The Biggest Success Secret Of All Time

By: Dan Kennedy on: July 16th, 2010 7 Comments

Strategy I want to talk with you about what is perhaps the greatest success commonality and the greatest success characteristic that spans all eras. You will find it heavily riddled through Napoleon Hill’s work going all the way back to the 1930’s and before.

You will find it in today’s business leaders and I am convinced we will find it in the next century’s business leaders.

In fact, several years ago at a political function that I attended, one of the things that I had an opportunity to do was to observe President Reagan up close speaking and I tell you this and ask you to sit aside whatever your political preferences are for a second, not that I make mine a secret, but it really doesn’t matter what your political preferences are, but we would all probably agree that he did an amazing job under crisis.

Yes…the greatest success characteristic is the ability to handle crisis.

This characteristic if you think about it is common of all super successful people – super successful pro athletes, super successful coaches, super successful business people, super successful sales people.

Who succeeds best in sales? The person who does it the same way whether it’s immediately after having made a sale or having lost a sale – the person who’s performance doesn’t deviate.

You see that quality we find it’s an ability to recover from adversity so rapidly that the observer doesn’t notice the recovery. You’ll find that in all of the training in the Napoleon Hill books. You’ll find that in just about anybody’s book you want to open up, about any texts, any material, about being successful you’re going to find a discussion of the necessity to overcome adversity.


Because everybody fails on their way to success. It happens. Try to find a highly successful person who hasn’t actually had more failures than they’ve had successes. Try and find one. You won’t.


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7 Responses

  1. John Peacock says:

    That’s totally right. Having played college football and a year in professional football the best athletes were the most calm and cool players. Even games we were down two touchdowns, we would collect ourselves as a team. We would all mentality review the last play and push forward. We all had a role to play, no pointing fingers, just do your job and everything clicked. Crisis is all about handling. You either have a meltdown or you overcome the obstacle. Business is no different. Business is easier. Football you constantly have someone screaming in your face when you make a mistake, four or five hours at a time. :)
    Valuable point.

  2. Love it. I did not want to believe this message when I first got started in business. I thought that making mistakes and failing was for other people but not me. Then I started failing quite a bit and realized that things weren’t going to be as rosey as I had hoped.

    3 years later I value every single failure and mistake as they have built my character and I am a much stronger, robust person now. I can handle crisis way better than before. I know I have lots more to learn but knowing this one lesson you write about today has got me through some very difficult times.

  3. Rob Anspach says:

    …failure is an option…in fact without failure we as entrepreneurs would never have the drive to push forward and succeed.

  4. The most important strength you could ever develop is the one where you KNOW that almost anything you take on you’ll feel confident you will accomplish it and then some. It doesn’t mean that you will not make a misstep, in fact plan on it, and always know that you’ll step off the path a little this way, a little the other way, but, over time you will almost always pull off what you take on.

  5. Dan- what are the chances of another President Kennedy? President Dan Kennedy?

    You already have my vote….

  6. Vee C says:

    It’s true , failure is the way for the success , we can’t success without knowing any failure . We become better learning of our failures because what we learn of our cost , we remember long. So failure is a part of success.

  7. Marc Rodill says:


    Dan could never be President.

    Not because he *couldn’t* but because…

    The mediocre majority would never accept him.

    They’re too limited in their beliefs.

    To be President, you have to tell people, “it’s not your fault.”

    Dan is too valuable in that regard… and in many more…

    He teaches you to accept responsibility for your actions.


    Resonate with “mere mortals” I think not. You know?

    Marc Rodill, CMDF

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