Lead Nurturing in 2011

By: Brian Horn on: April 6th, 2011 6 Comments

Lead generation has always been considered a critical part of our marketing . Lead nurturing refers to we build relationships with our prospective customers, as opposed to just blasting sales messages over and over. Strategies have evolved with the continuing advances in technology.

Online marketing has become increasingly intrusive over the last few years. Technology improvements should have led to a more highly targeted strategy; however, consumers seem to be receiving a constant barrage of  ‘spam’ in their email and in the social media world. Consequently, many potential buyers resist any attempt to be ‘sold’.

Successful marketers have realised that prospective customers need to be nurtured. Research shows the following stats:

  1. Up to 95% of sales leads can be wasted if the first contact with the prospect is an attempt to sell.
  2. 70% of a company’s leads will buy at some point: either to the company trying to sell, or one of its competitors.

Therefore, the emphasis should be on building a relationship with the prospect, not trying sell on the first call.

The ideal prospective customer will be someone who has made the first approach; they may have responded to an offer posted on a website, or made an enquiry at a trade stand, for example. Ideally, the prospect will have given permission to the company, by way of a ticked box on a website or registration form at a trade exhibition, to contact them.

The company should, when they contact the prospect, give them a second opportunity to opt in to receive further information.  A choice of subjects could be offered; also there could be options in the frequency of when the customer receives the information. This could be in the form of an email with links to particular web pages, or an e-zine. You should also invite them to connect with you on the various social media sites.

If possible, you should have an employee or service follow up with a phone call to check if the prospect is happy with the information they are receiving, to ask if there are any questions and ascertain if they would like to receive a call from someone in the sales team. If the prospect agrees, the sales team have a red hot qualified lead.


Brian Horn, of HornDog Search Marketing, is recognized by many as the "Glazer-Kennedy Secret Weapon", because of his role in helping not only Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer with search engine optimization and social media, but also many of the top Information Marketers in the world. Brian shares SEO tips for small businesses over at at his blog, BeOnPage1Blog.com.

6 Responses

  1. val says:

    this is great.very interesting.it will be helpful.thanks man

  2. Thomas John says:

    Great tip about the second stage opt-in or request for more information. Definitely, nurturing and trust building is needed in the first few steps to get a long term customer.

  3. linden moe says:

    Yes, the lost are of follow up,..a long time ago i learned the importance of a 3-5 step letter campaign..and thank god for that.

  4. Jake says:

    Worthless “tip.”

    While you’re busy “nurturing” your leads, your competitor is selling them low-priced products getting them in the front door and then upselling the hell out of them until their wallet is empty and there is no longer a need to buy from YOU.

    You are programming your prospects to see you as a source of FREE information…

    Try and sell them something and prepare for the backlash. How DARE you try and pitch me something. I enjoy getting all this FREE info from you. I thought you were my FRIEND.

  5. johnmartin says:

    Thanks for sharing your good tips,its really help full for my business.

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