Social Bookmarking in Your Small Business Marketing

By: admin on: May 26th, 2010 6 Comments

Building traffic to your web site is a continuous process and an ongoing job. Social media has recently gained a lot of attention for traffic building.

While social media tools like Twitter and Facebook can definitely build web site traffic; what about social bookmarking tools like Digg, and Is social bookmarking an effective way to build site traffic?

One way that social bookmarking helps build traffic is by getting your link out to networks of people that have similar interests. It stands to reason that if someone bookmarks your site, they very likely know other people that are also interested in the same topic.

Social bookmarking gives you a way to reach those users by getting your links exposed to networks based on interest, profession, and other demographics.

Another benefit to social bookmarking is that your link will likely be grouped with other related content. This helps you build traffic by associating your site with other related sites. Users are then able to find groups of sites that are relevant to their interest. This helps build traffic by including your site among others that are related and helps new visitors discover it.

In many ways, social bookmarking has been the forerunner for today’s social media sites. While there is no doubt that Facebook and Twitter are great ways to build traffic, many people still forget to include social bookmarking in their traffic building plans.

The ability to share links that are tagged with keywords based on interests makes sites like Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon more appealing to busy professionals looking for information quickly.

While it is convenient to simply type a keyword into Google, social bookmarking has an advantage over a search engine; the sites listed have been screened and tagged as relevant by a human being. For many, this makes social bookmarking the go-to place when searching for information around a particular topic. If your site is not there, you may be missing some highly targeted traffic.

Of course, for social bookmarking to be an effective method for building site traffic, you have to learn and play by the rules of the game.

You are not the only one trying to build traffic to your site. Just like other social media sites, this method works best under a “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours” system.

Namely, this means that only bookmarking your own sites and blog posts will likely do very little to build your site traffic. To be successful, you need to actually be “social” on the site. This means participating fully in the site by linking other sites, building collections of links (which may include your own) based on relevant keywords, commenting on other users’ links, and even “liking” (or “digging”) other peoples links so that they perform better.

Many users will reciprocate by “liking” or linking your sites as well. The system works best when people cooperate and help one another. This makes you a good net citizen with the added benefit of increased net traffic.

Social bookmarking can definitely be an effective way to build site traffic because it reaches networks of people with related interests. It also groups content based on tags or keywords and reaches targeted traffic since all the sites related to a keyword have been screened by a person.

As long as you are a good net citizen and fully participate in social bookmarking communities, you can reap great rewards for your site traffic.


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6 Responses

  1. It’s easy to forget that sites like Digg,, and StumbleUpon ARE in fact social in nature … not just bookmarking sites.

  2. Thanks for posting this article! We’ve been doing social bookmarking for our clients on a regular basis as it helps to generate the backlinks that are necessary for a great SEO campaign! Keep up the good content!

  3. Rob Anspach says:

    So even though my style, my content, my keywords, my website may be different and not conform to the rules, by bookmarking with other entrepreneurs I can increase my traffic.


  4. Fred Findley says:

    The best way to approach social bookmarking sites and applications is to use them as they were meant to be used. I use delicious to make sure I can access my favorite articles from any computer. Just as the author says, “To be successful, you need to actually be “social” on the site.”

  5. Charles Ra says:

    Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon more appealing to busy professionals looking for information quickly.
    good advice Brian.
    yes, I am currently bookmarking on Digg, every single post

  6. Gabe Chesman says:

    Great post (I Digg it). You make a great point, relevance boosts traffic. Your target audience has to be interested in your topic, thereby inherently having an interest in related information.

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