Discover How To Increase Your Profits Without Increasing Your Expenses…

“For The First Time Ever Dan Kennedy Reveals How To Forever End The “Grunt Work” Of Selling And Close 100% Of Your Prospects Using A Confidential System 40 Years In The Making That’ll Allow You Make More Money Without Spending Another DIME On Marketing.”

Even If You Think You HATE Selling Or Aren’t Good At It, This Pleasant System Will Allow You To Engineer The Natural And Automatic Sale Without Using Barbaric “Brute-Force” Old School Tactics Your Prospects Are Immune To And Recognize Immediately.

Dear Renegade Entrepreneur,

This message might tick off a lot of my “guru” counterparts in the sales and marketing industry, but you know what?

I don’t care.

You see, I’ve always been known as a guy that always “zigs” when other people “zag”. And in my over 40-year sales and marketing career my contrarian approach to selling has worked well for me:

• While most sales professionals are knocking on doors and cold calling, I have prospects pay me up to $19,000 to come to ME for consulting days in my home office in Cleveland, Ohio.

• While businesspeople are fighting commoditization and lower-prices competitors, I’m the highest paid copywriter in the entire world—who commands up to $100,000 per sales letter.

• While most sales people fight tooth and nail trying to find prospects, I have customers and clients come to ME.

• While most sales professionals are working 60-80 hours per day doing the sales “grunt work” and getting cussed at, hung up on, and berated, I happily start work at 7am and end at 4pm—just in time to hit the racetrack.

• While most businesspeople lie in bed at 2am in a cold sweat—wondering if they’ll make payroll or quotas, I’m sitting pretty knowing I’m booked months in advance.

And here’s the best part:

This Has Nothing To Do With “Smarts” Or Talent. It Just Has To Do With Learning A Specific Set Of Skills You Can Easily Implement.

I can assure you, I have no “talent”. I have the academic qualifications of a janitor. Yet my income is probably 10X more than people who went to those fancy schools and universities.

What I want to share with you are sales tactics that separates the top 10% of income earners in ANY field (heck, even the top 1%)…from the bottom 90% of entrepreneurs—or what I call the “mediocre majority”…

One of these secrets is the “Three Tipping Points”…where your potential client, customer, and patient is immediately moved to trust you and accept your advice and recommendations at the drop of a hat.

And another one is a single, incredibly, irrationally powerful “status-lift” you can use to instantly “be taller” in your market—more important, more trustworthy, more expert, and more influential in the eyes of your prospects, clients, and patients.

Seriously, you could triple your income with just these 2 weapons…that is if you just take action on them. These weapons have allowed me to earn a solid $2 million dollars per year copywriting for clients…

…and that’s not including the other businesses I’m involved in.

And the best part is this:

You Can Finally Rid Yourself Of Participating
In The “Singles Line Dance” As A Sales Professional Or Small Business Owner

Let me explain what that means. The Singles Line Dance is when you have a bunch of guys…even the ugly ones and recently divorced…lined up on stools.

And the woman walks down the line and checks each one of them. It’s like speed dating—she picks the least offensive of the bunch and everybody else leaves without a date.

Most selling situations are like the “singles line dance” where you and 5 other vendors all go and make a presentation. And the customer picks one and it’s all over with.

But there’s a better way. It’s one simple DARN secret that immediately shifts the power from prospect to the seller. Believe me, prospects will view you differently than your competition—which means they’ll trust you—and immediately BUY from you.

This is something I accidently discovered amidst my 40 years in sales. I have shared these with all my clients who include sales professionals, finance professionals, doctors, and small business owners.

And they’ve not only multiplied their income, BUT beneficially altered their very experience of selling with these simple 5 breakthroughs.

That’s Right: Selling Can Be A Pleasant Experience That’ll Make You Wake Up In The Morning Looking Forward To Going To Work

Imagine waking up every morning knowing you have a full gamut of customers, clients and patients who see you as an expert and will listen to you with respect and reverence…

…and automatically accepting your recommendations and treatment plans with little or no objections.

That’s the magic of the “secret code” of selling—strategies that allow you to attract and close your ideal customers, clients and patients without the “hard work” of prospecting…

…versus having to use “brute force” tactics of selling that involves tough closing techniques.

It’s all about engineering the natural and automatic sale. And the best part is it’s not rocket science.

You just have to know the exact steps you have to take to make this happen for you.

So I decided to finally reveal the blunt, unvarnished truth about what it takes to render all competition and possible comparisons impotent and irrelevant—and take “choice” out of the selling equation altogether:

Sales Mastery Unleashed


The No B.S. System For
Closing Sales Like Crazy

Sales Mastery Unleashed is a 4-hour program where I sat down and revealed how I close sales upwards of $2 milion dollars—which I did for a client this past year for a single campaign.

You’ll get 4 Audio CDs and a transcript of this “no-holds barred” expose’ that’ll probably make a lot of sales “professionals” royally ticked off. Along with an advanced Bonus Module which includes 3 Audio CDs, 1 DVD and transcripts of that presentation.

Why is that? Because a lot of the strategies on how to improve your sales skills are outdated, out-moded and does not work with today’s sophisticated customers, clients and patients.

This isn’t 1975 anymore. Thanks to the Internet, prospects can search for competitors in a split second. And most of your prospects have already seen or been exposed to “old school” sales pitches and have become immune to them.

While I’m not denouncing these tactics, I just prefer to do things differently. I’m talking about using a SYSTEM that’ll allow you to land sales with ease, make price a non-issue for customers, clients, and patients.

You need a more sophisticated set of tools in your arsenal to close 100% of your sales—so you’re not playing the mindless numbers game like your competition.

Think about it: while your competitors are banging on doors, cold calling, and using manipulative sales techniques, you’ll be sitting pretty talking to prospects who are pre-disposed to doing business with you…

…versus having to deal with “dud” customers, clients or patients who come to you via a cold call or other solicitation—where they’re skeptical and wondering why they came to your office or website in the first place.

You’ll Discover The Following Secrets Your Competitors Will NEVER Know, And You Won’t Discover In Today’s Out-dated Sales Books:

How to sell at substantially, even SHOCKINGLY higher prices than your competitors…yet immunizing your customers, clients, and patients against sticker shock. This is a powerful strategy for price presentation that prepares the client to accept a price he would likely find outrageous without this “warm up”.

The 2 fastest paths to getting the other person to immediately confide in you and TRUST you. The more you immediately earn rapport, the closer you’ll have a sale.

The 1 secret tactics that’ll allow you to sell more. The best part? It doesn’t require you to do any work. Just ask your prospect this simple question and they’ll take it from there.

The easiest way to get in the mind of your target prospect. Nope, there’s nothing manipulative or “shady” about this. Its just good detective work so you can discover ways to sell them effortlessly.

The 4 pillars of choosing prospects to work with that’ll make your life a lot easier. This will automatically weed out the “looky-loos” who will simply waste your time.

How to choreograph the perfect sale before you say a single word to the prospect. This is applicable whether you sell online, face-to-face, or in groups. This takes the pressure off the face-to-face sales presentation and shifts the power to YOU.

How to avoid the three giant mistakes too many salespeople make with ‘price’. Most salespeople under price, negotiate away profit, tremble in fear over price, and lose sales because of “price”.

The keys to using “ethical manipulation” to boost sales. This powerful tactic is a secret you have to promise to use for the forces of good—not evil.

The REAL reason why your customer makes a price decision. If your customer shops prices, questions price, compares you to lesser-priced options, then there is a reason…within YOUR control.

My simple cure for commoditization: in other words, how to make what you’re selling unique…and NOT subject to price comparison. Believe me, your competition won’t know what hit ‘em!

…and a whole LOT more!

Sales Mastery Unleashed Is Your Ticket From Competing For Your Client’s Business To Doing Business On Your Terms.

Don’t want to work on Fridays? No problem. Don’t want to be bombarded with emails and phone calls 24 hours a day? You can do it.

You’ll be able to demand so much respect and take such complete control that your prospect cannot help but throw his wallet onto the table—without concern for price!

Think about what you’re charging now for your product and service. And imagine doubling or even TRIPLING what you’re asking for…and think about what they’ll do to your bottom line…and your life.

You could reinvest the extra profits into your business, or you could use that extra money to buy a new car, house, take your family on vacation, or give to any cause you choose.

That’s the magic of mastering sales and persuasion in your business. You no longer have to rely on “random chances of income” and will be able to summon money to your bank account easier and faster than you ever thought possible.

Oh, and while I’m predominately talking about face to face selling, one-on-one in the boardroom or the kitchen, or to groups from the stage…this also applies to ANY selling situation: by media, print, web, teleseminars, and so on.

I want to present to you a DIFFERENT way of selling that removes ANY obstacles that could be preventing you from achieving the prosperity you deserve.

To be blunt: only dummies follow the crowd and do what “everyone else” does. That’s because they’re stuck in “masses” thinking—and most of the masses are mediocre in achievement and ambition.

If you have read this far, then I guarantee you’re not one of these dummies. Sales Mastery Unleashed represents a blueprint you can easily “cut and paste” into any business. And don’t fall into the trap of thinking:

“But Dan, My Business Is Different!”

Thinking that is an enemy of progress. Pure and simple. It’s easier to say to tell yourself that “My Clientele is different”…or “My customers are more sophisticated than that”.

This works for doctors, lawyers, financial advisors, coaches, consultants, restaurant owners, or entrepreneurs of any kind.

Best part? We’re not talking about “band aid” tactics like new ways to close or “risk reversals” that everybody and their dogs are using.

That’s just incremental improvement that might allow you to increase your sales 2-3% in the next quarter. Sure they’re helpful, but they’re not going to allow you to almost instantly double or triple your profits almost overnight.

You see, Sales Mastery Unleashed is about experiencing quantum leaps in sales using a system you’ve never experienced before.

Listen: there are hordes of copywriters who can write you a sales letter for $5,000 or so. But there are only a handful of copywriters like me who command $50,000 to $100,000 per sales letter.

And while I consider myself pretty DARN talented when it comes to copy, I can tell you that the $5000-per-sales letter copywriter is NOT 25X worse than me skill-wise. That’s a HUGE mistake most people make.

I charge 25-50 times more than other copywriters because I’ve mastered a unique and POWERFUL sales and persuasion system that allows me to separate myself from the rest.

It’s all about using sales and persuasion strategies that changes how the prospect is being handled so you can raise your prices and set you apart from the competition. And I want to teach you those secrets in Sales Mastery Unleashed.

This Is About Instantly Being Able To Double
Or Triple Your Income Almost Overnight

What will you do with an extra $1,000, $10,000…even $100,000 per month? And think about never having to worry about money again—now that you’ll have a proven System for closing customers, clients or patients.

Potent sales strategies like this are regularly taught at my $2,000 per head SuperConferencesSM and Info-SUMMITSSM…and $3,000-$4,000 subject-specific workshops I hold in Cleveland.

Even at those prices, it’s a “no brainer” since the savvy marketer can easily make tenfold their investment back and MORE.

So this isn’t an issue about “cost.” Being able to close more sales and raise your asking price for your product or service doesn’t “cost” anything…it’s an investment that’s bound to pay itself back over and over again.

So if you see Sales Mastery Unleashed as a mere “cost”…then this package probably isn’t for you.

And if you are looking for “band-aid” solutions to your business and marketing problems, then I suggest you look elsewhere.

But if you’ve read this far and “get it”…then you know how much impact that doubling or tripling your sales can benefit your bottom line.

But here’s the good news…you won’t have to pay $3,000…even $2,000 plus travel expenses to discover these secrets.

You won’t even have to pay $1,000…even though the time it took for me to record these advanced sales and persuasion strategies was worth $8,000 considering how much I charge for an hour of my time.

When you take action right now, I’ll send you Sales Mastery Unleashed for just $497.

Think about it…that’s barely a dent in the potential earnings you could be raking in thanks to just ONE of these advanced sales and persuasion tactics.

But that’s not all:

Take Action Today:

Special Limited-Time Bonuses (Worth $497)

“GKIC’s ‘Copy And Paste’ Sales Letter Template & Video Sales Letter Template”

If you’ve ever struggled with “writer’s block” or are tired of watching the blinking cursor on your computer taunt you as you try to figure out something to write for your next promotion, then you’re in luck.

I’m going to reveal a simple sales letter template and video sales letter template you can use to write your sales material in as little as 2 hours.

These templates will effortlessly guide you as they’ll TELL you where to put the benefits, insert your story, and close the sale so you’re not “guessing” when to do this.

You’ll get the “ammo” and the ideas from Copywriting Mastery and Sales Thinking Bootcamp. But these templates will give you the framework by which you can write compelling sales letters and video sales letters that’ll convert like crazy.

Listen, you can either hire a copywriter for $5,000 or so to do this for you. Me?   Expect to shell out $50,000 to $100,000.

But when you take action on this limited offer and get these bonuses for FREE, you’ll be empowered to craft your own sales letters and video sales letters.  

Because, think about it.   Nobody knows your business like you do. And these templates will allow you to effortlessly “marry” what you’ll discover in Copywriting Mastery and Sales Thinking Bootcamp so you can hit the ground running.

So take action today…add Copywriting Mastery and Sales Thinking Bootcamp to your cart right now, and we’ll send these templates to you in electronic format you can use right away.

 These Special Bonuses Disappears Immediately On Monday, February 6th At Midnight CST So Take Action Right Now To Get These

“Must-Have” Bonuses Worth $497!

 I GUARANTEE You’ll Get Your Investment Back
And More Within 60 Days Of Your Purchase!

I never sell anything without a guarantee. And I usually don’t weasel out with a mere 30-day guarantee like most people do.


Sales Mastery Unleashed is about making money. It’s about raking in so many sales that you’ll need to hire extra staff and rearrange your business life so you can accommodate the demand.

Those are problems these potent strategies create. But these are GOOD problems that could manifest themselves with just ONE strategy you can implement thanks to this package.

These are problems most businesspeople who barely make enough to get by would DREAM of having. Yet when you purchase Sales Mastery Unleashed, you’ll immediately be vaulted into the company of GKIC’s finest…

…where making money can get obscenely easy. And all the worries and troubles most business owners struggle with are non-existent.

I present to you a vision of autonomy, certainty, and stability. A vision where you can go to sleep at night knowing you’ll be able to make payroll next month. And knowing how much you’ll make 3 months, 6 months, even 12 months from now.

Ignoring these strategies would be folly. After all, you’re in the selling business no matter what industry you’re in.

You’re in the business of convincing customers, clients, or patients to hand over their hard-earned money to you. And last I checked, this includes 99.99% of ALL businesses.

So that’s why I guarantee these strategies will work for you, or you can call the GKIC Concierge at 1-800-871-0147 and request a refund. And you can do it for ANY reason…or NO reason at all.

Can You Really Afford To Risk Losing All
Those Sales Because You Were Too Cheap To Invest In Sales Mastery Unleashed?

Are you willing to forever DOOM yourself to mediocre sales if you’re not raking it in like you used to?

And are you ready to forever handicap yourself from catapulting your business so you can live the life you deserve…and generate the freedom and independence having a lucrative business can give you?

Selling power is what separates most of the “haves” and the “have-nots.” And mediocre selling skills will forever BAN you from achieving greater success in your business.

You’re better than that. And that’s why I packed every single selling technique, strategy, and tactic most businesspeople will NEVER know into Sales Mastery Unleashed.

So don’t make the mistake of ignoring this letter and “going at this alone” when it comes to improving your selling skills. You simply won’t close as many sales as you should…nor will you get the maximum return on your marketing investment.

That’s what Sales Mastery Unleashed is all about. So order right now and we’ll rush-ship that big box right to your doorstep.

Yes Dan! I Want To Render My Competition Irrelevant And NEVER Compete For Business Again.  Send Me Your Time Tested And PROVEN System For Uncovering Customers, Clients, And Patients Who Are Pre-Determined To Do Business With ME!

•    I know that the old-school way of selling no longer works, and I am tired of being the low person on the totem pole in my market and niche. I KNOW I need something different to raise my income, my status, and my power in my marketplace.

•    I know that I could get my money back over and over again when I will get more sales with ease…at prices I want. That’s because I’ll have the power (not my prospect) thanks to the tips, techniques, and strategies I’ll discover in this program.

•    And I know I’m covered by your generous 365-day guarantee, so there’s no way I can make a mistake here. I can implement these “weapons of mass persuasion” in my market and see an immediate return on investment. If I don’t, I don’t pay!

Yes Dan, I’m ready!  Please send my big box containing Sales Mastery Unleashed so I can do business on my OWN terms, and NEVER compete for clients, customers, and patients ever again!

Dan Kennedy’s Training:

 “Sales Mastery Unleashed”
One Initial Investment of $249
then $249 30-days later

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,

Dan's signature_Black

Dan Kennedy, GKIC

P.S. How much money do you expect to lose out if you ignore this message and pass this offer up? Sales Mastery Unleashed contains the exact strategies the GKIC Elite use to convert leads into sales—and ensures unparalleled certainty, stability, and autonomy in their businesses?

Listen: my clients have included start-up companies and $100-$200 million dollar companies who don’t make a single marketing move without my say-so. And I’ve worked hands-on, in-the-trenches, with clients in over 68 businesses, industries, and sales fields in my over 40-year career.

So if you’re not looking for a quantum leap in sales, then Sales Mastery Unleashed is not for you. But if you’re a business owner, marketer, or entrepreneur whose serious about quickly and dramatically increasing sales, then no need to look any further. Order right now!

P.P.S. Sure, you could just focus on creating the next great direct response piece. But the cold hard truth is, unless you know how to close sales, you will ALWAYS struggle.

In fact, RIGHT NOW you are LOSING MONEY because you or your sales teams are not closing as many sales as they could. Here’s another sobering thought: Because your closing skills are NOT where they should be, a good portion of the hard earned money you spend on marketing is being WASTED.

Sales Mastery Unleashed will allow you to truly master the #1 skill every business owner and entrepreneur needs to put more money in their pocket. This is the fastest, easiest way to increase your profits without increasing your expenses. So take action right now!

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