Attention:  Anyone who wants to sell more of their product or service using a single proven sales template

“Who Else Wants To Close More Sales, And Substantially Increase Your Bottom Line Without Investing A Single Additional Penny Into Your Business?”

The Amazing Thing Of Course Is The Speed At Which GKIC’s Confidential Sales Formula Works. It’s Rather Remarkable That You Can Be Closing More Sales To More People By Using Just This Single Selling System.

Dear Renegade Marketer,

We want to show you how to sell more, sell faster, and sell more efficiently than you ever have in your entire life. And you can do all of this without spending a single extra penny on your business.

You see, there’s a “secret code” to smartly crafted scripts that most marketers will never know.

These are tested and proven principles you can easily “move” into your existing scripts…or, if you’re a One-To-Many selling newbie, can avoid years of trial and error trying to “wing it” yourself.

It’s a script I’ve been using for the past 40 years crafting group selling presentations, speeches, infomercials, etc. for a veritable “Who’s Who”of clients.

This includes:

  • Million dollar per year speakers
  • Numerous celebrities such as the late Joan Rivers
  • Infomercial companies like Guthy-Renker
  • Franchisor and coaches’ Discovery Days

You name it, I’ve done it. You’d be hard pressed to find anybody with as many successes with every single one of these One-To-Many Selling methods as I have.

And when you take action today, you’ll get a hold of the only time I consolidated all this experience into a systematic explanation of everything I know to do to rake in as many sales as possible in any one-to-many selling situation.

Imagine Speaking In Front Of A Crowd Or On A Webinar Or
Teleseminar And Summoning A Stampede Of Buyers

“One-To-Many Selling” will allow you to leverage your time and efforts if you’re currently doing one-on-one selling. There’s nothing like getting people in a room, on a webinar or on a teleseminar and closing as many sales as possible…

…results that would take you months to duplicate if you were to “start from scratch” with no blueprint or plan.

Believe me, when it all comes together, there’s no more efficient way to make money than with One-To-Many Selling.

The ability to craft these presentations is a very, very valuable skill – arguably a super power.

So, if you currently make speeches to sell presentations from stage, you’ll discover how to perhaps double or triple your conversions by getting a better understanding of the psychology of group selling.

And if you’re getting started, you’ll be able to “hit the ground running” and prevent many mistakes most people make when making sales presentations from stage or on webinars and teleseminars.

Even if you have “stage fright” or want to sell better from webinars, teleseminars or infomercials, One-To-Many Selling will allow you to close more sales even if you have absolutely NO experience whatsoever.

And if you sell people one-on-one either in person or on the phone, you’ll be able to multiply your hourly rate to 4-5 figures by implementing the simple system I want to reveal to you.

I have created HUNDREDS OF platform-selling presentations for myself and for clients, including short speeches, 2-and 3-hour preview seminars, and full-day presentations that have each been worth millions of dollars.

These are done with the same painstaking thought and engineering as a TV infomercial on which a half-million dollars will be risked.

When there is much at stake, there should be much care taken. For me, this is formulaic. Systematic. I know what needs to be there, what needs to be done, and what needs to be avoided.

Here’s How To Forever Remove Sloppiness And Waste When It Come To One-To-Many Selling Opportunities And Efforts

If you’ve ever gotten on a stage, a webinar and a teleseminar and decided to “wing it” (or have been tempted to) consider this:

You wouldn’t see actors or actresses in a Broadway play work this way. You also wouldn’t see television actors show up on the set and say whatever they want when the camera rolls.

A Broadway play or a movie is planned, scripted, re-written, focus group tested, story boarded, and rehearsed.

Professional comedians from Leno to Seinfeld to Louie C.K. to the late Joan Rivers go to small clubs to try out and fine-tune new material before building it into a monologue or HBO Special.

There is a science to crafting ANY and EVERY kind of presentation for intended effect. SALES presentations delivered One-To-Many in person or through media are sensitive.

You need not risk guesswork. There are well-tested, well-proven structures and methods that yield top results.

And even in instances when One-To-Many selling is accomplished in spontaneous conversation…like through our 4-hour Livecasts or panel discussions, there are success factors, or a “3 x 5 Power Card” that is prepared before each presentation.

Are You Making Serious Mistakes Or Missing Out On Important Drivers Of Response With Your Webinars, Teleseminars And Stage Presentations?

For example, here are “tells” the audience processes subconsciously if not consciously, that affect their buy/no-buy response as much or more than the words spoken, offer made, proof offered.

People who play poker look for an opposing player’s “tell” – a silent signal he is likely unaware of or can’t control, that gives away the truth of his concealed hand of cards.

Speakers, presenters, pitch-people have “tells” that signal the audience, that convey the truth of veracity and value.

But chances are you don’t know these “tells,” yet. Once you do, you can discipline yourself to use them to your advantage.

There are also 5 keys to holding an audience’s interest for long and very long presentations, which you’re probably not using. This is critical in this “low attention span” society we live in.

There is one element many go to great extremes to work around and omit – but should be included every time.

There’s also the one story that is MANDATORY – that speaks to the one thing consumers are deeply concerned about even though they shouldn’t be, and are disturbed by its absence (even though they can’t enunciate why they’re disturbed).

Now’s the time to “up the sophistication” of your one-to-many presentations – I’ve tested and refined over my 40+ years in sales and marketing…

…my clients have earned a collective 1 BILLION Dollars under my tutelage as a copywriter, speaker and marketing consultant.

The Untold Secrets Of One-To-Many Selling Has Mostly Been “Under The Table” And Undisclosed Until TODAY:

I know “secrets” is such an overused term.

Yet, because I have infinitely more and more diversified experience at this, and am called upon to craft such presentations repeatedly, and paid 6-figure sums to do so, it’s reasonable to say…

…yes, I know things that are secret to you.

Whether you want to speak from the stage to sell from 60 minutes to 6 hours or use teleseminars, webinars, audio CDs, DVDs or TV infomercials to spread your sales message, you’re about to discover the “secret code” to crafting smart and high-converting scripts and presentations.

And you’ll discover them here in our course:

Dan Kennedy’s Confidential Sales Formula…
“Craftsmanship of One-To-Many Selling”


Dan Kennedy’s Secrets Of And Strategies For Craftsmanship For Stage Presentations, Teleseminars, Webinars, TV Infomercials, Audio CDs, and DVDs

The Sales Formula I Reveal in “One-To-Many Selling” is a course from an exclusive training I performed in Cleveland early this year where I devoted every single minute to this kind of sales craftsmanship.

But when you take action today, you’ll get 4 DVDs, 4 audio CDs, a transcript, and ALL the presentation materials from this sold-out event.

The ability to craft powerful One-To-Many presentations marries a number of key skills brought to specialized applications: copywriting and script-writing, irresistible offer development, speaking, audio and video production, and, bigger and broader “opportunity finding.”

I routinely see this make 6-figure differences to small businesses, and 7-figure contributions to larger businesses.

Nothing can help you sell more, sell more efficiently and sell faster than the right application of a well-crafted One-To-Many presentation.

Here Are Five Ways My Training On
This Is “MONEY IN THE BANK” For You….

1) If you now have unconverted leads, “One-To-Many Selling” can help you convert more of them thus lowering your waste, making each lead more valuable without spending a single additional dollar on your marketing!

2) If you have one-on-one, face-to-face sales appointments that don’t immediately buy, use the “Appointment, No Sale” strategy I disclose to convert these people into buyers and stop leaving thousands of dollars on the table for your competition to grab!

3) If you have opportunities to pick up customers through affiliates, joint venture partners or speaking at other events, you can use this training to leverage these activities and secure more affiliate and partner cooperation. It can even make power-strategies possible that, currently, are impractical.

4) If you want to automate part or all of your selling with on-demand or scheduled pre-recorded webinars to which you drive traffic, this will give you the highest-performing webinar possible so you can bid for more traffic and get it from more sources.

5) If you have a local professional practice such as health care or financial services, you can use “One-To-Many Selling” as the basis for in-office group selling events that leverage your existing patient/client base and create referrals as never before. You could easily add $20,000 to $100,000 to monthly income in just hours.

You see, I used to get called on to rescue troubled infomercials. I have frequently “fixed” speakers – even taking a couple who were failing miserably and turning them into platform-sales killers, largely by re-crafting their presentations.

That’s why I’m going to ask you to part with good money to get the ONLY training program where I devote a whole day to one-to-many selling material my clients pay me 6-figure sums to reveal.

More on that in a second. But for now…

Here’s Just SOME Of What You’ll Discover
On This “One-Time, One-Time Only” Training:

  • Lessons from The Amazing Kreskin and Houdini, and the “magic ingredient” most marketers FAIL TO INCLUDE in their video presentations – and I’ll show you actual examples you can easily “move” into your own business.
  • The “call to action” decision to be made regarding every video, webinar, etc., that most marketers get wrong. This could be sabotaging your sales if you’re currently making one-to-many sales presentations.
  • Why “perfect” is the enemy of optimum response: two examples that prove beyond any doubt that too polished of a video presentation damages the most important reaction required from viewers.
  • There are Five Chief Errors made in videotaping testimonials. I’ll discuss all five so you don’t make these same mistakes.
  • The one “scene” mandatory for all successful infomercials in a certain product category…that should be copied by more marketers in more diverse categories.
  • When you use a “panel” of testimonials on stage, live, in front of an audience, THE ONE THING you can do to multiply their effectiveness 10-fold VS. the one most common mistake that lessens their impact. (This is screwed up royally at most seminars!)
  • The best way to legally and safely present exceptional results of your best “champions” as claims of achievable results. (A tactic that has held up for 20+ years.)
  • How I use “The 3-Act Play” for platform selling and sales presentations, webinars, audio CDs, videos, etc. Plus the one thing you should do immediately before you start your pitch.
  • The Surrogate Skeptic: why, when, where and how to use him – and why you NEED him. This will allow you to craft your presentation so you can “flip” them into buying from you.
  • The Content Mask: how to disguise development-of-demand as educational content and satisfy audiences as you sell to them.
  • The 7 things your audience must realize and know as a result of your presentation, before they will buy (This list alone is worth twice the price of this course. It is my Governing-Law for EVERY one-to-many presentation in any and every media. It is adhered to by “giants” selling BILLIONS of dollars of goods and services annually with one-to-many presentations.)
  • The Secret of “Progressive Acceptance” and The Secret of “Stacking Benefits” I implement these and your conversions will soar, instead of having a presentation that BOMBS and leaves you scratching your head wondering what happened.
  • How to structure and use the Summary & The Signature Story, and how to make the Act of Buying an Act Of Validation of Superiority – with a lesson from Zig Ziglar.
  • Why, when & how to make the act of buying an act of rebellion – with a lesson from Glenn W. Turner (Dare To Be Great).
  • How to properly structure your offer and upsell your prospects. This is how you really boost your customer value.
  • Three different (Free) TESTS to give your crafted and planned presentation – before you actually use it & Cheap ‘n dirty “Dry Tests” you can run with a presentation – before you actually use it.
  • The Momentum Factor & Trial Closes: pros, cons, benefits, hazards and successful manipulation thereof (chances are, you don’t have these in your arsenal).
  • …and a whole LOT more!

These Secrets Work Even If You’re Going To Make A Presentation To 12 Prospects In Your Office’s Conference Room To 1,200 From An Event Stage, Webinar Or Teleseminar

When you take action and add “One-To-Many Selling” to your marketing arsenal, you’re literally getting the golden keys to the vault…because you’re going to possess the blueprint of every single one of my million dollar speeches.

You’ll walk into any one-to-many selling situation and have the confidence of a bullfighter with mustard on his sword – knowing you’re going to “kill it” when you get on stage or that webinar or teleseminar.

You’ll also understand every single element of a one-to-many selling situation you can easily “cut and paste” over and over again in your business. Including how to open a presentation. Psychology. Structure. And how to close.

It’s hard for me to think of a business or profession where a great One-To-Many selling opportunity can’t be capitalized on.

And it’s hard to think of anyone in any of the just named situations who won’t profit enormously by this Training of mine, assembled from my unmatched experience.

The ability to craft powerful One-To-Many presentations marries a number of key skills brought to specialized applications: copywriting and script-writing, irresistible offer development, speaking, audio and video production, and, bigger and broader “opportunity finding.”

Nothing Can Help You Sell More, Sell More Efficiently,
And Sell Faster Than A Well-Crafted One-To-Many Presentation

One company hired me to re-work their sales presentation that netted over $250,000 a month with the same lead flow.

I also took another company that relied on one-to-one selling model and replaced it with a one-to-many group meeting strategy that produced $34 million in 1/4th the time ordinarily required.

At the core of both these situations is a brilliantly crafted, highly effective presentation. And that can be at the core of a great deal of success for you, too.

Today, the Internet offers expansive opportunity for ‘live’ and automated One-To-Many selling that is far greater than anything we’ve had before.

But don’t let that distract you from just how many people and companies create superior incomes through live One-To-Many, even in small groups – the implant dentistry seminar held in-office, for a small group, that puts $200,000 of dentistry on the schedule in 90 minutes.

This works for B2B, professional services (health, finance, etc.), a local retail business, a restaurant, you name it.

If you have a great idea or unproven invention or new product, you can sell more, sell efficiently, and sell with less fee resistance with the right presentation and approach.

Now, Do You Need To Brace Yourself For The Fee For This Training Never Before Offered In The GKIC Catalog?

The investment in “One-To-Many Selling” will, admittingly, be noted as a little stiff by some.

But looking that way is small thinking.

I am basically synthesizing my “insider” information and experience of “One-To-Many Selling” into a tightly focused package it would only take you one afternoon and evening to review.

This is highly specialized information that cannot be valued by the pound, hour or day.

A few “Aha” moments you’ll get from this day could easily equate to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even MILLIONS of dollars…

…to anybody doing “One-To-Many Selling” or should be.

So consider this box containing “One-To-Many Selling” to be a big box of money – considering the breakthroughs and potential money you could be earning when you take action on these proven secrets.

You see, I get paid 6-figures to create presentations for clients, and I recently charged $10K to reveal my secrets in front of a small group of people.

But when you take action today, you’ll get my brand new training never before offered in the GKIC catalog, “One-To-Many Selling,” for Only One Investment of $1,597 OR pay only $566 now and then pay two more Investments of $566 at 30-days and 60-days apart!

You could easily earn this money back with one successful “speak to sell” engagement where you’ll only have to sell a handful of products to make up this investment – whether it’s face-to-face or via webinar or teleseminar.

So, in reality, “One-To-Many Selling” doesn’t “cost” anything. Owning a powerful One-To-Many selling presentation built from scratch or marginally improved can easily repay your investment.

There’s nothing “cookie cutter” here. This is a sophisticated art and science you’ll get to implement for your own presentations.

I promise you this: Whether your opportunity is with One-To-Many Selling with 18 people in your office on a Wednesday evening or 180 people in a hotel meeting room or to 1,800 people via a webinar, or you can profit by sending a sales DVD or CD to prospects…

…you can harvest a great deal more from any such opportunity if you really know how to craft those presentations.

But that’s not all:

Take Action Today:

Special Limited-Time Bonus (Worth $397)

“Vintage Dan” MP3 Download:

“Copywriting Seminar In-A-Box”

Advanced 2-Day Copywriting Workshop
With Dan Kennedy

Forever Taken Off The Market But I’m
Bringing It Back Just For This Weekend!

This is a one-time, one-time only deal, so you better pay attention.

I haven’t given a copywriting-specific seminar in years. Sure, we had the “seminar within a seminar” at the Info-SUMMIT several years ago with master copywriter John Carlton, but I haven’t had a copywriting specific event where I teach the “nuts and bolts” of great copy.

So I decided to dig deep, deep, deep into the “Vintage Dan” vault and unearth one of my most popular copywriting seminars that has been off the market for years…until today.

The course is called Copywriting Seminar In A Box. It consists of audios straight from a 2-day seminar where only 115 were permitted – and there was a waiting list of others who desperately wanted to attend but couldn’t.

This is a course devoted entirely to turning the written word into money.  And I felt like this is the perfect compliment to One-To-Many Selling…a course that is devoted to turning the SPOKEN word into cash.

Many gurus, including Yanik Silver, credit this course to making them a fortune thanks to the insights and techniques they discovered from these audios.

So when you take action today, I’ll include the entire 2-day seminar as an mp3 download where you’ll get to “virtually attend” in your home, car, or while doing chores. That’s 10+ hours of strategies I use everyday to craft promotions that rake in millions of dollars for my clients with the written word, including:

•    The simplest formula ever devised for attracting giant floods of leads from your advertising – just 3 steps.

•    15 “components” to mix ‘n match, in putting together direct-mail packages that involve the recipient and virtually compel response.

•    5 formulas that speed up copywriting – no matter how skilled or unskilled you are, how quick or slow, how experienced or inexperienced, you’ll get great ad copy or sales letters done much, much quicker with these formulas.

•    Discover the sales-boosting difference between “credibility” versus “believability”…why and how to use both.

•    15 quick ‘n dirty ways to create a powerful headline, fast.

•    9  “E-FACTORS” (emotional triggers) … the more you hit, the better your response…use this little checklist every time.

•    9 ways to use the “P.S.” in a sales letter to increase response, push “think-it-overs” into action.

•    ONE THING you must do, ONE LIST you must make BEFORE you write even one word of copy. This guarantees better results and speeds up the task.

•    8 “Reference Tools” used by most master copywriters, easily accessible to you to speed the process, make getting great copy on paper much, much easier.

•    4 “mind power techniques” used by top copywriters to focus their thinking, improve concentration, even let the subconscious mind write powerful copy while you sleep.

•    5 quick-fixes for “writer’s block,” to get started immediately, to get the process rolling, to get words on paper, to break through the dam and get a stream of great ideas flowing.

•    7 “shortcuts” you can use to keep churning out great ads, letters, brochures, flyers, postcards, Website copy, etc. for your product or service as if you had a whole idea factory working for you.

•    7 ways to “test copy” – without spending a dime (unearth its flaws and fix ’em fast.)

•    4 quick ways to gather information and “raw material” from which you can build the most powerful sales message possible.

•    Yes, we all know that “bonuses” can and do drive sales – but here are the 4 key decisions to make about bonuses and the 4 best ways to get maximum sales and response increases with bonuses.

•    13 strategies for turning up the heat: creating a white-hot urgency in the reader’s mind so he responds immediately (if not sooner).

•    13 ways to prove your case and erase all doubt, skepticism, fear and hesitation, create instant unshakeable trust, reassure the prospect so he responds without a second’s delay.

•    Shortcuts, shortcuts and more shortcuts: I show you how to write more powerful, profit-producing copy than most top pros can, at twice the speed most pros can write.

So GRAB THIS OPPORTUNITY IF: (1) you are serious about turning your own business into a gold-plated, awesome money machine, utilizing ads and mailings that outperform anything you’ve ever done before, that bring in returns of $5-to-1, $10-to-1, even $50-to-1.

Or, (2) you are serious about using direct-response style copywriting for a variety of products and businesses, yours or clients’.

Again, it’s been years since I’ve devoted an entire seminar to copywriting. And I don’t plan on doing it anytime soon. But here’s your chance to grab this “Vintage Dan” download before it disappears forever.

Sure, you’ll get advanced strategies for turning the spoken word into money thanks to One-To-Many Selling. But a lot of the principles I teach in this course also apply for the written word as well.  

So that’s why I decided to include Copywriting Seminar in a Box as a bonus for this weekend’s web deal…to forever “round out” these 2 powerful money making tools in your arsenal so you can put more money in your pocket.

You’ll forever KICK yourself if you miss this weekend’s web deal and miss out on the chance to get this “Vintage Dan” copywriting course – a seminar more than likely NEVER to be repeated again:  

This Special Bonus Disappears Immediately
Monday, March 21st At Midnight So Take Action Right Now To Get This “Must-Have” Bonus (Worth $397)!

In fact,

I Guarantee You’ll Get Your Investment Back
From “One-To-Many Selling” Or You Don’t Have To Pay

You’re Backed Up By GKIC’s
Ironclad Guarantee.


Your Guarantee: You have 2 full months (60 Days) to examine everything, attend the LIVE sessions, use what you wish, and if for any reason, or even no reason at all, you want a full refund, just let us know and you’ll get your money back immediately. NO questions asked.

You do not need a “my dog ate my homework” story. No questions, no hassle, no fine print. Incidentally, we are devoted to helping small businesses, and working with satisfied customers. If you are not going to profit from the system, we would prefer to buy it back.

Invest In One-To-Many Selling. Implement the lessons you’ll discover that will empower you to craft top-performing presentations for on-stage or by-media.

If you don’t get your investment back, then call our GKIC Concierge at 1-800-871-0147 and arrange for a return and immediate refund.

This is a no-brainer. I’m not trying to pull the wool over your eyes here. Try out One-To-Many Selling, implement the strategies, and if they don’t work for you, then you don’t pay.

Pure and simple. You simply cannot make a mistake. And there’s no way you can lose.

Now You Can Profit From A Billion Dollars Of
Successful Experience With “One-To-Many Selling”

I have been paid as much as $100,000 in royalties from a speaker for re-crafting a platform selling presentation. Fixing” speakers’ presentations has been an area of my work over nearly my entire 40 years in info-marketing.

In fact, Zig Ziglar said I was the best platform salesperson he’d ever seen – high praise from one of the all-time greats…

…But I was certainly not the best speaker.

I’ve also been performing extensive, successful, high-paid work in TV infomercials for 20+ years – including involvement in crafting more than 150 shows.

My work with Guthy-Renker included contributions to infomercials for Think And Grow Rich, Tony Robbins/Personal Power, Victoria Principal, Pro-Active and others.

My effectiveness was always rooted in the craftsmanship of the presentation themselves. And my methods have translated to webinars and online product launch videos with great success as evidenced by GKIC’s multi-million dollar product launches.

Nothing can help you sell more, sell faster, and sell more efficiently than the right application of a well-crafted One-To-Many presentation.

Your value is guaranteed. That’s because you’re covered by GKIC’s 60-day Money Back Guarantee…so you can basically try these secrets for FREE.

So take action today, right now, and invest in this “One-To-Many Selling” course today!

Yes Dan! I Want To Discover Your “Secret Keys” To Crafting High Converting One-To-Many Sales Presentations That Have Brought In Over $1 BILLION Dollars For Your Clients

  • I realize that nothing can help me sell faster, sell more and sell better than the right application of a well-crafted One-to-Many sales presentation. 
  •  I realize that you are the person other marketers and speakers go for advice on crafting sales presentations and happily pay you 6 figures for the opportunity.
  • And I know I’m covered by your GKIC’s guarantee, so there’s no way I can make a mistake here. I can implement this newfound ability to sell more, sell efficiently and sell at higher prices. If I don’t, I don’t pay.

Yes Dan, I’m ready. Please send your “One-To-Many Selling” course so I can leverage my time and boost my conversions on any stage, teleseminar, webinar, DVDs, TV Infomercials or Audio CDs.

Dan Kennedy’s Training:

 “One To Many Selling”
One Initial Investment of $566 Then
Two more Investments of $566 at 30 & 60 days later!

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,

Dan's signature_Black
Dan Kennedy, GKIC

P.S. I’ve been crafting presentations and speaking to sell since 1977. My presentations for “The Magnetic Marketing System” sold over 1 million per year for 11 years at various events.

I haven’t lost my touch. In 2011, I crafted a speak-to-sell presentation for use at a client’s annual event, and generated almost $600,000 in 90 minutes. In 2012, I crafted and coordinated a live speech plus an online video series for a client that topped $500,000.

I believe, it would actually be IMPOSSIBLE to find anybody who has crafted more successful one-to-many selling strategies, formats and presentations for as broad a diversity of products, services and propositions, in every media and venue.

You’ll get a synthesis of everything I’ve learned and developed when you take action and invest in my training offered in the GKIC catalog “One-To-Many Selling.” Nothing like this Training has ever been done by anybody. It is unique. And uniquely valuable. So take action today.

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