Two Dumbest Mistakes Smart Business Owners Make…AND How to Avoid Them!

By: Dave Dee on: August 15th, 2013 8 Comments

If you know me at all, you know that I like to eat well. I especially enjoy fine food and wine and restaurants that offer top notch service with Alinea, in Chicago, topping the list. From my experiences and what I’ve read about the restaurant industry, it’s clear to me that the world’s top rated chefs are devoted to improving their cooking skills.  Many “up and coming” chefs go to great expense to study with master chefs in hopes of winning a spot for their restaurant on the list of the world’s 50 best restaurants. They work years “paying their dues” with the goal of being recognized for their accomplishments. But they are making an enormous mistake. And they are not alone. Most business owners make the exact same mistake. It costs them money, time and worse, it kills the chance for many from ever coming close to being recognized as one of the best. Can you guess what it is? When I was a professional magician, I made this mistake too…for a really long time. You see all the literature for magicians focused on increasing my skills. I was taught that if I just kept practicing and practicing to get better and better, fame and fortune would follow. The mistake I was making? I focused too much on getting good at being a magician instead of getting good at marketing my magic business. These restaurants are making the same mistake. And I can prove it. Name one restaurant on the world’s best restaurant list. (Without looking it up.) Now try and name one of the top fast food restaurants. Clearly the restaurants on the “50 best restaurants in the world” list have far superior food than fast food restaurants. But I’m willing to bet you can guess several of the top fast food restaurants on the list whereas you can’t name even one of the best restaurants in the world. And I bet the fast food restaurants make more money…a lot more money… too. It wasn’t until I heard Dan Kennedy say that I needed to change my thinking from being a “doer” of my service to a “marketer” of my service that the money started rolling in. (And it happened fast, in less than 60 days!  To see that whole story click here…) That’s the first mistake you’ll want to eliminate too. Stop putting the emphasis on getting good at what you do…and shift your thinking to getting good at marketing and selling what you do. And yes this is true for any business or profession…doctors, lawyers, car mechanics, financial professionals and on and on. The second big mistake is not having lead generation systems in place to attract your ideal clients, customers, or patients. Lead generation is the lifeblood of your business. If you have enough quality leads pouring in on a consistent basis, and you know how to turn those leads into customers by knowing how to close sales, EVERYTHING CHANGES FOR YOU.  And I’m not talking about a minor improvement in your business but a total TRANSFORMATION. When I put lead generation systems and sales strategies in place, my life changed. I started making more money in a week than I used to make all year. And again, it happened fast. Don’t get me wrong. Being excellent at what you do is important and you should aim to become better at what you do. After all, people will tell others that your food or your service or your product is good. But without lead generation systems or knowing how to sell, even the most skilled practitioner will fail. Conversely, if you get really good at lead generation and selling but don’t deliver a good product or service, the word will quickly get out and your business will suffer and possibly die that way. Make the mental shift from a “doer” to a “marketer” and “seller” of your product or service. It’s a game changer.

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Dave Dee is one of Dan Kennedy's most successful students. Dave saw Dan speak over 16 years ago at one of the Peter Lowe Success Events when he was a struggling magician. He bought Magnetic Marketing and as you will hear when he tells you his story, his life changed in less than 90 days. Dave became a very serious student of Dan's by attending my seminars, joining his coaching group and most of all from implementing what he learned. For more money-making marketing tips, tactics and strategies, go to

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  1. JP says:

    I want to sell the plants I grow on my website. The GKIC stuff all sounds very interesting but I can’t see how it translates to my products (a limited variety of plants). Am I missing something? I’m not an expert, do not see myself writing a blog, etc. Is my thinking too inside-the-box?

    • Mike Stodola Admin says:

      This is a funny question to me because one of our best and most successful members was just like you. Instead of telling you his story I’ll direct you to his website and let you know he has a blog and sends out multiple e-mails a week, has landing pages, squeeze pages and is a great marketer and makes a very healthy income from gardening. So yes you’re thinking too inside-the-box but that’s where we all start. Just be open to the possibilities and you can take this wherever you want with the proper knowledge (we provide that) and implementation (that’s where you come in!) If you’re not already a member go to gift and the first two months is on us! Thanks JP

  2. diane says:

    When I started to register, I was being charged 194.00 with$ 97 coming back at the bootcamp. What have I misunderstood? I thought it was at absolutely no cost. Please let me know as it sounds like a great conference. Thank you.

    • Mike Stodola Admin says:

      I’m guessing you tried to register two people so it charged a $194 deposit. It’s a $97 deposit per person (fully refundable at the bootcamp.) As is the case with all of these types of events we need to reserve space, food, order materials etc…for those attending. All we ask is for a $97 deposit so that you do actually attend and you get that back when you come to the event. If you need more help simply call us at 800-871-0147 and we’ll take care of everything for you! It is a great event and I’ll look forward to seeing you there! – Mike

  3. Isn’t comparing the “50 best restaurants” to the mass marketed food chains an apples and oranges comparison? Those lists usually contain companies that don’t seem as relicable as cheap tacos and burgers. Maybe some (most?) would like to franchize and grow to be huge, but scaling a cheap burgers isn’t the same as scaling all those 50 restaurants. They are likely much more creative than an assembly line of cheeseburgers.

    • Moelwyn says:

      These were my first thoughts too Braden. Surely you can’t compare a brand that has thousands of restaurants all over the world compared to a business that has just one or two in a city you’ve never heard of. The visibility alone would make you aware of the bigger brand even without any marketing involved.

  4. David Hunter says:

    Direct-Response marketing has changed my real estate business for the better! Now, when we send out just sold postcards we offer a free home sellers’ guide. We have been getting great leads and listings from this! It’s all in the marketing. :-)

  5. Linda Turner says:

    I live in France and would be interested in watching an online seminar. Will you be producing any of these seminars online?


    Linda Turner

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