TODAY: Live Video Training “How to Turn Your Knowledge Into Money”

By: Dave Dee on: September 10th, 2012 2 Comments

Today, September 10th, at 3PM Eastern Time I’m doing
a no-charge LIVE Video training for anyone who would like
to create more security, more streams of income, and more
free time where you actually can live life on your own

I call it:

“How to Turn Your Knowledge, Advice, Expertise, or Hobby
into a Six-to-Seven Figure Online Business That Puts Money
In Your Bank Account Week After Week, Month After Month,
Year After Year – For The Rest of Your Life!”

During this video you will discover the exact, easy-to-
follow formula for creating your own information business
using the talents you have and love to use.

All you need to do to watch this live video is click
the PLAY button in the middle of the video window.

See you at 3PM, September 10th!

Dave Dee
Chief Marketing Officer, GKIC

The video will appear below at 3pm Eastern — if you are not
seeing the video – please refresh your screen

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Dave Dee is one of Dan Kennedy's most successful students. Dave saw Dan speak over 16 years ago at one of the Peter Lowe Success Events when he was a struggling magician. He bought Magnetic Marketing and as you will hear when he tells you his story, his life changed in less than 90 days. Dave became a very serious student of Dan's by attending my seminars, joining his coaching group and most of all from implementing what he learned. For more money-making marketing tips, tactics and strategies, go to

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  2. Hi Dae,
    Just a quick note to say that you should be able to erase the permanent marker by scribbling over it with the whiteboard marker. Then erase that.

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