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Subject Line: How to turn your inner “Peter Parker” into a super hero…

By: Dave Dee on: July 9th, 2012 1 Comment

The fascination with super heroes and action heroes and all the super hero and action hero movies this summer started me thinking… Who would win in a business battle? Super heroes or Action heroes? Super heroes like you see in The Amazing Spider-Man 3D and The Avengers use their special powers to win their battles… Spiderman bitten by a genetically-modified spider uses his spider-like abilities to save people and fight evil. Thor has physical powers[…]


Say Goodbye to Mayberry

By: Dan Kennedy on: July 5th, 2012 3 Comments

Since his passing on July 3rd, there has been lots of talk about actor Andy Griffith.  Much of it reminiscing about “The Andy Griffith Show” and what it stands for… The small town with old-fashioned values where everybody knows and supports each other. If you’re not familiar with the show, it centered around Sheriff Andy Taylor (played by Griffith) and his life in a small, slow-paced town called Mayberry. Sheriff Taylor was the honest, problem-solver,[…]

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