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An Entire INFO-SUMMITSM Dedicated To The Purpose Of YOU
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2015 Info-SUMMITSM

If you have an Existing Business that needs a reinvention or reinvigoration, or you have a Successful Business that should be replicated, multiplied, "packaged" and leveraged, this is THE place to be.

If you could use a 2nd Extra Income "moonlighting" from your job, career or profession, converting your knowledge or interests into cash, this is THE place to be.

If you are an established info-marketer, this is THE place you MUST be to put into question and update your every method, to hear from the foremost "prospectors" and get their reports from the furthest frontiers (and most profitable opportunities).

Go through this Invitation Portfolio carefully and thoroughly. You'll be amazed at the High-Caliber of the entrepreneurs, marketers and leaders of this field we've assembled for you, all in one place, at one time. You'll see, this is THE place you must be! Saddle up ‘n ride; there's GOLD in them there hills! See ya in Denver!

Our Feature Celebrity Entrepreneur

Rick Cesari

Rick Cesari

Marketing Lessons Learned While Helping To Build SIX Different $100-MILLION Direct Marketing Companies And Super-Brands

Appearing at the GKIC Info-SummitSM for the very first time, RICK CESARI is a legendary direct marketing pioneer, the mastermind behind OXI CLEAN.....GEORGE FOREMAN GRILL... SONICARE... THE JUICEMAN... and other built-from-scratch Super-Brands. Everybody knows these products – now you'll know their True Life Stories. CESARI DIRECT is now one of the most respected agencies specializing in brand building by direct response, with current clients including the GO PRO cameras (a company that recently went public) and OXI CLEAN.

CESARI has an unmatched reputation for taking businesses from small to epic at blinding speed. THE JUICEMAN went from less than a million in revenue in 1989 to $75-MILLION in 1991. GoPro was doing less than $1million when they signed with Cesari's agency; in just 5 years, sales topped $500 MILLION.

Rick is a master of BUY NOW Sales Psychology, his skills honed sharp in DRTV – short form commercials and infomercials, now also moved to online media. He has served as a Director of the Electronic Retailing Association, and is the co-author of the bestselling book 'BUY NOW: CREATIVE MARKETING THAT GETS CUSTOMERS TO RESPOND TO YOU AND YOUR PRODUCT '.

Whether you dream of taking your ideas, products or small company to such sales heights that Wall Street bows at your feet....OR creating personal or product brand dominance in your market, so "EVERYBODY knows your name"....or you just seek tried 'n true or new techniques for commandeering attention in a fragmented-media, attention-deficit-disordered world --- RICK CESARI has $600-MILLION WORTH OF ADVICE FOR YOU!

Where Do The Big Marketing Breakthroughs Come From?
Moving a Proven Winner From One Sales Venue to Another

...brought a product called Quick 'n Brite off the county fair circuit and into homes through an infomercial – created direct sales of over $15 million in 8 months...

The Best Products "Perform" and Solve a (Created) Problem

My approach has always been to focus on the benefits of the product. One way to accomplish this is through a problem-solution scenario... (the problem is in the question)

Want to be healthier and live longer? Drink fresh juice! (Juiceman)

Want to cook a hamburger to perfection in half the time? Get a George Foreman Grill!

Want to get grass stains out of kids' jeans? Use OxiClean!

LEAD GENERATION, LIST-BUILDING DIRECT SELLING the end of the segment (on the talk show), Jay Kordich told viewers that he would send them free recipes if they would send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to our office. That single appearance generated more than 15,000 letters requesting the free juice recipes. That one event helped sell more than 100 juice machines, generating more than $30,000.00 in sales. We were on our way!...our short-term strategy was to book Jay on as many talk shows as we could, using the 'free recipe' offer to generate as much interest as possible...

...the system worked like this in those days: the two of us would arrive in a city... Jay would do media and announce our free seminar. At these seminars, there was the demonstration, putting the machine through its paces. This morphed into our first infomercial. The infomercial worked great for promoting seminars as well as for direct sales. In a city like Los Angeles, we'd schedule seminars at five different locations over a week. At times, we even did two a day. Altogether, we sold almost 2,000 units over the course of a single week in Los Angeles.

In 1989, we did $500,000.00 in sales. 1990: $6-million. 1991: $30-million. 1992: $75-million.

Rick Cesari's Book 'Buy Now'

Optiva's product was a $150 toothbrush called Sonicare. Customers were used to paying between $5 and $7 for the most expensive toothbrushes on the market. A few electric toothbrushes crossed the $75 mark, but Sonicare had to sell for twice that...

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Three Session Special

(While Most Are Suffering By Them and May Be Destroyed By Them)

THE EXPERT: Specifically relevant to this "Trends Report & Forecast & Strategy Mandates," Dan Kennedy has been at the forefront of identifying, profiting from and predicting the most dynamic changes, opportunities, threats, cultural phenomena and "best markets" in information-marketing for 40 years. He has invented, adapted or popularized "The Way It Is Done" with info-products, events, coaching programs, catalogs, mail, TV and online media, and he has foreseen and advised those who would listen, of the periodically required reinvention.

THE INFORMATION: Nine Critical Trends requiring proactive, agile and creative changes in the Who, What, Why, Where & How of your business. These trends cover Media, Market Conditions, Consumer Attitudes, Social Culture, Product Content, Subject Matter and Formats... THREATS like Media Disruption... OPPORTUNITIES like Superior Place Strategy. This is a visionary look forward, a deepthinking analysis of the present, a psychology-based AND math-based, fact-based approach... to making YOUR info-biz "The Info-Biz Of The Future." Plus: The WORST & MOST DANGEROUS MISTAKES many info-marketers are making in response to these trends.

ALSO: How To Profit From MASTERMIND GROUPS (and other Top-Of-Pyramid Opportunities). Dan popularized the small, premium-fee mastermind group in info-marketing, with countless niche leaders copying his formats originally used for his and then Glazer-Kennedy's Gold-VIP (Mixed Business Type), Platinum and Titanium Groups, as well as specialty, one-time-only masterminds, like his most recently held Wealth Academy Alumni Meeting @ Disney – an under utilized opportunity to add $100K to $500K to even a small info-biz. He currently leads GKIC's Titanium Mastermind for Info-Marketers with $1Million to $30Million Businesses. In this Info-SummitSM session: (1) True Understanding of 'The Mastermind Concept,' Applied To Selling AND Leading These Groups; (2) Why People Join & Stay. (3) Why 'Top of Pyramid' Offerings To Customers Are Vitally Important & How To Profit "At The Top."

How to create a 6-figure micro-launch (at Will)

THE EXPERT: Dave has a long, storied track record in info-marketing, beginning in the small business niche of magicians. He was actually one of the earliest, most successful users of online and integrated offline-online marketing in this industry. At GKIC, he has directed successful 6-figure micro-launches (internal; from house lists; without affiliates) one after another after another. Even Disney has misses – like "John Carter From Mars," but Dave has yet to miss with these cash flow surges, dormant customer invigoration, special-topic promotions.

THE INFORMATION: The step-by-step, behind the scenes ANATOMY OF A 6-FIGURE PROMOTION incorporating email,direct mail, web site(s), webcasts and tele-seminars. This is a powerful formula+format for: Launching a new product or service to your present customers Pre-selling a product to be developed (ie.: internal crowdfunding) Selling a new coaching program or mastermind group Efficiently creating new content/product at same time as selling it •Resuscitate and monetize past, inactive customers Monetize accumulated, unconverted leads

ALSO: Where do you get and how do you keep coming up with "hot" ideas and titles and themes for new products for micro-launches? How do you raid your vault of content and past products and event recordings to support new products for micro-launches? GO INSIDE THE GKIC PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT "MACHINE."

Joe Polish


Former Carpet Cleaner Who Made the Miraculous Transformation into a Multi-Millionaire Information Marketer, Motivational Speaker and Best-Selling Author

GKIC is proud to welcome Joe Polish as a guest speaker. He is making a return appearance at Info-SUMMIT after a long absence.

A little over 20 years ago Joe had his own carpet cleaning business — and he was struggling. Desperate, practically broke and down on his luck, he had a heart-to-heart talk with himself.

With a little motivation, inspiration and direction he began putting his immense marketing skills to work. Today he is recognized as one of the "best and brightest" in the information marketing arena, a highly sought after motivational speaker and best-selling author.

He is the founder of the Genius Network (also known as the 25k Group) and Piranha Marketing, Inc. Some of his better known contributions include 10xTalk and I Love Marketing, two very popular podcasts on iTunes.

His marketing expertise and keen insights into the minds and wallets of consumers has helped to build thousands of entrepreneurial businesses. Joe has generated literally hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients, which range from Fortune 500 international corporations to small, family-owned operations.

Today Joe continues to develop and fine tune his Genius Network, which teaches best practice sales and marketing strategies for high-achievement small business owners. He has also helped raise over $3 million and counting for Sir Richard Branson's Foundation, Virgin Unite, to fund entrepreneurial schools and humanitarian programs.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, Joe's knowledge and words of wisdom will inspire you to reach for the next level in information marketing. Don't miss his compelling presentation at Info-SUMMIT 2015 in Denver.

Matt Furey
'FAILURE FORCES' HOLDING YOU BACK: How To Unleash & Achieve Your Full Potential In The Info-Marketing Business, For Personal Gain and Acclaim, and for the Good of the World

MATT FUREY IS A TRUE INFO-MARKETING LEGEND. Starting with one book – COMBAT CONDITIONING – Matt has built a publishing empire in the fields of health, fitness, extreme fitness, martial arts and anti-aging. He has appeared on covers and been the cover story for Grappling, Inside Kung Fu, Karate Illustrated, Gladiator and Martial Arts Illustrated – every leading magazine in this field of interest! His fascination with wrestling began at age 8, and he achieved numerous championships throughout high school and college, and, at the University of Iowa, he wrestled for Olympic Gold medalist, Dan Gable. Matt uncovered the profound physical, mental and philosophical links martial arts had with wrestling, and presented that in his very first book and video series titled The Martial Art of Wrestling, in 1996. In that same year he began personally competing in the ancient Chinese grappling art of Shuai-Chiao, the oldest style of kung fu, and won three national titles.

Combat Conditioning

His book Combat Conditioning broadened Matt's appeal and target audience, and provided the fuel for a fast-growing, multi-million dollar publishing, seminar, coaching and consulting business. His is a 'sub-culture info-business,' centered around interests and passions, not based in any particular business niche, and it is certainly one of the most successful of such businesses created and led by a solo entrepreneur. Matt is not only an impressively successful info-preneur, but also a crusader against child and adult obesity and poor physical health and fitness.

Matt was also chosen by Dan Kennedy as his successor, to acquire The Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation and all rights to the famous Dr. Maxwell Maltz intellectual properties, and is dedicated to preserving and promulgating the teachings of Dr. Maltz for future generations. Matt is also the author of his own works in self-improvement, including Magnetic Mind Power and 101 Ways To Magnetize Money.

Matt has successfully utilized print media, direct-mail and online media in marketing a variety of books, courses, newsletters, seminars and coaching programs, spanning more than 15 years. He has strong, sometimes controversial opinions about online media and marketing, and is a clear, blunt, often heretical voice; a man standing apart from the majority in this field. You will be made to question beliefs and business practices of your own by this one-of-a-kind iconoclast.

He is a Larger Than Life "Super-Hero" of this industry. It is possible to be offended by his style or to question his methods, but you cannot deny his amazing accomplishments! He has achieved the Info-Marketer's Ideal Lifestyle, with highly automated, auto-pilot businesses, a kingly income, and ample time for his family and outside interests. He divides his time between homes in Tampa, Florida and Hainan Island, China.

Matt Furey very, very, very rarely accepts any speaking engagements, and last appeared at the Info-SUMMITSM in 2006, where he was an all-time hit. Don't miss this opportunity to meet, see and hear from a true champion of this business!

Roxanne Emmerich


How To Build A Predictable Revenue Model Info-Business

THE EXPERT: TITANIUM MEMBER Roxanne Emmerich is THE info-marketer in the banking industry, and has provided info-products, staff training, coaching and CEO consulting to over 50% of the nation's top 1% performing financial institutions. Her focus is on "the entrepreneurial banker." She publishes EXTRAORDINARY BANKER MAGAZINE, hosts recurring conferences attended by hundreds of bank executives each year, and dominates this B2B niche in virtually every way. She has also been inducted into the National Speaker Hall of Fame, awarded Philanthropist of the Year by the National Speakers Association, served as a key advisor to her home state's Governor, and is a 3-time Entrepreneur of the Year.

Her books have appeared on New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week and Amazon bestseller lists. Her background is entrepreneurial, beginning at age 21, as the first female commercial lending sales representative in an organization of 400; she later started one of the fastest-to-profit community banks, ever. As an info-marketer, she has developed and continues to grow a classically structured, very complete business incorporating speaking, seminars, coaching programs, on-site training, and publishing.

THE INFORMATION: Tired of having to create the next "launch", the "next new shiny object", the "next big thing"....worried about being dependent on affiliates...looking for certainty in an uncertain world? Roxanne will show you a Predictable Revenue Model that has, for over a decade, guaranteed a certain net profit from steady, saleable flagship products, repeated seminars, and training and coaching programs...begun with a single $7.95 product, grown to an integrated product line, and continuity programs selling for $5,000.00 A MONTH and up, with 3-year agreements, but typical retention of twice that.

Brittany Lynch

How To Develop A 6-Figure to 7-Figure "Ideal Lifestyle" Online Business

THE EXPERT: Since exiting her position at Google, collaborating with Fortune 500 companies on AdWords campaigns, Brittany has built her own Multi-Million Dollar information-marketing businesses, and most recently launched her most ambitious project ever,, evolving as a social marketplace and resources portal. She has extensive experience with Crowd Funding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. Her passion is helping people design and achieve their Ideal Lifestyle. Brittany is famous within GKIC, and is returning to this year's Info-SummitSM by popular demand, reporting on her latest entrepreneurial adventures and discoveries.

THE INFORMATION: How to build and adapt social graphs and avatar profiles that are organized around your interest, philosophy and expertise, to attract people (customers) with a high degree of affinity with you....via the new methodology of "Social (Media) Discovery."

At the micro-level: •How to create opt-in pages that get "BUY NOW!" conversion rates of 70% to 80%... •How to be laser-targeted in assembling your audience...and •How to design follow-up sequences that get high ROI within the first 48 hours

Russel Brunson

Russell Brunson

How I Take $17,947.00 A Day Out Of A "Weird Niche" & How You Can Knock It Off In 10 Minutes! Quick Modeling Of Online Success

THE EXPERT: While attending Boise State, Russell launched online businesses and, by the time he graduated, had sold over One Million Dollars of goods and services from his basement office. ABC, NBC and FOX NEWS have featured his remarkable story and the fact that he has helped tens of thousands follow his business models. His own company now employees 80 people, most admittedly smarter about technology than he is, and generates WEEKLY revenues exceeding $250,000.00. He has started and built diverse businesses including a software company, a nutritional supplements company, and a coaching company. He is controversial, criticized by some and celebrated by others; a trail-blazer in info-marketing AND in Internet marketing. One of the strategies he is most famous for and most adept at is effective split-testing, as part of an unusually smart and sophisticated approach to the Internet. Russell's DotComSecrets Labs run thousands of split-tests of headlines, copy, order forms, offers, prices, and often uncover truly amazing strategies by doing so.

THE INFORMATION: •The "SALES FUNNELS" that work best with today's media and today's consumers. ...and exactly how to build YOUR most effective, profitable Sales Funnel. •How to DOUBLE CONVERSIONS & "BUY NOW!" SALES of just about any existing website with traffic.

Lee Melteer

Coaching: The Ultimate Success Secrets For Productivity & Implementation For Info-Marketers

Lee is well known to GKIC Membership, as Director of its Peak Performers/Implementation Coaching Program. She also has a thriving professional practice as a Performance, Productivity and Success Coach to entrepreneurs and executives, and provides her Millionaire Smarts® monthly service to many top info-marketers, supporting their coaching programs and mastermind groups, and, in total, reaching well over 200,000 readers/listeners per month. She is the author of numerous audio programs with 5 publishers and a number of books, including her newest book, RECLAIM YOUR MAGIC. Lee has hosted TV programs airing on PBS and other networks, conducted video seminars reaching 350 companies in the Fortune 500, and as a speaker, appeared on programs with a galaxy of stars including Dr. Phil, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Wally 'Famous' Amos and Marlo Thomas.

IN THIS INFO-SUMMITSM SESSION: (1) The Vital Secret to Facilitating Speed to Make Money (2) The Biggest Distinction Between Winners and Losers, Visionaries and the Rest Revealed (3) How to Use The 3 Legs of Successful Achievement for Massive Results.

Russel Brunson


How To Maximize Your Marketing And Get An Edge On The Competition Using Infusionsoft

THE EXPERT: With a strong entrepreneurial and sales background, Tom is ideally suited for his position as Small Business Growth Expert with Infusionsoft. Besides understanding the unique challenges that small business owners face online, he is also considered a top-flight implementation expert. Working for a technology pioneer like Infusionsoft, Tom is at the top of his game when it comes to developing automation to increase market share. For the record, his employer, Infusionsoft, powers more info-marketing businesses than any other software system.

THE INFORMATION: How leading info-marketers take advantage of Infusionsoft's capabilities regarding automatic lead generation and follow-up, event or online event/launch marketing, data mining, the art of the upsell and more. Takeaways include •Develop a business system that revolves around your life •Grow your business many times over with auto follow-up and sales conversion •Automatically prospect and capture more leads •Generate referrals for life •Grow sales while saving time and money, plus more.

IN THE 1800'S, HUGE YIELDS OF GOLD AND SILVER DEEP WITHIN THE EARTH BROUGHT A STAMPEDE OF TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PROSPECTORS to Colorado, roaming the mountains, building mining boomtowns in random locations, and transforming the Rocky Mountain State from wide open spaces to frenzied entrepreneurship; building of mining operations, railroads, cities. The scenery – and the altitude – still takes your breath away, but this year there's a new breath-taking attraction: GKIC's "BUY NOW!" Info-SUMMITSM.

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Breakout Speakers


Million Dollar Days: GKIC-Proven, Live, Online Micro-Launch Method, Version 2.0

Mars' online product launches and live webcasts have generated more than $78.2-MILLION in instant, online sales for GKIC, Rich Shefren, Ryan Deiss, Ali Brown, Bob Proctor and other info-marketer, author, speaker and publisher clients. He has also worked with Tony Robbins and Brendon Bouchard, and as developed ad campaigns in the corporate world for Jaguar Motorcars and Burger King. Within GKIC, the most recent group using the GKIC Webcast - Launch System developed with Mars had a 100% Success Rate – with everybody at least getting a 300% Return on money invested.

IN THIS Info-SUMMITSM SESSION: (1) The 17 Vital Elements of a One-Day, 5-Figure To 7-Figure Online Sales Event. (2) Inside 'Science of Persuasion' BUY NOW! Webcasts. (3) The Micro-Launch Method, 2.0.

Andrew Lock


Membership Sites: Automatic, Recurring Income

Andrew Lock has been "on Planet Dan" for 16 years and was featured in the documentary, The Phenomenon; currently produces and hosts the #1 Web-TV Show on Apple iTunes, and he has mastered the blueprint for "super-sticky" Membership Sites that, pardon the pun, Lock In auto-pilot monthly revenue.

IN THIS INFO-SummitSM SESSION: (1) Real- World Case Studies, with monthly revenues upwards from $50,000.00. (2) Why & How To Use "THE Best Online Business Model." (3) How To Create Your Own Online Media Platform.



Seminar Marketing: What It Takes To Fill Rooms With Eager Buyers For High-Priced Programs

For 27 years, in good economies and bad economies, Ron LeGrand has been "King Of The Mountain" in the field of independent real estate investing. His vast experience umbrellas everything from the classic Free Preview Seminar to the $10,000.00 Boot Camp to the $50,000.00 Multi-Boot Camp Program; front-end seminar marketing to cold prospects; back-end marketing of series of seminars to established customers; every media – direct-mail, radio, TV, online, telemarketing and joint ventures. His events have featured celebrity speakers like Jay Leno and Dr. Phil.

IN THIS Info-SUMMITSM SESSION: Ron will present his "Butts In Seats – Without Breaking The Bank System," now used to fill TWENTY major boot camps a year at $4,000.00 or higher individual ticket prices.


LinkedIn: Unlimited Prospects, Every Day

If you have salespeople or tele-marketers or perform those roles yourself, here is a "Master's Course" in generating avatar leads from LinkedIn.

IN THIS Info-SUMMITSM SESSION: (1) Best 10 Groups to generate leads from, why & how to gain acceptance. (2) How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile. (3) How To Drive Good Prospects To "Diagnostic Calls" and get them to BUY NOW! Erica is a serial entrepreneur, creating successful companies like The Achievement Group, a sales professional recruiting firm that helped corporate clients find "Money Hungry Sales Animals;", a local, appointment-setting service securing appointments with CEOs and CFOs; and her current company, Daily Leads.

Travis Lee


Direct-Mail: How TO Attract New Leads, Convert Leads Into Buyers, Get Existing Customers To Buy More & More Often With Outrageous Direct-Mail Strategies

The Proven 3D Mail System for Info-Marketers, Coaches & Consultants. Travis has spent the last 8 years developing some of the most successful "Object-Enclosed" and "Grabber-Attached" mailings, for B2B and B2C. His clients include a Who's Who List of GKIC Members.

IN THIS Info-SUMMITSM SESSION: (1) SEE the most proven and reliable + the hottest and newest campaigns: actual examples. (2) DISCOVER What Drives Response Better Than Discounts – so you can protect price and profit.



Webinars & Podcasts: How To Raise Yourself To Expert & Celebrity Status Online / How To Profit From "Buy Now" Webinars

Lewis Howes' pro football career came to an abrupt end after 2 years by injury. He started the Sports Executive Association and other sports-related online and social media business, then further branched out....his 'School of Greatness' podcast reaches 650,000 people monthly and frequents the Top-50 on iTunes... Details Magazine named him one of 'the 5 Internet gurus who can make you rich' and The Huffington Post featured him in "The Rise Of The Lifestyle Entrepreneur."

IN THIS Info-SUMMITSM SESSION: (1) The Journey: "How I Built A Multi-Million Dollar Online Media Company, From Scratch – Starting Out Broke & Clueless!" (2) The Simple, Straightforward Webcasts-That-Work Method. (3) The Truth About Podcasts.


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Info-SUMMITSM Activities


Can't go huntin', go fishin', go skiing, go mountain climbin' or especially gold mining without the right equipment, provisions and guides – all waiting for you in the Info- SummitSM Exhibit Hall. Meet top experts and specialists, discover new vendors and support services, publishers, printers, data miners, web designers, and on and on.


A special saloon, only Diamond Members can enter, to get out of the hub-bub of the busy streets, take a load off and rest a spell, visit, grab a cold beverage. And, of course, exchange stories of their new-found "claims." The best thing about skiing down the mountain is NOT skiing down the mountain; it's hanging out by the roaring fire inside the comfortable ski lodge! Well, here ya go.


Actually, no dancing. But the bar'll be open, grub'll be served and keep comin', and just about the whole town will be there. Rub elbows with and pick the brains of more great info-marketing entrepreneurs per square inch than anywhere else in the world. WEAR YOUR UGLY SKI/CHRISTMAS SWEATER: Prizes for the Three Ugliest!!! It's The Grand GKIC Reception.


The evening before, get together, meet, find, find out about each other, catch up with old friends and peers.


Members of Peak Performers/Implementation Group, Platinum Info-Marketers Group and Titanium Info-Marketers Group are invited to a complimentary lunch.


For NEW Info-Marketers. How To Start From Scratch & Be Making Money In 90 Days Or Less. Five Best A-to-Z Business Blueprints.


EVENING @ END OF SUMMIT Expert-Hosted Discussion Roundtables, chaired by Robert Skrob, provided by the Information Marketing Association.

90 DAYS OR LESS TO SUCCESS with a NEW Info-Marketing Business

IF YOU'RE NEW TO INFO-MARKETING*: The all-new Fast Start A-to-Z Info-Marketing Blueprints Day is for you!

Five successful info-marketers - who started from scratch just like you - present The Five Most Reliable, Complete Blueprints, for five different types of info-marketing businesses. One may be the "fit" for you. There's much to learn from all of them. And, by the end of the day, you'll have left your Stranger-In-A-Strange-Land behind and become a smart, savvy Member of The Secret Society of Millionaires & Millionaires-In-The-Making!!!! There's no other "Crash Course" like this, with practitioners (not "promoters") showing their Business Blueprints. ALL NEW THIS YEAR!!!

BILL GOUGH – a multi-year Titanium Mastermind Member, Bill has used the classic Business Niche Blueprint to develop the dominant training/coaching business in the life insurance industry, specifically with Allstate agency owners; a niche within the niche. Bill's business includes seminars, courses, tool kits, coaching, mastermind groups and done-for-them services...and is fueled by direct-mail, "road show" preview seminars, online media, and "diagnostic call" tele-sales. Bill built a thriving Allstate agency of his own, and leveraged that Authority, Credibility and Affinity into his 2nd business, the info-business that ultimately out-grew the agency - which he recently sold.
Others who've built million and multi-million dollar info-businesses from zero with this type of info-biz include: Ben Glass (attorneys), Craig Proctor (real estate agents) Titanium Member Greg Luther (real estate agents), Dr. Tom Orent (dentists), Titanium Member Mike Crow (home inspectors), Nelson Searcy (pastors), and Marty Fort (music school owners). People newly embarked with this Blueprint include Owen Garratt (artists) and Titanium Members Jeff Giagnocavo and Ben McClure (high-ticket retailers).

RON IPACH – do you lack roots in a niche? No niche success story to leverage? There is a OUTSIDER ENTERS Business Niche Blueprint, which Ron used to become King of the auto repair shop niche, where he has developed coaching programs, done for them services, products for re-sale and other information products profitably for many years - even though he never owned or even worked in an auto repair shop!
Others who've built million and multi-million dollar info-businesses from zero with this type of info-biz include: Rory Fatt (restaurants), Titanium Member Graig Presti (chiropractors; dentists), Jay Geier (dentists), Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller (auto dealers).

JOE GILDER – a current Platinum Mastermind Member who is building a lucrative info-biz in a hobby/passion market: teaching people how to build better home recording studios that they use for fun or profit. The same Sub-Culture Blueprint that has turned his hobby into an info-biz can do the same for yours!
Others who've built million and multi-million dollar info-businesses from zero with this type of info-biz include Gene "Machine Gun" Kelly (gun owners and hobbyists), Titanium Member Lily Noon (feng shui), and Susan Berkley (voice talent and public speaking).

BRITTANY LYNCH – has mastered the 100% ONLINE Blueprint....and also has developed online, e-commerce info-marketing businesses with NO products of their own, monetizing affiliate relationships and portal positions only.
Others who've built million and multi-million dollar info-businesses from zero with this type of info-biz include Yanik Silver, Russell Brunson, Amy Barnhart ( and Darin Spindler (

DAVE DEE – has repeatedly created highly profitable offline/online info-marketing businesses with the BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY SEEKER MARKET BLUEPRINT. He'll show his Blueprint for making $2,500.00 to $8,000.00 in 21 Days or Less, then repeating it over and over again, creating little info-marketing money machines, each worth from $40,000.00 to $130,000.00 a year.
Others who've built million and multi-million dollar info-businesses from zero with this type of info-biz include Michael Kimble, Ron LeGrand, T.J. Rohleder, Titanium Member Curt Dawn.

Don't Envy Us! Join Us!

If you're a GKIC Member who takes notice of the many info-marketers in our midst, many birthed right here, with our Business do NOT need to be the poor kid outside on the sidewalk, nose pressed to the glass window of the candy store, watching the rich kids treating themselves!!! MAKE THIS YEAR YOUR YEAR. C'mon in. Join us. Take as much candy as you want. Get that 2nd Income started and flowing in, from info-marketing!

*If you're an experienced, established info-marketer, this can be a great "refresher," reminding you of successful strategies, possibly pointing to new opportunities – and you're welcome to attend. But if you are NEW to info-marketing, this Day is ESSENTIAL!

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On Sunday, after the Info-SummitSM, we will be "un-masking" and absolutely fully explaining every strategy, method, tactic and system that made and keeps GKIC an unrivaled leader in every aspect of info-marketing... the most valuable company of its kind (based on independent, private equity appraisal and investment)... a 'Rock of Gibraltar' of consistency and stability in a volatile industry, where so many come and go, hit the mother load and bust, or pretend!

IF YOU HAVE A FLEDGLING INFO-BIZ, you'll walk out of this Day with a far deeper and richer understanding of the way this business actually works – and you'll be armed with every viable blueprint for growing your list from hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands... to an asset worth millions, that you own, control, have enormous influence with, and can monetize in many different ways.

IF YOU ARE A SEASONED PRO AT THIS, WITH AN ESTABLISHED AND SUCCESSFUL INFO-BIZ, your look inside every "room" in the GKIC "castle" will certainly yield high-value, high-profit adjustments to hurry home and make. Plus potentially, breakthrough opportunities you've overlooked or, bluntly, fumbled in implementing due to a missing piece of knowledge.

A brief list of a few of the GKIC Operating System Secrets included in this Day appears at the very end of this letter – but do NOT view this as even close to all-encompassing! Both the breadth and depth of ALL included in this Day will stun you.

Vitally Important: the GKIC MODEL will NOT be given to you in a haphazard, random manner. You'll see the Model unfolded in an organized, systematic way.

For The First Time Ever REVEALED:
The Entire, Complete,
No-Secret-Withheld, A-to-Z


For List-Building, Membership Concept Marketing, Product Development & Re-Development, Maximum Profit Seminars & Events, Multiple Kinds of Coaching Programs ...and more!

Everything handed over by people ACTUALLY "LIVING" AND OPERATING THIS BUSINESS MODEL, now, every day. No 'history lessons,' no theory and random ideas, no 'suits' teaching what they don't do. This Day will be led by Dave Dee, the chief driver of GKIC's marketing, leader of its Platinum Mastermind Group of info-marketers, and a builder of a number of his own and clients' info-businesses. But GKIC is far from a one-man show. You'll hear from a number of key people on the team, involved with product development, sales, customer service, even finance. You'll be looking inside a real business; a substantial corporation...not to mention the "birth-mother" of so many of the info-marketers and their businesses you know today – so why not step up and learn from The Source?

GKIC truly is a unique info-business with a Life Of Its Own. It began as a one-man-fueled enterprise, an outgrowth of Dan Kennedy's speaking. It matured under the management of Dan and Bill Glazer, evolving from the equivalent of a small blacksmith's shop to a Henry Ford-ish factory...with a full ascension pyramid, multiple income streams, robust offline AND online marketing, convention-like events – and the inspirational, aspirational example for the industry. It further matured as GKIC, transitioning from individual entrepreneurs to corporate management. Its prosperity is based on "IT" and its business model, not any one individual. Built to withstand changes, built to last.

Seeing THIS Business Model dissected and re-assembled, analyzed and discussed, its every regimen exposed, has to be worth a very large sum to you! HOW COULD IT NOT?

Truth is, we could easily put 10, 20, 30 Very-Serious-Players into a "closed door" session like this, each gladly paying $10,000.00 or more for the privilege. But we prefer helping as many GKIC Members & Info-Marketers as possible, and having made the "strange" decision to strip the company naked, we decided to also avoid making the investment a barrier to any serious person's participation. Thus, your add-on investment (when attending Info-SummitSM) is as low as $197. That's NOT a misprint.

(Without Info-SummitSM attendance, $997.00, space permitting, Registration By Phone Only.)

Further, we're so certain you will be Astounded & Amazed by everything presented here, we offer 'The Stay Until The Very End 100% Money Back Guarantee.'


ONE YEAR ACCESS TO THE GKIC-MODEL DASHBOARD: a for-your-use version of our Online Dashboard, for driving the vital numbers, statistics, facts and decisions of your info-business.

NEVER-BEFORE-RELEASED, LIVE RECORDED VIDEO OF DAN KENNEDY: "SECRETS OF SELLING YOUR INFO-BUSINESS, OVER AND OVER AGAIN, FOR HUGE PROFITS" – a candid answer to high curiosity over Dan's deal-making through the years, in licensing, fractionalizing, and outright selling his developed products, intellectual property and businesses.

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Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado
NOV. 5TH - NOV. 7TH,
Location & info below.
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Guest IS: $397.00
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Bonus Day: $197.00
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Bonus Day: 247.00
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General Schedule

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Wednesday November 4th
Thursday November 5th
Friday November 6th
Saturday November 7th
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Omni Interlocken Hotel

500 Interlocken Boulevard
Broomfield, Colorado 80021
Phone: (303) 438-6600

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Dates: November 4 - 8, 2015
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