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Mystery: What’s The One Principle That Could Allow You To Achieve More In One Year Than Others Do In A Lifetime?

By: Dave Dee on: October 31st, 2013 1 Comment

Happy Halloween! Halloween is typically a holiday filled with mysteries, magic, and superstitions. So today I have a mystery for you… Two GKIC members. Both were ambitious entrepreneurs. Both wanted to make 7-figure incomes within 5 years. Both read and followed the advice given in the No B.S. Newsletter. Both attended events. Both worked incredibly hard. Both succeeded, but one achieved their goal in one year. The other eventually reached their goal, but it took[…]


Checklist for Becoming an Innovative Small Business Marketer

By: Dan Kennedy on: January 5th, 2010 7 Comments

When clients retain me as a marketing consultant they’re actually paying for two basic things, experience and innovation. Experience can be gained in only two ways, through your own situations or by reading and hearing about other situations. Innovation though is a method of thinking. The first thinking that I do when facing most small business marketing situations is to run through the same fundamental principles of success that govern all aspects of business. One[…]


Is Being Fat Contagious?

By: Dan Kennedy on: October 13th, 2009 8 Comments

IS BEING FAT CONTAGIOUS? – so said The New England Journal of Medicine, reporting on a new,”groundbreaking” study from Harvard Medical School, which indicates that hanging out with fat friends, in person or even at a distance via phone, text, e-mail and Facebook, can”make you fat.” This is good news for everybody in the weight loss industry; it provides yet another way to let the customer off the hook, to say “it’s not your fault.”[…]


Can You Get Up Everyday and Go to War?

By: Dan Kennedy on: October 12th, 2009 5 Comments

In the 2-hour CELEBRITY APPRENTICE aired the week of the Super Bowl last year, the actor from The Sopranos wimped out, quit, and went home, unable to handle the stress of the in-fighting and the competition. He asked Trump a question and couldn’t understand Trump’s answer. He complained about the war-like atmosphere, it not good for his health, and asked Trump: “Surely you don’t get up every morning and fight like this, do you?” Trump[…]


Don’t Let Your Small Business Own You

By: Dan Kennedy on: August 9th, 2009 4 Comments

It’s ironic that in order to get what you really want from owning your own company — wealth, security, freedom, for example — You must do the most unnatural, difficult thing for a small business owner; you must systematically reduce the dependency of the business on you. Don’t overlook this. This is the secret to becoming financially independent through entrepreneurship. Most entrepreneurs have no understanding of this and give it very little thought until it’s[…]


You Need Concentration and Concentrated Effort

By: Dan Kennedy on: August 6th, 2009 8 Comments

I don’t like to dawdle and I’m mystified by people who do. There are times I envy them their laissez-faire, relaxed attitude, just sort of meandering along, apparently satisfied with whatever gets done, getting done and whatever doesn’t laying around until tomorrow or next week. It intrigues me that people live like this. I occasionally wonder what it would be like. This is not, as near as I can tell, The Renegade Millionaire Way. The[…]

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