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By: Dan Kennedy on: December 10th, 2010 4 Comments

In my last post I discussed the issue of price and knowing what your time and expertise are worth. Now let’s move on and talk about the courage you need to charge the prices you deserve for your time and expertise.

What did Dan Rather say when he ended a long, long career at the CBS News anchor desk? First I say Good riddance. Hose off the trailer, tie up the dogs cuz company’s coming. Huh?

Anyway, Rather signed off looking direct into the camera and saying: “Courage.”

Dan has a very liberal, negative, fearful view of life in America and feels we all need a lot of courage just to face each day. If you would like a better substitute affirmation to write on your mirror in lipstick, I would suggest choosing from “joy”, “gratitude”, “optimism”, “faith”, “expectation”, or “money, opportunity, power and achievement.”

Anyway, in business, you do need courage. Especially if you are to set your own price, dictate the way you do business, reject clients who don’t fit, shape your business life to your will. You can manufacture such courage completely inside out, from self-image strengthening per Psycho-Cybernetics, with exciting and credible plans, with knowledge, with competence.

But that ain’t easy. That’s made a whole lot easier when you tip the scale of supply-demand way, way, way in your favor. That brings our kind of advertising, marketing, publicity, positioning and sales strategies together with the most desireable outcome: desired financial success combined with autonomy.

In short, courage comes from deal flow.

When you create and attract a lot more demand for you or your services or products than there is supply or that you need to achieve your objectives, you naturally become emboldened.

You have heard me talk a lot about ‘creating a success environment.’ But I may have been a bit negligent in being this precise and specific, in explaining that a big part of that is: creating an emboldening environment.

In harness racing, if you have a horse that has had several tough races in a row and gotten beat up, and is now heading to the starting gate with expectation of more of the same, he will give in easily, underperform. If you can get him a class drop, a race against lesser competition, and he starts going past them even while underperforming, he is emboldened.

If he wins, you can move him back up in class and he’ll win there too. If you are in the sulky behind a tiring horse but you are lucky enough to have the horse inside you, next to you tiring even more, literally backing up, yours becomes emboldened and finds some new resevoir of energy.

Courage rises due to the environment.


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4 Responses

  1. Ray Higdon says:

    Could not agree more! Makes me want to read Atlas Shrugged again

  2. Karen says:

    I myself, really enjoyed this particular post. Why: I’ve wondered a long time, Could I really have, the Dream I want, which is to be a Gemologist, and open a Store, online…? I hope it’s not out of reach, I plan to keep moving in that direction. Thank You for this post. I enjoy all of them, this one, particularly, helped me most!
    Thank You..Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Glazer…

  3. Ruben says:

    I love you Dan Kennedy! Lol! I wish I had known about you when I was in my early twenties! I’m in my early thirties and have purchased 5 of your books in the last 2 weeks after reading No BS Marketing to the Affluent.

    Between you and Infusionsoft (which is how I found out about you) you’re turning my world up side down.

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