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  • You get the courses listed below available all at once, delivered to your iPad. It’s the most comprehensive education in business and marketing principles available anywhere
  • This represents huge savings for anyone interested in gaining access to the vast GKIC / Dan Kennedy library of business building resources. Not only will you save money, you save all the time necessary to order them one after another after another…You get access to everything via our online order form 24/7
  • Includes audio, video, manuals, transcriptions, etc. – everything included in all GKIC products! Plus, you’ll receive new content every month with downloads of the Gold and Diamond newsletters
  • Saves space: you won’t need to add a new wing to the library because everything fits on your iPad
  • Insanely portable and always at your fingertips – if you have room for your iPad, you can access GKIC anywhere, any time
  • Suitable for any business of any size, serving any market – almost any question you could possibly ever have regarding business operations, marketing, advertising, copywriting, events, and closing the sale is in here
  • NOT a subscription, a LIFETIME ownership – you’ll own this incredible toolset for as long as you live
  • Powerful new technology makes accessing, using, and profiting from this library easier, faster, and more affordable than ever before


Latest Version Updates
  • Highlight, take notes, and bookmark specific pages in text documents so you can easily find and retrieve the most relevant information to you
  • Watch program videos while keeping text documents open simultaneously, enabling you to easily watch video and follow along in the associated exhibits
  • Powerful new search features enable you to pinpoint and access information quickly and efficiently
  • Easily and quickly print out the transcripts, exhibits and handouts to take notes on and review in detail
  • Brand new courses

Available Courses

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