My Grandmother Made History. Here Are Three Lessons We All Can Learn From It…

By: Darcy Juarez on: May 31st, 2013 1 Comment

Last month, my 94 year old grandmother made history…

While vacationing with my family in Grand Rapids, having virtually no symptoms other than what she described as a little heartburn, she had a heart attack.

My family took her to the hospital where she refused to believe she was sick. Even after being told she’d had a heart attack, she refused to lie in bed and sat in a chair instead, saying, “I’m not sick. I burped and now I feel better.”

She made history when she became the oldest patient in the history of Meyer Hospital to have quadruple bypass surgery.

A complicated surgery, you probably already know that most doctors won’t perform this surgery on older patients.

I am happy to report she is doing great. Now that the blood is getting through again, she has color in her cheeks she hasn’t had in years. And per her request in the hospital, I just delivered her new iPad which she was really excited to receive.

There are some great marketing lessons to be learned from this story.

1)      Just because the majority does something doesn’t mean it’s right. Most doctors would have taken one look at my grandmother’s 94 year old age and said she was too old to have the surgery. Because that is what the majority of doctors say and believe. That, of course, could have been fatal for my grandmother since there was no blood getting through her arteries. Thankfully, my grandmother’s doctor looked at her individually, collected the facts and made the decision to do the surgery.

In your business, following what everyone in your market is doing can often be fatal to your profits. Dan talks about when he got into doing TV infomercials. He said that there would be 5000 new shows testing each year and only 100 staying on. That meant that 4900 of those weren’t working. Look at what everyone is doing, but don’t do what they are doing unless there is empirical proof that that what they are doing is actually working. It’s better to examine all the information and make a decision based on fact, rather than what the majority is doing.

2)      Refusal to accept truth can be dangerous to your business survival. Luckily my grandmother accepted the truth of what was happening in the end. But boy was she stubborn about accepting the fact that she was unwell. That isn’t what she wanted to hear, however refusing to believe that she’d had a heart attack or take appropriate measures could have been disastrous to her future well-being.

There is one truth businesses don’t like to hear. And similar to my grandmother’s situation, it can be a very dangerous mistake.  Here it is…

That the business you are really in is the business of marketing and the thing you do, for example a dentist, a realtor, and info-marketer, etc., is secondary.

Being a better doctor, lawyer, carpet cleaner, maker of stuff, etc. will not make you wealthier. Marketing your business better will. The sooner you understand and accept this truth, the sooner you can improve the health of your business.

3)      Look outside of your market. While I know the iPad is a popular piece of technology, the majority of people in my grandmother’s generation aren’t up on technology, nor do they wish to learn how to use it. My grandmother looked outside her generation and saw a younger generation using iPads which prompted her to get one. That’s one thing that makes my grandmother stand out.

In industry segments, people tend to hang out together—they go to conventions where everyone does what they do. Speakers go to speaker conventions. Chiropractors go to chiropractor conventions. That means you end up doing and trying the same things.

However, when you go outside of your industry… that is where you will find breakthrough ideas that make you stand out. For example, on most accounts, the drive through window which many attribute to the restaurant industry is actually said to have originated in the banking industry.

These are three qualities found in Renegade Millionaires. When you understand and adopt these three concepts to your business, you’ll not only escape fatal mistakes, but you’ll discover breakthroughs to profitable and creative innovations that determinedly expand your opportunities and put more green in your bank account.

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    Was this article written by Dan Kennedy?

    I got confused because in the post, it says:

    “Dan talks about when he got into doing TV infomercials….”

    I mean, if I were writing an article and my name is Jorge I would not say “Jorge talks about ….”, instead I would say I “talk about”

    Thanks, great tips

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