Attention Frustrated And Overworked Business Owner:

“Get ALL the Tools, Resources, and Guidance You Need to Acquire New Customers, Clients or Patients, Increase Their Lifetime Value, Generate More Referrals, Re-Activate Lost Customers and Put More Money in Your Pocket…Starting IMMEDIATELY.”

This Is The ONLY All-Encompassing Marketing System You Can Simply Hand Off To Your Staff If You Choose…So You Can Sit Back And Collect The Profits Without All The “Hard Work.”

Best Part: You’ll Get A COMPLETE 12-Month Marketing Calendar – Along With Everything You Need To Put Every Component Into Action So You Can Make 2016 Your “Breakout” Year To Make The Money You Want And Achieve The Freedom You Deserve.


Dear Renegade Marketer,

If you’re tired of the income roller-coaster and are frustrated with too much to do…but not enough time to do it, then this message will cut to the chase and give you the answers you’re looking for.

Because we’re going to officially take one more thing off your plate that you’re probably ignoring or performing badly…

…and that’s prospecting for new customers, clients or patients, and keeping in touch with the customers you have now.

I know that marketing your business and keeping in touch with your existing customers is a painful affair—something you avoid unless you’re running short on customers, clients or patients.

And when you DO market your business, you’re probably using the same ol’ boring strategies that everybody else is using—leaving you with a disappointing return on your investment and the feeling that you just flushed money down the drain.

Oh, and by the way…

It’s NOT Enough To Make The Phone Ring And Have More People Come To Your Website

You have to be able to take the customers, clients and patients you get and stimulate referrals on a consistent basis. You also have to create cash windfalls in a systematic way…thus increasing the value of your herd.

Because, think about it. You’ve spent a lot of money and a lot of time attracting customers, clients or patients to your business. The last thing you want to do is “drop the ball” by ignoring them and causing them to go to another competitor.

Yet, not keeping in touch with customers is the #1 reason why customers, clients or patients forget about you…and run off to a competitor…

…NOT because your product or service was subpar.

You just ignored them because you didn’t have a System in place you can simply “plug in” and have a bulk of your marketing already done for you.

We want to give you a systematic, repeatable method for:

• Increasing the lifetime value of your customers, clients or patients

• Turning these new customers into “raving fans” so they’ll refer more of their family and friends to you

• Putting more money into your pocket at will…not through a haphazard “wait and see what happens” approach.

• Creating cash windfalls in a systematic way through short 3-4 day “cash surge campaigns”…stuff you’re probably overlooking right now in your business.

Now I’m sure all of this seems overwhelming and you’re wondering when you’re going to have time to implement all of this stuff.

It’s hard enough to get prospects to your brick and mortar business or website and you’re already wearing tons of hats in your business as it is…

Well, guess what, you’re in luck because:

You’ll Be Able To Take This System, Give It To A Staff Member Or Virtual Assistant, And Tell Them To “Go Do It”…

Sure you can do all of this yourself. But this System is set-up so that you can easily outsource all of this material thanks to the tools, resources and guidance you’ll get as part of this Package.

That’s right…you can finally stop being the “bottleneck” in your business when it comes to marketing and advertising your business—too busy working your core competency that you forget or “put off” critical internal and external marketing campaigns to keep the pipeline full.

And your staff will LOVE you because they’ll be following an orderly, repeatable system for marketing your business—instead of the haphazard approach you’re probably using right now that’s generating dysfunction in your business…and with your staff.

You just give them the 12-month marketing calendar as part of this System, all the tools, and all the resources and just tell them to go do it…leaving you to perform other moneymaking tasks in your business.

Imagine waking up every morning knowing exactly how many customers, clients or patients you’re going to deal with the next month…even the next 6 months.

And think about what it feels like having your pipeline full with your ideal customers, clients or patients…and how many worries it will help you absolve…

…Like wondering if you’re going to be in business the next 1-2 years. Whether you’ll have enough customers to keep the lights on in your office next month.

And whether you’ll have to make compromises in what your family can do regarding vacations, things to buy, upgrades to your home, where you can send your kids to college, etc.

Because stress and strife in a business also causes stress on the family. You may be projecting your business worries on your family without you knowing it…so having a strong, prosperous business thanks to this System will also lead to a strong family life.

You’ll also be mentally present with your kids and spouse when you’re with them at the park, going to the movies, etc…instead of being distracted by money and business problems.

We want to give you an escape from the “hum-drum” business life…and usher in a life of prosperity, possibilities and certainty that’ll allow you to leave a legacy for you and your family:

“Your Marketing Department In A Box”


The ONLY Complete Soup-To-Nuts Program with ALL the Tools, Resources, and Guidance You Need to Acquire New Customers, Clients or Patients, Increase Their Lifetime Value, Generate More Referrals, Re-activate Lost Customers and Put More Money in Your Pocket – Starting IMMEDIATELY.

Your Marketing Department In A Box is going to empower you to create your own marketing materials without outside help. You’ll get all the tools, resources, and guidance you need to summon a surge of customers, clients or patients to your business so you can absolve most of your business worries.

But that’s not all. We’re also going to give you systems for increasing their lifetime customer’s value, stimulating referrals and reactivating lost customers—things you’re probably ignoring in your business right now.

So if all your marketing has been focused on getting more customers to your website or storefront, then it’s not your fault. That’s what most programs teach you.

This all-encompassing program ALSO gives you systems for putting more money in your pocket by telling you what to do with your existing customers—where the REAL money’s at.

Here Are The Tools You’ll Get That Are Probably Missing From Your Existing Marketing Plan:

A 12-Month Marketing & Implementation Calendar complete with action items and dates for the entire year. This is truly “money” because you’ll be able to know what to do, when to do it without scratching your head wondering what to do next. You can do this yourself…or you can give this calendar to a staff member and tell them to go do it.

Monthly Lead Generation Postcards – These aren’t your Dad’s postcards…these are Oversized, themed, and ready to use to drive home killer offers each and every month of the year. When your prospects get these postcards in the mail, there’s no way they’ll be able to miss ‘em. This is how you’ll stand out from your competition.

Monthly “Personal Success Nuggets” newsletter postcards to easily and inexpensively stay in touch with customers and leads. Chances are, you’re not staying in touch with your customers, as you should. These newsletter postcards take the pressure off you to come up with a 4-8 page newsletter every month…you’ll be done in 1 hour tops.

Monthly E-letters…customizable, professionally designed email HTML newsletters ready to use for your monthly e-newsletters. This will make your emails stand out among the pack—you only have to fill in two blanks and you’re done.

Quarterly (4) Cash Flow Surge Promotions …all themed and good to go to generate massive profits whenever you want. No more trying to figure out what type of promo to run during a weekend or a holiday—just “follow directions” and use what’s already been tested to work.

A Bi-Yearly Lost Customer Reactivation Campaign so you don’t need to worry about bringing back past customers who’ve left for whatever reason. This campaign could allow you to get your investment back in this course by itself.

A Customer Referral Campaign to be used weekly to get new customers to tell their friends and expand your business’s reach practically on autopilot. This is how you build your personal “referral army” that’ll flood your business with customers, clients or patients who are already pre-disposed to do business with you because they come recommended by a family or friend.

Three (3) Additional Monthly Campaigns three full campaigns (oversized lead generation postcards, “personal success nuggets” newsletter postcards & E-letters) you can use should you want something different from our standard set.

Facebook Fast-Track Training – Chances are, you’re not using this powerhouse media giant as effectively as you should…if at all. Or you’re using it and your ROI is struggling. This training will give you an “unfair advantage” in your marketplace that’ll allow you to siphon leads like crazy.

Ultimate Magnetic Offer Generator…with this online tool you’ll be able to easily create powerful offers with a few clicks of a button. This will allow you to shortcut a lot of trial and error trying to get my offer right (Why reinvent the wheel when you can use what already works?)

PLUS… we’ve included a USB thumb drive to hold editable versions of everything – easy to customize and use.

But We’re Not Just Going To Give You A Big Box O’ Stuff And Let You “Figure It Out” For Yourself

You’ll also get personal attention and a straighter path to business success by keeping you connected with like minds and mentors that’ll accelerate your business faster than you ever could yourself.

Nobody likes to be a “lone ranger”…so you’ll get the following when you take action and invest in Your Marketing Department In A Box today:

Four (4) Implementation Coaching Sessions each week for four weeks you’ll receive in the mail Coaching CDs and Transcriptions covering how to plan out the next 12 months, customize all the documents together, and much more.

One-Year Access To “Your Marketing Department In A Box” Group where I can collaborate with other members and get social media marketing updates when they happen. You’ll be a part of a community of like-minded individuals who know GKIC-style marketing. Who knows, this could lead to more clients, customers, joint venture partners and opportunities you would have otherwise missed out on.

Can You Attach A Price Tag To More Control, Freedom And Bottom-Line Profits?

Sure, you can try to piecemeal all of these marketing tools together by hiring a bunch of copywriters, going to seminars, buying different courses, and “hoping and praying” you put all the pieces together.

But why try to replicate all of this yourself when you can simply invest to use them in your business?

We’re saving you TONS of time, money and frustration here. If you stop and think about it, hiring a copywriter to create 12 postcards could cost you $5,000-$10,000 all by itself. And it takes the average copywriter about a MONTH to get it done.

So when you invest in Your Marketing Department In A Box you’re essentially buying SPEED. Speed in the sense that you don’t have to test what works and what doesn’t…you just take all of our materials and implement them into your business.

We’ve already done the trial and error for you.

You’re also buying piece of mind knowing that a lot of the “grunt work” of marketing your business, creating referral campaigns, and keeping in touch with your customers, clients or patients is already taken care of.

All you need to do is “fill in the blanks” and customize the documents…send the pieces out according to the 12-Month Marketing And Implementation calendar, and you’re done with it.

No more guessing what to do next to summon a surge of cash in your business. Just follow directions according to the 12-month marketing calendar and forever FREE yourself from the chore of marketing your business, when to do it, what to do, and how to do it…

All of this is worth easily $100,000 considering the cost of putting these tools together yourself by someone that’s knowledgeable in direct response marketing—not general, wasteful “brand” advertising that’s being touted by most marketing “experts” out there…including your local marketing ad rep.

But when you take action today, you don’t have to pay $100,000. You won’t have to pay $10,000…a fraction of what it takes to hire an actual marketing department to execute this marketing campaign for you.

When you take action right now while this page is still up, you’ll get ALL the tools, resources, and guidance that would cost THOUSANDS all by itself …for only $2,497. We’ll also let you in for 3 easy monthly payments of $865.66 ($2,597 Total).

And Don’t Forget if you invest by TONIGHT at midnight we are Including This Special BONUS!

Special Bonus: As a Special Bonus for investing in “Your Marketing Department In A Box”, I’ll Receive Free Access to “Modern Traffic School” program. (A $497 value)

This school features six experts Pat Flynn, Mike Stewart. Craig Simpson, Jermaine Griggs, and Jeff Johnson. They will show you how to build your list…AND each includes an action checklist of exactly what you need to do. This is HOT up-to-the minute information from today’s lead generation pros who will show you how to generate customers on demand.

It Will Require As Little As 1% Boost In Your Income In One Year To Recoup Your Investment

That’s if you’re earning a $250,000 yearly income…and, if you’re earning $100,000…you’ll need a mere 2.5% to recoup your investment.

Can you honestly conceive of not getting your investment back when you just implement one of the tools that are listed as part of Your Marketing Department In A Box?

Heck, just implementing the Lost Customer Reactivation Campaign as part of this System is enough to get a measly 1-2-3% income increase all by itself.

In fact, in most businesses, you’ll need only 1 extra customer, client or patient you wouldn’t have otherwise attracted to recoup this investment—when you consider how many times they’ll come back to you again and again and refer others to you when you implement this System.

Put it in this perspective, what we’re charging here is a trivial fee. Trivial because you’ll more than likely get 100-1000x your investment back by implementing these marketing tools—something that, if you’re honest with yourself, you’re not implementing into your business.

Best part: you have nothing to lose because you’re backed up by…

Our Kick Butt, 100% No
Risk Money-Back Guarantee:

Join the program. Receive the implementation coaching sessions with Dave. Take the program for a test drive and make money.

If after 30-days, you don’t feel this program is an exceptional value or feel this won’t work for you (for ANY reason) you can simply ask for full, no hassle refund.

So there’s no way you can “mess up” or make a mistake.

I don’t mean to be blunt, but:

If You Pass This Up, You’ll Keep Making These Mistakes That KILLS Most Businesses:

You won’t be in touch with your customers. The #1 thing that ruins businesses is apathy…and not having a repeatable “plug and play” system that makes keeping in touch with customers automatic will allow this to fall through the cracks.

You’re not going to be able to stand out amidst the competition. Not having a unique system that allows you to get the word out about your business will make you either “disappear” into the crowd, or you’ll use the same marketing that “everybody else” uses.

You’re not going to be able to communicate marketing value propositions in a compelling fashion. Hate to say it, but most marketing is boooo…ring. We live in an entertainment culture, so if you’re not making your market entertaining, you’re just disappearing amidst the noise.

You’re not going to be able to create killer offers at will. You need to be creating killer offers that your target market finds irresistible. We’re not just talking about high-ticket offers, but also lead generation offers too. And you need to craft these offers (title, contents, etc…) in a compelling fashion.

You’re going to forever be a bottleneck in your business. I know you’re wearing as many hats as possible in your business, and you’re probably relegating marketing your business to “emergency” situations…like when you run out of customers, clients or patients, or when you have time. Not having this System is going to leave you “high and dry” when the pipeline someday runs out.

Don’t let this happen to you. We’ve taken all the guesswork, the “figuring out” and the planning of how to market your business—so you can focus more on your core competency…the “thing” you like to do.

So If You Need The Following:

• More free time
• Less stress
• Less strife in your business
• Better quality customers, clients or patient
• More control in your business

And your family needs you to have:

• More free time with the kids
• More time for vacations
• Less business worries so you can be mentally present with them

Then invest in Your Marketing Department In A Box today.

You see, many people come to the end of their lives with regrets…not so much what they did, but what they didn’t do. Opportunities that came about but didn’t get investigated or acted upon.

This is one of those opportunities. The opportunity to finally have a bulk of your marketing already done for you so you can focus on being a doctor, lawyer, chiropractor…doing what you love…

…The opportunity to finally “hand off” a bulk of your marketing to a staff member or virtual assistant and never have to worry where the next customer, client or patient is going to come from.

Taking action by investing in Your Marketing Department In A Box, implementing some of the tools, and taking the system for a test drive thanks to the Guarantee won’t lead to a lifetime of regret.

But passing this up might.

So take action and invest in Your Marketing Department In A Box today and receive your special bonus “Modern Traffic School” – if you invest by TONIGHT at midnight – yours to keep no matter what!

Get ready for more customers, clients or patients, more money in your pocket and less stress and strife in your business. And get ready to get the “Marketing” part of of your business checked off of your To-Do list.

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,

Dan's signature_Black

Dan Kennedy, GKIC

P.S. You may feel the temptation to “get creative” with the tools, resources and guidance you’ll discover when you take action and invest in Your Marketing Department In A Box. But I recommend just letting the System do the work and simply follow directions.

Your Marketing Department In A Box is designed to be simply “handed off” to a staff member to implement. Or you can do it yourself, if you choose. Either way, this System is going to help you flip the switch of marketing your business from “difficult” to “easy.”

Like Nike says…”Just Do It” and finally focus on other areas of your business now that the marketing part is covered. Take action today.

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