Can You Really Have It All?

By: Dan Kennedy on: December 13th, 2010 3 Comments

On Friday,  I discussed the courage needed to do business on your own terms. Now I would like to show you how you can Sooner Or Later, Sleep In Your Own Bed by sharing with you a little bit about my business and how it has evolved.

I flew home to Cleveland from Chicago on a Saturday, leaving O’Hare on time, [2:40] PM, sunny day, scheduled to land [5:15] PM, at the track before first race post time. Unfortunately, the flight required 7 hours and visiting two airports before finally braving the barely plowed runway, blizzard and 35 mile an hour winds to skid to a stop at the furthest gate from the terminal at [9:20]. Half hour to parking shuttle, to snow buried car, to 10 MPH drive on one lane all the way to Northfield. On the puddle jump plane, 11 children, 4 throwing up. For last hour or so, no cups, no coffee, no water.

In 1996, I made a tick over a million dollars from speaking, and it was a hefty chunk of my total income. That required about 60 days of manual labor on the platform, plus another 120 traveling, 180 total. Nearly half the year in airports and hotels. This was fortunately prior to the monstrous cellphone noise pollution, but still.

In 2004, I made a tick under a million dollars solely from my coaching groups, and it was about 1/3rd my total income. It required (only) 42 days, all in my home cities, everybody coming to me, or phone days, me taking calls while sitting on my backyard deck or in my comfortable recliner. I’m not pointlessly bragging.

My point is that, simply, you can and should arrange your business affairs to suit yourself. And I don’t get braggart points here; I could have made the switch a few years earlier.

I goad and guide quite a few people in diverse businesses into changing the way they do business, even identifying the opportunity concealed in their business that they can’t see, that is bigger and better than the one they’re committed too, even though it is as much a trap as it is a blessing.

So, contrary to what most might think, I was not really angry or frustrated by my covered wagon-esque trip back to Cleveland. It was high comedy.

Reminded me to be grateful I no longer needed to do it every week.


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  1. Ray Higdon says:

    That’s awesome, I used to speak 22 days a month on the road, did well, but not a million a year =)

    I am certainly glad I can do most of my work from home now, good to know more about your story, very cool

  2. Tariq Juneja says:

    And another thing when we don’t do this; we’re not living up to our full potential; I have to raise my standard!

  3. Marc Rodill says:

    I have seen Ray speak at one closed-door marketing event in my home town and I can attest to the fact that his 22 days a month on the road paid off.

    He’s a very good speaker. Cool to see some familiar faces commenting here.

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