (15:34)
  • How to get the biggest bang from your testimonials…if you don’t do this, you might as well just leave them out and hope and pray your promotion will work! (18:00)
  • Two VERY SIMPLE tricks that will skyrocket the effectiveness of your online sales letter…getting the reader to stay with you for the whole letter…even if they are distracted with 1000 things going on in their heads. (18:30)
  • How to “hold your prospect’s hand” through the ordering process…almost guaranteeing they’ll finish placing their order (most online marketers don’t do this—and it sabotages their sales!). (30:00)
  • When to use “pop-ups” to keep your prospect interested…use this and get more profits from all kinds of traffic—exit traffic and those who buy! (31:30)
  • How to effectively turn “looky-loos” into buying customers who, otherwise, would not buy from you. (32:20)
  • The #1 secret you can implement right away that makes your customers to feel comfortable and secure ordering from you. (36:30)
  • The #1 trick to add more money to every single order that’ll put more cash in your pocket (it’s a simple tweak that takes man (38:00)
  • The RIGHT way to do upsells that will entice customers to click the “Add To Order” button, generating more sales and more profits for you! (40:30)
  • “Sneak Attack” tips and tricks you can use to increase traffic to your site…use this and you’ll see a major increase in visitors. (46:40)



Dan Kennedy Unveils The Secret Structure

Of A Profitable Sales Letter ON CD #7:

  • An INVALUABLE checklist that’ll help you write Profit-Boosting copy…even professional copywriters use this to make sure they don’t miss a beat when writing winning copy! (25:50)
  • The absolute #1 secret to being at the top of your niche…know this and you’ll be head and shoulders above your competition! (34:45)
  • When to change your Unique Selling Point in order to gain the competitive edge in your marketplace…do this and leave your competitors scratching their heads. (39:08)
  • The best kept secret to opening up a whole new market for your product or service that’ll allow you to expand your customer base in no time. (41:15)
  • The #1 secret that will get your customers to tell other people about your product or service…do this and you’ll see a flood of new customers with little or no effort from you! (44:32)
  • The truth about businesses that have a loyal customer following… and how you can put those secrets to use in your own business, no matter how big or small your business is. (48:08)
  • How to run a successful direct mailing campaign that’ll generate a wave of responses you’ve never seen before (This is what the “big guys” do when it comes to direct mail!). (52:50)
  • The 10 types of guarantees you can use to really boost the value of your offer…your competitors are NOT doing this! (55:30)
  • How you can craft the absolute BEST offer to your clients, customers, or patients that’ll compel them to pull out their wallet and spend their money with you…all while you make a profit! (1:01:03)
  • What to NEVER leave out of your copy – missing this will cause an epic failure…don’t do this or you’ll be leaving money on the table. (1:02:30)
  • The SIMPLE way to get the MOST impactful testimonials from your customers…you’ll have more testimonials than you can imagine! (1:05:50)


Dan Kennedy Reveals MORE Untold Copywriting

And Sales Thinking Secrets On CD #8:

  • How to use copy to filter out the prospects you DON’T want (do this and you’ll attract only the best leads and not waste time with the “tire kickers!”) (3:15)
  • When to use FREE products or services to your best advantage (do this and avoid a lot of trial and error headaches most “other” people have to endure!) (7:48)
  • How a good “P.S.” can sum up your sales letter and get your prospect to take immediate action (it comes at the end of the letter, but it could make the sale for you!) (15:23)
  • Why starting your own “gossip line” can skyrocket your business (do this and watch others do the selling for you…and here’s how to do it!) (17:00)
  • Discover how the really savvy marketers use the same ad to target different niches, saving you time, money, and effort – just “rinse and repeat” this stuff and you’re all good! (18:00)
  • How to get your prospect to utter the “magic phrase” to themselves, getting them to pull out their money and become a loyal, buying customer! (22:01)
  • Discover Dan Kennedy’s #1 piece of advice on marketing that could be a game-changer for you (implement this and it could be a total game changer for you!) (23:50)
  • The QUICK and EASY way to increase your direct mail responses that’ll have you seeing a flood of new customers (it’s like magic!) (24:17)
  • The 5 ways to breathe new life into an ad…and to recognize when it’s time to retire it so you can avoid losing bucketloads of money! (26:10)
  • One small trick that will help you AVOID destroying 90% of the effectiveness of an ad (most marketers do not know this stuff and make this mistake over and over!) (48:30)
  • Actual marketing materials that have been used again and again to bring financial success to the sender (you can just swipe and deploy for yourself – does it get any easier?) (55:00)



Dan Kennedy Wraps Up This Copywriting Mastery And Sales Thinking Bootcamp On CD #9 By Revealing:

  • The best-kept secret to building credibility with your prospects (do this and you’ll build a loyal “herd” who will buy from you again and again like a broken ATM machine!) (2:00)
  • 2 critical elements to personalized marketing…these are secrets big companies paid millions to learn and you’re getting them here (your competitors will NEVER know this!) (6:25)
  • The most highly read ad type EVER. Jump on this and you could see a tsunami of profits than the usual “sales letter” everybody else and their dog uses! (8:00)
  • The TOP market-related discoveries that the GKIC elite have made (and they share them all with you in this program so you can implement and TAKE ACTION yourself!) (10:00)
  • One SIMPLE trick to increase your income with NO extra effort from you – you’ll be kicking yourself because you didn’t do this sooner! (19:50)
  • SUPER-EASY upgrades you can make to your on and offline ads that’ll really boost your responses (you’ll be amazed at the gains you get with these simple tactics.) (22:20)
  • The BEST way for you to write copy that is really geared toward your customers (it’ll make them feel like you hand-wrote them a letter!) (28:00)

And…the MOST valuable expert tips for writing profit-sucking copy (don’t miss these at the end of the program!)

Oh, by the way:

80% Of This Is “All Dan”-But I Invited Some

Bona-Fide Copywriting Heavyweights To The Party!

You’ll also hear a top-notch team of guest speakers, panelists, and “show-n’ tellers” including the following:


John Carlton.png John Carltonthe guy LA ad agencies would regularly sneak into the back door of their offices so get them out of so many “jams” which it comes to writing copy that converts. He’ll teach you how to get to the sweet spot of your market so your copy will convert like crazy!
jeff paul.png Jeff Paul…the guy who sold the famous “How To Make Money Sitting At Your Kitchen Table In Your Underwear” program and master copywriter will share his best headline-writing tips, among other “secrets” you can exploit in your business right away!
Yanik Silver.png Yanik Silver…who has sold millions online-and will show you what it takes to write copy for online media. His stuff was so valuable that we had him run a couple “late night” sessions so that he can unveil his response-boosting secrets!

However, you’ll be hearing from me 80% of the time. This was MY bootcamp…MY methods for copywriting and sales thinking that you’ll be getting to use on your own.

In other words:

I’ll Be Equipping You In Every Way Possible

To Write Copy Like I Do—As Effectively As I Do It!

Listen: if you invest much at all in advertising or direct mail now or will in the future, you really cannot afford to miss this. In fact here are 6 pretty DARN good reasons:

1) Liberation. Your ability to sell by writing compelling copy can help you liberate you from many evils that tends to royally mess people up in their business—including excess staff and overhead, geographic restrictions, sales forces, layers of distribution, and too much capital locked into infrastructure. Bad News!

2) Portability. You can finally unchain yourself from your business and do your most profitable work anywhere you choose. It could be a 5-minute commute from home, a vacation or home on the lake, a beach and at the clubhouse between races…as I sometimes do.

3) Competitive Edge. Possess the #1 skill that most of your competitors lack. Also, better sales copy supports premium pricing and higher margins—allowing you to invest higher in acquiring new customers, outspend competitors, and NOT sacrifice profits!

4) Income and Security. Stronger sales copy can put you at the enviable “income at will” position where all you have to do is write a simple letter and have throngs of customers give you money. This gives you more security, certainty, independence, and control over your business.

5) Fun. That’s right: entrepreneurs, marketers, sales pros, and doctors who write powerful sales copy have more fun in their business. They can create entertaining, exciting offers, run unusual ads, and all kinds of cool stuff that keeps them from burning out in their business.

Now let me warn you that:

If What You Learn In This Bootcamp

Is A Little “Strange” And Not For Your Business

—Then You’re WRONG!

I hear this all the time at every one of GKIC’s seminars and workshops…from our SuperConferencesTM to Info-SUMMITsTM to our 5-6 smaller events:

  • “But Dan, My Business IS Different!”
  • “Nobody is going to read all that long copy!”

My customers are too sophisticated for this stuff!

Listen, if you’re going to automatically dismiss these time-tested and PROVEN sales thinking and copywriting tips and techniques because your business is different, that would be a HUGE mistake.

The triggers, motivations, fears, and appeals in sophisticated AND unsophisticated customers are exactly the same. And they respond the same way—no matter what they’re buying.

I once saw Lee Iacocca buy something with a coupon once while in a store. Here’s one of the richest men in the world in a shop using a coupon—even though he could buy the whole store if he wanted to. Heck, you’ll even see long copy direct-response ads with bold claims in “sophisticated” magazines like Investors Business Daily.

So don’t automatically dismiss the hundreds of samples and examples you’ll find in your 638-page book if they are not in your market. You can easily swipe ideas from other marketers…and make them work for your market—in fact; this is where MOST of your ideas are going to come from!


Wouldn’t Missing Out On This Opportunity To Learn From A PROVEN Copywriting And Sales-Thinking Master With 40 Years Of Experience Be A Huge Mistake?

In my opinion, the answer is yes. I have created promotions that have raked in a collective 1 BILLION dollars with my copy…and some of the worlds best online and offline marketers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on campaigns based on my “say-so”.

And savvy marketers easily pay me $80,000 to $100,000 for a sales letter, because they get results—and easily make that money back in no time.

Heck, if you were to come to my office to pick my brain regarding what it takes to write DARN good copy, expect to pay up $18,800 for that privilege.

In fact, the people who came to the “one-time, one-time” only Copywriting Mastery And Sales Thinking Bootcamp paid a cool $3,000 each. And the room was absolutely STUFFED with 300 people…and we had turn people away.

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Think about it: $3,000 would be an absolute BARGAIN considering I’m infusing you with the correct copywriting and sales thinking skills that’ll make you sell more, sell better, and write irresistible copy that’ll get your cash register ringing for years to come…

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And it’s pretty DARN possible too! Sure you could dink around with different lead sources, create more products and services, hire more staff, and do other stuff that MAY create more immediate profits for your business.

But the ability to write better copy and SELL better is something you can do as soon as tomorrow. Or as soon as that big box containing Copywriting Mastery and Sales Thinking Bootcamp hits your doorstep.

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So this power is surely at least worth the $3,000 asking price. But I’m not going to ask $3,000.

I’m not even going to ask $2,500…or $2,000…even though learning the most valuable skill in the world will allow you to make a HUNDRED-fold back your money.

GKIC is ready to ship you my last-ever Copywriting Mastery And Sales Thinking Bootcamp for the amazing price of JUST $997 so fill-out the form below to claim your copy right now. PLUS YOU’LL RECIEVE ONE-TIME ONLY BONUSES!!! MORE ON THAT IN A SEC!

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If you’ve ever struggled with “writer’s block” or are tired of watching the blinking cursor on your computer taunt you as you try to figure out something to write for your next promotion, then you’re in luck.

I’m going to reveal a simple sales letter template and video sales letter template you can use to write your sales material in as little as 2 hours.

These templates will effortlessly guide you as they’ll TELL you where to put the benefits, insert your story, and close the sale so you’re not “guessing” when to do this.

You’ll get the “ammo” and the ideas from Copywriting Mastery and Sales Thinking Bootcamp. But these templates will give you the framework by which you can write compelling sales letters and video sales letters that’ll convert like crazy.

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Invest in Copywriting Mastery And Sales Thinking Bootcamp. Listen to the 9 audio CDs, flip through the 638-pages of PROVEN promotions that you can swipe and deploy for your own business.

guarantee1 If you’re not absolutely overwhelmed with the copywriting and sales thinking arsenal I’m arming you with in this bootcamp, then no worries. Just let GKIC know within 60 days by calling the Concierge at 1-800-871-0147 and we’ll gladly refund your money.

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Think about it: there could be 1-2 tips you’ll discover in this bootcamp that could result in a HUGE profit-windfall in your business. Or you could find a perfect ad you can “borrow” for your own promotions that could lead to a new influx of customers for you.

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Very recently, a part-time info-marketer in his 3rd year proudly sent me a copy of his new sales letter that delivered his first $100,000/month. This was an exciting time in his and his wife’s life.

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You, too, can obtain these skills as well. It is quite possible that NO ONE has written as much copy as me. And I have spawned an entire tribe of copywriters who operate at the highest levels in a multitude of businesses.

You can either see this as a once-in-a-blue moon opportunity to learn THE most valuable skill in the entire world….

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But there’s a better life out there. One where you can sit down at a computer and create promotion after promotion with ease.

I wouldn’t be sitting here wasting my time writing this letter if I didn’t think Copywriting Mastery and Sales Thinking Bootcamp would not help you put more bucks in the bank.

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Dan Kennedy’s
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Dan S. Kennedy

P.S. You simply cannot lose here. These are the exact same strategies I employ when I sit down and put together multiple promotions in multiple media. And this is the ONLY time I’ve ever revealed these secrets to a live audience. Missing out on this would be a huge mistake!

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