Is your copy sluggish and apathetic? Eat a donut.

By: Dan Kennedy on: May 17th, 2012 2 Comments

If you’re currently writing copy for clients or if you plan to soon, then you’d be advised to pay attention to today’s message.

And if you hire copywriters to write your marketing copy don’t go anywhere because you’re about to learn how to find the best copywriter for your business.

Before I get to that, I’d like to talk briefly about the copywriter’s role.

Starting with donuts…

You see, seventy years ago doughnuts were promoted as the broccoli of their day – “a wholesome, nutritious food.”

A couple of doughnuts a day kept the doctor away.

A poster for ‘Vitamin Donuts’ was on display at the National Archives in Washington D.C. last July, courtesy of the U.S. Agricultural Marketing Service.

It seems that a handful of people had become sluggish and apathetic when deprived of Vitamin B1 (also known as thiamine.) And wouldn’t you know it, donuts contained thiamine. Consequently, the government endorsed products enriched with thiamine.

Admittedly this is an extreme example and you could not get away with promoting donuts as a health food today…
But having said that, the job of advertising—and the job of those who create it—is to tell the story of the product’s or services’ virtues, advantages and benefits. To have the reader imagine and picture it in the most appealing manner.

Great copywriters know this, have come to terms with it and will do everything they can within the letters of the law, to sell a client’s product or service. Everything.

Allow me to draw a quick parallel to the legal system …

If you are ever unfortunate enough to be in very serious legal trouble, what you want is a bold, aggressive, “killer” attorney.

You want a fearless and pugnacious advocate who’ll go “all in” on your behalf, who will use every trick in the book, cross-examine every witness against you without an ounce of compassion or concern for anything, but your interests.

You do not want a timid advocate.

If you are a copywriter, that is what you should do and be for your clients. You are their sales copywriter, their advocate, and they have their money, their time, their energy, their business, maybe their dream, maybe their life’s work, maybe their kids’ college education—all on the line.

They deserve the best from you.

How do you make sure you are giving the best?

GKIC put together a free report that gives business owners a way to find out if they are getting that type of advocate.

This report titled, “The 7 Key Questions Every Copywriter You Hire MUST Be Able to Answer To Write Killer Direct Response Copy and Create Marketing Campaigns That Will Outsell The Pants Off Your Competition!” is what every business owner should ask before hiring a copywriter.

7 Questions Free Report

Any copywriter worth his weight in gold MUST be able to answer them too.

And if you can’t answer them in the way a client should expect you to, then you’ll want to put this on your ‘to do’ list to get these items in place…and FAST.

I’m not talking about things like having samples and rate cards either.
I’m talking about things like…

What is the most important thing you need to have in place before you deem copy DONE?
How to make sure you produce the exact copy your client needs…

And what every writer needs to have in place to ensure you produce top-quality work.

7 Questions Free Report

If you’re a business owner—you’ll want to make sure you know these questions before you hire your next copywriter so that you can get the advocate you deserve.

And if you’re a copywriter, you’ll want to invest a few minutes of your time reading this report…and then swiftly put the items you are missing into action…

So that when your next client calls and asks these questions, you’ll be prepared and ready to rise up and meet the challenge of producing the best possible copy and become your client’s advocate.

Dedicated to Multiplying Your Income,

Dan Kennedy

P.S. Quite frankly, if you’re not dropping everything by now to go read this FREE report, you’re either not interested in doing the best for your clients…or if you’re a business owner, then you must not be concerned about wasting dollars on bad copy. Grab it while you can.
7 Questions Free Report

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