Keys to Getting Prospects to Listen to You

By: Dan Kennedy on: June 3rd, 2010 3 Comments

In my last post I shared with you one of the biggest secrets in marketing that I know in order to increase response to your offers which of course is….multiple exposures.

The example I gave you was following up with the same list of prospects or customers several times using the same media. For example, instead of mailing once to the list, you mail three to six times.

Some other small business marketing strategies to get multiple exposures is through combination of media. If at the same time the prospect is receiving mail from you he also sees your ad in the newspaper, sees your billboards, gets a coupon in a Val-Pak, pretty soon he feels he knows you. There’s instant recognition of your name and business and again there will be results developed disproportionate to the amount of exposure.

Some small business direct marketers use other forms of media as reinforcement advertising. They really do not expect any response from billboards or radio commercials. That advertising is being used only to build recognition so that when a prospect gets some type of direct contact he mentally says, “Oh yes. I know you.” It is therefore, much more receptive to the offer.

The small business person has to carefully restrict expenditures on this type of reinforcement advertising but there are several low costs things that can be done including:

  1. A uniform business image – colors, your name, a logo carried over to your business locations, your vehicles, your uniforms, your signage and of course all your advertising.
  2. A slogan that makes sense that actually represents your business and is easy to remember.
  3. Repetitive contact with fewer prospects rather than just one contact with a large number of prospects.
  4. House to house or business to business distribution of flyers and brochures.
  5. Signage on company vehicles.
  6. The sponsorship of a civic event.

A plan using these other forms of reinforcement advertising helps a good offer perform as well as you’d like.


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3 Responses

  1. Joel Helfer says:

    Thanks Dan
    This is a great post
    It’s a shame more prospects don’t listen to this advice;

  2. Charles Ra says:

    get multiple exposures is through combination of media.
    online and offline multiple media to get in the mind of the prospect. thank you Dan.

  3. Jim Rowe says:

    I’ll use that this week and blast away at a couple of big prospects…thanks Dan

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