What Will They Say About You?

By: Dan Kennedy on: December 14th, 2010 1 Comment

Do you recall watching the coverage of the Pope’s death and funeral on TV?

The founder of the Nat’l Speakers Association, Cavett Robert used to say that the size of your funeral will be determined by the weather. Maybe with that in mind, the Vatican moved the Pope’s funeral from afternoon to morning, to avoid predicted late day inclement weather.

As you know, millions came to Rome to pay respects. Some number of less than sincere world leaders and politicians more to be seen paying respects. But most, sincere. And without commenting on religion in any way, you have to stop and give some thought to any man who can draw that kind of a crowd, especially post-humously. And maybe wonder if the size of your funeral will be determined by rain.

At an Eagles Club meeting in Chicago, I was asked why I write books. I explained the business reasons. I did not specifically enunciate the more global answer; that it is a way to reach and constructively influence people I might never reach otherwise. It has been an underlying life mission to sort of get the word out. The message about opportunity and responsibility.

But you don’t need to be a speaker or author or be in the information business to do that. Little eye-droppers of water at ocean’s edge cause big ripples. The kid you pay to write book reports on books like Think And Grow Rich and Compassionate Capitalism and – hey! – my books, may start a business that creates 10,000 jobs or revolutionizes an industry or he may grow up to be the U.S. Senator who stands firm against some idiotic, socialist legislation.

If nothing else, you can be a beacon of influence by example. In essence, I am what I am by observation of a handful of individuals, largely thanks to a few key sentences spoken by a few people. It doesn’t matter if you sell industrial valves or kids’ shoes or burgers ‘n pizza, you can also be a person who introduces your customers to beneficial ideas they might never have encountered otherwise. I have long encouraged chiropractors to put in lending libraries for patients not just of health books but of self-improvement books.

Why shouldn’t a restaurant owner build his business lunch business with a lending library, with a table of current business and success magazines, with copies of Investors Business Daily as free gifts? A lot of info-marketers gave away my ‘Farting Cat’ book, but VIP Member Scott Tucker gave it away to his mortgage customers. And if even one of them has his mind turned on to a new, better way of thinking, and is directed toward other success information as a result, he’ll be eternally grateful to Scott and will champion Scott to his world.

I now have a group of successful Kennedy Content based local area consultants with coaching and consulting businesses , and it is a great 2nd business for a lot of people, a way they can be a source of enormous influence in their communities. For profit, of course. You might take a fresh look at your business and yourself, and ponder how you might be more beneficial and influential in your customers’ lives. It is yet another way to transform the ordinary business to the extraordinary business. And if you care about the size of your funeral, it could help.


Dan Kennedy is internationally recognized as the 'Millionaire Maker,' helping people in just about every category of business turn their ideas into fortunes. Dan's "No B.S." approach is refreshing amidst a world of small business marketing hype and enriches those who act on his advice. For more money-making marketing tips, tactics and strategies, go to www.GKIC.com

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  1. Rob Anspach says:

    It’s sad when you go to funeral and only a few people are there to pay their respects…yet, we ponder to ourselves when huge crowds gather how well know this person was and it makes you feel good.

    A friend of mine used to ask people what they wanted on their tombstone…what message did they wish to convey to the world how they wanted to be known.

    Regardless what is on your tombstone people will remember what/ how they felt about you, your character, how you presented yourself to others and what made you…you.

    Live your life as a Beacon (a guiding light) to others and when it’s time to celebrate your life people will be glad to attend your funeral.

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