Without This…Any Practical Marketing Tricks, Tactics And Techniques You’ll Discover Even From Me Are Useless!

“Discover How You Can Summon A Gigantic Avalanche Of Wealth Almost Overnight By Just Altering The Way You THINK About Money.”

If You’re Serious About Attracting More Wealth And Prosperity, Then You Need To Read This Message.  I Want To Reveal How To Get Rid Of Stress, Anxiety, Frustration, And Uncertainty By Finally Getting You In Sync With The Beliefs Essential For Wealth Attraction.

Dear Renegade Marketer,

What I have to reveal in this letter might make you feel a little uncomfortable. You might even be downright OFFENDED but keep reading.

But that’s OK. This probably isn’t going to be the most enjoyable letter you’ve ever read but it’s CRITICAL you do so for one simple reason:

This Letter Could Reveal A Severe FLAW In Your
Business And Thinking That Needs Fixing…

Right now there are probably “mental blocks” about money and wealth accumulation that could be sabotaging you…right at this moment.

This could include thinking, fears and emotions that are blocking you from attracting more wealth in your life.

You see, 20% of business success is indeed tactical…but 80% is psychological. It’s all about the quality of your psychology–what you think about most of the time that REALLY governs your success.

I’m a big football guy. Do you think guys like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady go into a game thinking, “I’m going to suck big time?”

Heck no. They go into each game with no doubt in their minds they’re going to win. They have the right behaviors and mindset that has ensured their continuous success.

Sure they might have the skill and talent to throw a football. But if their mindset is in the gutter…then they would have NEVER become the elite football players they are.

Listen:  If you have pre-existing fears and beliefs about wealth attraction…it’s like forever putting the breaks on your entrepreneurial career. You’ll always be running uphill regarding your business.

The worst part is you’ll constantly be thinking it’s some marketing trick or tactic that’s holding you back. Some new way to get more traffic to your business or up sell your customers. Or perhaps a new tip that could allow you to convert more leads.

Here’s the truth:  If you don’t get the behaviors and mindset conducive to attracting more wealth into your life, you’ll always be severely HANDICAPPED regarding what you’ll be able to attract into your life.

When you keep reading every single word of this message, you’re going to agree that this is a different type of information that deserves continued thinking on your part.

You will also agree…THAT

IGNORING This Message Could Result In Constantly Spinning Your Wheels In Your Business…And Life.

Here’s the good news:  once you “get” the psychology and mindset of wealth attraction, your stress, struggle, anxiety, frustration and uncertainty will end forever.

You’ll be able to literally materialize money out of thin air…and a multitude of opportunities will come to you.

The influx of cash could be HUGE. You’ll experience a HUGE boost in how you’re able to influence others.

Why? Because the one with the most certainty and confidence will always influence the other in ANY selling situation.

You’ll also experience an accelerated accomplishment of goals. All those things you’ve been “putting off” and procrastinating on will get done immediately.

That’s because this information will give you the correct thinking and emotions that’s CRITICAL when it comes to becoming a renegade entrepreneurs.

Listen:  we are exposed to a LOT of stuff out there. 24-hour news that’s mostly negative. Negative in-laws.   Negative friends. There’s negativity everywhere that could be literally POISONING your mindset–which could be sabotaging your future wealth attraction.

However, when you’re armed with the right tools and strategies and are forced to confront issues you typically never think about…the result is a HUGE game changer for yourself, your family and your legacy.

Best part:  You’ll wind up with a different understanding of what being “entrepreneurial” is all about. It mostly involves escaping the “working for dollars” trap and heads toward “Income Accumulation” that makes money-getting a piece of cake.

Before I go into that, let me talk about:

Why Should You Hear This From Me…A Guy With A Difficult Personality And Whom Many People Deem Offensive?

Bluntly…because I have a lot of things you’d like to have.

You see, when it comes to attracting gobs and gobs and gobs of cash, on my terms, without compromise, I’m a world-class expert.

I have never been to college. I started life without a nickel of inheritance or family financial wherewithal. And if I choose, I need not to work a single day for money.

This is a position of enormous independence. I call it the “income at will” position. It enables me to work when I want to…with whom I want to…without anybody’s permission.

I only work on projects that genuinely interest me…and only if they are in line with my lifestyle preferences.

You see, I recently walked away from over one million dollars of income from one source. I have radically altered my business three times so I can better suit my personal preferences.

Now we might differ greatly in the specifics of our financial objectives, our “enough is enough” number, our ambitions, our lifestyle preferences, but I think you’ll agree:

You WANT The Overall Position That I’ve
Created For Myself: The Unmitigated Independence And “Income At Will” Position I Currently Enjoy Thanks To Being 40 Years In This Biz.

Most of this comes from learning the science of persuading people to buy what I have to offer. But a HUGE part comes from the matrix of thought, belief, philosophy and behavior that makes pursuit of money unnecessary…

…and instead magnetically attracts it.

For the most part I’ve kept this a secret. Like a fisherman who never reveals their favorite fishing spot, I’ve NEVER divulged this information in an actionable format even the “little guy or gal” can follow.

And I have spent comparatively LITTLE time discussing this in my other products, at my seminars, and even in the No B.S. Marketing Letter.

Thanks to my skill of selling via the written word, I have been in great demand by people far richer, otherwise more successful and smarter than me.

I’ve worked closely and, in many cases, continuously with well over 400 entrepreneurs and, as of last year, have collectively produced 1 BILLION dollars worth of revenue thanks to promotions I’ve had a hand in.

In other words, I’ve spent 40 years surrounded by, working with, and hanging out with people who attract and create wealth. I have made it a point to be observant.

Thanks to a combination of observation and my own experience and intense study, I’ve figured out the key core beliefs that MUST be held in order to easily attract as much wealth as possible…

…Not “maybe”…not “sorta”…


And for the first time ever, I decided to hold a 1-day seminar people paid up to $4,000 to attend where I FINALLY revealed these wealth attraction secrets in A-Z format.

The “best of the best” were there to soak up this information. Now for the first time ever you can take home this Seminar, you can listen to and watch at home…and believe me…the price will SHOCK you:

Dan Kennedy’s
Wealth Attraction


Wealth Attraction is the sum total of all my observations, listenings, studies, experiences and use of “wealth attraction know-how” to date.

What I am promising is a very different kind of information that you will wind up agreeing is very important and worthy of a lot of continued thinking on your part.

It will affect you on an emotional…not just a physical level. That’s because you’re going to discover the philosophy, concepts, principles, thinking and emotions involved with money, WEALTH and success.

Without confronting these, most practical strategic advice is useless.

You’ll also discover practical, strategic things to do that’ll expose the vulnerable weaknesses, the ailments that guarantees you’ll NEVER achieve the lifestyle and peace of mind you’d like.  

You’ll discover all this on 3 DVDs, 6 Audio CDs and in a topic booklet that contains all materials used during my presentation that you can use to follow along and jot down ideas.  

Here’s Just SOME OF What You’ll Discover In The
Wealth Attraction Seminar:

•    12 mental and emotional positions that enable and empower your subconscious mind to most readily attract wealth (they don’t teach you this in school…and you more than likely didn’t get this from your parents).

•    How to liberate yourself from the emotion that stands solidly in the way of the attraction of wealth for more people than any other obstacle–this is holding you back more than you know.

•    The fallacy of “redistribution of wealth” as explained by Andrew Carnegie (don’t pay attention to what those liberal wussies have to say about this on television.).

•    Why you must separate money from morality and understanding why so many good, decent hard working people are poor–this could hold you back forever if you’re not careful.

•    Why all those “positive thinking” and “positive expectancy” gurus are LYING to you–sure, thinking positively is important but it’s not going to pad your bank account with cash.

•    The secret 2-step formula taught by Foster Hibbard that’ll automatically create a powerful prosperity consciousness for yourself (this will straighten out your thinking faster than you’ve ever thought possible.).

•    How to reengineer your work environment to support wealth attraction…most people have drab working environments that does nothing but stifle the accumulation of wealth.

•    11 types of “wealth killers” you have to stay away from if you have ANY hopes of success as an entrepreneur (these people will suck the life out of you without you knowing it.).

•    Understanding the secret that makes money move…and nope it has NOTHING to do with skill or talent (there are many talented people out there who are poor.).

•    The 10 reasons one person hands money over to another–these SIMPLE yet critical fundamentals could allow you to get your money back you invest in this course…and MORE.

•    The 4 types of entrepreneurial activities you MUST build into your business that will support wealth attraction (how many of them are in YOUR business?).

•    The big secret of acceleration:  how to speed up the achievement of ANY goal or the attraction of wealth–this is like getting on the superhighway of achievement while everyone else lives a “settle-for” life.

•    The secret to literally SPEAKING wealth into your life…that’s right…entrepreneurs can easily attract large amounts of money if they have a different language than everybody else.

•    My most simplified 2-step explanation for attracting wealth…if you base everything you do on these 2 things your chances of skyrocketing your profits will go through the roof.

•    16 practical strategies for attracting wealth into your life that you’re probably not using right now (just one of these could be HUGE for you.).

•    The most important yet hardly ever mentioned difference between wealthy people and poor people…you HAVE to revise all your business procedures to be on the right side of this distinction.

•    Why you need to escape the “working for dollars” trap and replace it with a more lucrative model for gaining wealth (there are only so many hours in a day.).

•    The #1 math decision every business owner MUST make…and how you can literally explode your business with this simple equation (this is soooo important.).

•    …and a whole LOT more.

If You Don’t Get These Wealth Attraction Strategies Down…You Could Be Constantly Driving With The Emergency Brake On.

Listen…it’s like a football player who wants to do a “West-Coast” style of offense…and his offensive coordinator wants to employ a “3 yards ‘n a cloud of dust” type of offense.

With differing philosophies of coaching, how effective do you think this football player is going to be?  

Not very.

But this is the SAME position you’re probably in right now. Your subconscious is in conflict with your conscious when it comes to wealth building. If you’re making plans, setting goals, giving directives with your subconscious that’s in severe discord, you’re not going to be effective.

There are TONS of books out there that extoll the importance of self image…but very little of them make the connection between this and wealth accumulation.  

When I provide clients with a “marketing game plan” and POWERFUL tools…and there’s “stuff” in their heads about wealth accumulation that’s going to prevent them from benefiting from these tools…it’s like a player unable to run the offensive coordinator’s game plan.

That’s one of the reasons I decided to give this seminar…and record it so I can spread it around.

There’s an amazing potential that exists to lift someone’s income and financial success just by changing their thinking about wealth. Most of my stuff requires people to DO things…like send shock and awe packages and lumpy mail…

But, with what you’ll discover when you take action and claim your copy of Wealth Attraction,

You Can Actually Alter Nothing But The Way You Think
About Money And See A Direct Impact

This is as close to authentic magic as anybody can get. I get a kick out of waking people up to this…watching them materialize money out of thin air without any new marketing “strategies” or “tactics”…

That’s why you need to take action today and claim your copy of Wealth Attraction. Each day that goes by in which you are unnecessarily driving with one foot on the gas and another on the brakes is going to prolong the struggle you’re going through right now.

Why wait any length of time at all to discover opportunities that’ll make the pursuit of your goals easier and less stressful? Where you’ll actually replace “pursuit” with “attraction?”

Earl Nightingale observed that many people seem to hit a time in their lives when they achieve and acquire more in a single year than in a previous decade. They shift into hyper-wealth attraction mode.

Why is this? Because they stopped messing around and decided to get themselves in sync with their beliefs which is required and essentials for wealth attraction.

It’s REALLY fun to get into this “zone”…where money flows…heck FLOODS in. As Maxwell Maltz once said…what was once difficult becomes ridiculously easy.   

Most people don’t do this until later in life…when they’re in their 60’s or 70’s. But I’m giving you a chance to “deprogram” yourself thanks to the Wealth Attraction Seminar. And it’s never too late–Colonial Sanders comes to mind–hitting his stride at 70.

So How Much Is It Worth To You To Remove YEARS
Of False Beliefs, Attitudes, And Personal Behaviors That Could Be Sabotaging Your Success?

Frankly, I should demand $10,000. But as a practical matter, I know only a small number of people will purchase because of this price. But this material is SO powerful…SO game changing that I HAVE to release it at a lower price.

When you take action right now, you’ll be able to claim your copy of Wealth Attraction for ONLY $397.

Listen:  the information you’re going to get in this Wealth Attraction seminar is going to allow you to multiply that investment over and over again…without any new marketing “tips” or tactics.  

I paid just as much for my copy of Earl Nightingale’s “Lead The Field” and the Success Motivation Institute’s “Dynamics Of Personal Achievement”…both used, in 1971.    

Both of these gave me permission to be a little “weird” when it comes to wealth attraction when compared to everybody around me who were barely getting by.  

The truth is this:  everybody else is WRONG when it comes to wealth accumulation. If you’re going to listen to your neighbor, your co-worker, your buddy…you’ve better look at what he’s been able to attract in his/her life.

I achieved my wealth by outworking, out-learning and mostly out-studying everybody else. However, I began to understand there’s an easier way to accomplish this.

That’s what you’ll get in the Wealth Attraction seminar. If the price seems a little “too much” for you, I’d only ask you two questions about what exactly that means…

…and whether or not you’re correct in rejecting this offer.

If You Cannot Afford This Course, Then You
Definitely NEED It. Desperately. Urgently.

There’s nothing the truly successful-minded cannot afford. If the price is going to present a hardship for you, then that’s more evidence you NEED this course.

It indicates there could be a belief or attitude that’s been holding you back from getting more wealth in your life.

The Wealth Attraction Seminar was a “one-time only” event that will NEVER be repeated that covers how to unlock the profits that already reside in you.

In fact, I’m going to be extra generous and give you 60-days to make that money back thanks to GKIC’s 60-day money back guarantee.

You have 2 full months to examine everything, use what you wish, and if for any reason or even no reason at all, you want a full refund, just return everything and you’ll get your money back immediately. NO questions asked.

You do not need a “my dog ate my homework” story. No questions, no hassle, no fine print. Incidentally, we are devoted to helping small businesses, and working with satisfied customers. If you are not going to profit from the system, we would prefer to buy it back.

You WILL get value and increased income and CERTAINTY with Wealth Attraction. Or you don’t have to pay.  It’s that pure and simple.

Special Limited-Time
Webdeal-Only Bonus (Worth $297):

Released For The First
Time EVER As A Free Bonus

“My ‘Source Code” Action Guides For Attracting More Wealth And Abundance Into Your Life…”

 “Discover 29 Strategies For Rapidly Transforming Your Business, Getting Rich, And Living A Life Of Freedom…”

What I have to share with you is not for the timid or the faint of heart. It could go against deeply cemented beliefs you have about wealth, money, prosperity, business success, and its sources.

That’s because I’m going to reveal how to better align yourself with the natural forces of money so you can make money more to you easier than ever before.

I’m also going to show you practical business strategies and applications of these Forces so you can make yourself more magnetic and attractive to your target audience.

Best part: I’ve done it in 2 “quick look” action guides it will only take you 10 minutes to peruse…yet it could unearth an obstacle course of attitudinal, emotional and behavioral barriers that are holding you back from success.

These 2 Action Step guides are straight from my “Source Code To Business Success And Advanced Wealth Attraction” course that’s $1997 on our website.

The course covers all 29 “wealth triggers” in expansive detail, but–when you take action today–I’m going to give you 2 action guides that give you these 29 triggers in “Cliff Notes” format so you can take action in your business today.

You’ll be asked provocative questions about your business and live in context of these 29 wealth triggers so you’ll be able to decode areas you’re doing great at…and areas where you need improvement.

You’ll immediately recognize “money obstacles” that are getting in your way and immediately correct them—which would be more powerful than adding any new strategies, products, etc.d

You’ll also discover business strategies that’ll make everything you say or do to be more magnetic to the people you want to attract and receive money from.   It’s almost certain that you’ll obtain many “a-ha” moments and “writer downers” from this bonus that’ll make this investment worthwhile.

You’ll forever KICK yourself if you miss this weekend’s webdeal…

a chance to be exposed to provocative questions about wealth, and even be privy to magical, “secret powers” of wealth that can be unleashed at will.

So take action and invest today!

Your Chance To Get The 2 Action Guides That Reveal The 29 Secrets For Rapidly Transforming Your Business, For FREE Via Online Access Disappears Immediately On Monday, May 16th At Midnight CST.

So Take Action Right Now To Get
This “Must-Have” Bonus Worth $297!

Let My 40+ Years Of Attracting A Seven-Figure
Income/Year Effortlessly Guide You Toward More Wealth And Prosperity For Yourself.

Working hard and constantly chasing profits is a loser’s game. Sure you can do very well just “working hard”…but when you get yourself in sync with the beliefs required and essential for wealth attraction…you could achieve gigantic financial breakthroughs almost overnight.

Maybe you had parents who were stingy about money. “Who do you think we are, Donald Trump or The Rockefellers?” is a common retort when kids ask their parents if they can buy something or go on a vacation.

Or maybe you have tried to accumulate wealth through your business but are constantly struggling…your net worth stagnant when compared to the progression of time.

The good news is these wealth secrets can be copied and pasted by ANYONE.

I, myself, am qualified for a minimum wage job…yet I’ve been making 7 figures per year for many years, thanks to being able to quickly switch to “hyper-wealth attraction mode” in an instant.

So you don’t need any special “talent” or skills to implement these secrets.

This is stuff they don’t teach in any school, or in any University…The only way you can get this is if a millionaire personally mentored you and taught you these secrets.

There were 22 people at that seminar who could have stood up and taught this themselves. These are people who are worth millions and earn a sizable income on their own terms. And they even bought the DVDs & audio CDs of this seminar themselves.

Why? Because these millionaires KNOW there’s a direct link between their thinking and behavior and their success.

If you “get it”…you know what I’m talking about. So claim your copy of Wealth Attraction right now…while it’s still fresh on your mind.

Yes Dan. I Want To Forever END The Beliefs, Attitudes, And Habits That Could Be SABOTAGING Me From Accumulating Wealth!

  • I realize I can have all the marketing tactics in the world, but if I don’t have the wealth mindset and behaviors that are consistent with millionaires and multi-millionaires then I will be FOREVER handicapped when it comes to attracting more wealth in my life.
  • I know that you have 40+ years of experience under your belt and have observed millionaires and multi-millionaires your entire life. I know you have what I want: income at will, autonomy, stability and independence and I want to discover the wealth beliefs and behaviors that allow me to attract wealth with speed and alacrity.
  • I know that I could get my money back over and over again when I’m able to align my thoughts and beliefs so they’re in sync with what’s needed to attract wealth into my life. The small amount I pay for this course could come back to me over and over again when I master the wealth-building mindset necessary for success.
  • And I know I’m covered by your generous 60-Day Guarantee where I can return these materials without any questions asked. And I have  60-Days to do so…which means there’s no way I can make a mistake. I either profit from this course or I don’t pay.

Yes Dan, I’m ready!  Please send me my big box containing the DVDs, audio CDs and Topic booklet with ALL materials that were presented at that 1-day seminar…right now, while it’s still hot on my mind.

Dan Kennedy’s:

 “Wealth Attraction System”
ONLY $397


Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,

 Dan's signature_Black
Dan Kennedy

P.S.  There are 14 major myths about money and success that could be shunting your attraction of it. Identifying which of these 14 myths could be shunting you from future wealth accumulation and deliberately freeing yourself from them could lead to instantaneous, gigantic breakthroughs in financial success…

…and ignoring them could forever handicap you.

Don’t let this happen…take action right now and claim your copy of Wealth Attraction right now…while it’s still fresh on your mind.

P.P.S. Chances are, the words you’re using every day when talking to friends, co-workers, clients, customers, patients, your spouse, etc. etc. could be undermining your attempt at wealth accumulation without you knowing it.   

Words you use everyday have a HUGE effect on your subconscious…so you can either condition yourself for more wealth and prosperity by discovering the vocabulary and language of Wealth Attraction—or you can keep obstructing yourself from more money, wealth and success. The choice is yours…order now!

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