GKIC Coaching

Even the most seasoned experts and successful entrepreneurs need coaches to continually improve their game. GKIC offers different coaching programs tailored to the various needs of small business leaders. Get coaching, get results.



Certified Magnetic Marketing Advisor

The purpose of the Certified Magnetic Marketing Advisor program is to provide GKIC members with local, easy access to a community of likeminded entrepreneurs. The CMMA program was designed to make it easy for any GKIC member with an interest in Marketing and Business Development to create a local network of like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs. Select the Learn More button below to find or start a local chapter, and join THE global community of entrepreneurs; providing cutting edge, market tested business and marketing mentorship, ideas, solutions, products and support.



Peak Performers: Implementation

The goal of Peak Performers is NOT to give you more information. The goal is to help you implement proven strategies and give you the unwavering support you need achieve your goals and build the business and life of your dreams.Four (4) Meetings (2 days each) lead by Nick Loise & Jorge Olson.



Mentoring Coaching Group

GKIC’s mentoring program offers incredible access to expert advisors that can help you master our award winning, No B.S. programs and strategies for generating profitable leads and growing your business. With a mentor’s guidance, you can rest assured that you are going to get the maximum value out of your marketing investment, and feel confident that you can master the skills necessary to apply GKIC marketing to your particular industry, niche, or market.



Mastermind with Darcy Juarez

The Ultimate Mastermind and Elite Training Program for Info-Marketers
Lead By:  Darcy Juarez
Start Date:  Every January

The Platinum Coaching Group is for rising information marketers and presents a great opportunity to get direct, hands-on help in taking your info-marketing business to new heights, at faster pace of progress. This is a small group, mastermind setting, and is through application only.  Members will start every January.

This is the most complete and powerful program, appropriate for both “beginner” and “intermediate” info-marketers; those with other core businesses and info-businesses begun and developing, for the “kitchen table operator” with established revenue ready to move up to 6-figures and a more sophisticated business and for full-time info-biz operators with 6-figure incomes eager to do more, expand, grow and mature their companies.

PLATINUM  offers an unmatched collection of business growth and success resources, training, networking, mastermind work and support.

There is a simple and obvious AND DRAMATIC multiplier effect. A room full of smart and progressive people within a field sharing and exchanging information drawn from their marketing tests, successes and flops, solving of problems, finding vendors, etc. is a 14X against your own experience. This is a way to purchase speed.

There is a unique efficiency. Seven days of focus spaced during the year, out and away from your regular day to day activities, away from interruptions and disruption, work “on not in” the business in an idea-charged, experience-rich environment can produce more clarity and actionable strategy than what might come from sixty days of normal activity.

Finally, there is internal competition. In a group like this, no one wants to be the laggard. Everybody wants to be THE biggest dog of the big dogs. That’s good – it stimulates everybody to do more, to implement more, to get smarter and to bring more.

I would like to be considered for the next available Platinum group



Titanium Information Marketing Coaching Group

Lead by:  Dan Kennedy
By Invitation Only
Start Date:  Each January The Titanium Coaching group is our highest level mastermind group, specifically for information-marketers.  New members must be generating a minimum of $1-Million from info-marketing (although it can be a side, 2nd or 3rd business).  Members are expected to have a multi-faceted info-business thus able to give value not just take and be running a legitimate business.  Titanium coaching is only available through invitation.“No one who has ever been in a mastermind setting with me has failed to profit directly from the “spontaneous combustion” – their gains emerging as often or more often during discussions of others businesses as during discussions of their own. I have been leading these kinds of “work groups” for more than 20 years, with info-marketers, with “mixed breed” business owners, and in different niches. Titanium is THE ONLY mastermind group for info-marketers that I’ll be running, and I will be leading all three meetings. And I do not blush when I say that you can not find a better qualified and capable leader for a mastermind group for successful info-marketers. I’ll also say, loosely formed, less formal, leaderless groups are NEVER a tenth as productive as mine. To think you can just pile wood in the room is fallacious. Somebody who knows what they’re doing needs to rub the sticks together.”  — Dan Kennedy.Titanium coaching is only available through invitation.

I would like to be considered for the next available Titanium group