Walter Added $1,120,097 to His Business in 90 days Doing This…

By: Dan Kennedy on: June 7th, 2016 No Comments

I recently met with others at GKIC and told them, there’s practically no amount I WOULDN’T spend to get someone into a FREE, Fast Implementation Bootcamp.

It’s not because I like spending money unnecessarily, or that I’m SO generous that I want a lot of people to attend a free event simply because I think it’s one of the most important things business owners can do.

In fact, bluntly, it’s quite selfish.

I know that once you come to a Fast Implementation Bootcamp you are worth as little as 5x more to me than our average member and as much as 20x more.   The reason…because the light bulb goes off and you become a better business owner and you not only stick around the GKIC world for a long time, but you purchase resources, join coaching groups, attend paid events etc…

Take for example the person in the video below.  Walter Bergeron.

If we didn’t spend six figures a year putting on FREE events I don’t know what Walters story would have been.  I’m fairly confident he would still have been successful.  But the part I care about is would he have been successful with GKIC’s help?  Would he have purchased resource after resource, attended event after event and spent what most would consider outrageous sums of money with GKIC in order to aid him in his success.  I think not.

Walter might have stayed a member for a while, coming in and out of the GKIC like so many going through a revolving door.  Instead, because of his success with the strategies Walter took and applied from boot camp he was IN.  Fully IN.  All from a free event.

So while my true reasons may be self-serving, this is a win-win proposition.  Because I know that you’ll only stick around if you experience success and the BEST way for you to experience success QUICKLY is attend a FREE Fast Implementation Bootcamp.

Click here now a reserve a spot at one of the two remaining dates in 2016.  This is a live, in-person workshop, and they do fill up.  Don’t tarry.  Reserve your spot now, click here.



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