Every business regardless of how large or small, and regardless of their specific industry has to have an online or digital presence. Most believe that their website and Facebook postings meet the demand. The reality is that the brochure website they have and their requests for Facebook likes could actually be counterproductive.

GKIC Digital Solutions was established to level the playing field and provide a resource to ensure that the digital marketing efforts of the entrepreneurial small business owner are engaging and designed to attract traffic. But more importantly, are structured to CONVERT visitors into LEADS and Leads into CUSTOMERS.

The GKIC Digital Solutions team specializes in helping entrepreneurial business owners design DIRECT RESPONSE websites and optimize those sites using the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques.

In addition, the GKIC Digital Solutions team has served as the outside digital marketing department for hundreds of companies by providing DONE FOR YOUR digital services such as E-mail Campaigns, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns and Social Media Campaigns. And for the business owners who does not even know where to start, GKIC Digital Solutions, can conduct a full online marketing analysis to provide you with a recommended digital roadmap.


GKIC Digital Solutions services:

  • Website Design – Built using GKIC style direct marketing technique
  • Website Hosting – Including email, call tracking and site visitor statistics
  • SEO Campaigns – Including monthly ranking reports, social bookmarking
  • Done-for-You Email Marketing Campaigns – Including copywriting and design of email templates
  • Done-for-You Social Media Campaigns with Cross Posting to Blogs – Including copywriting and selection graphics for posts
  • On-Line Marketing Plans – Creating a complete on-line marketing strategy



Is your Online Marketing Working?

Is Your On-Line Marketing Actually Working to Convert Visitors to Leads and Leads to Customers?

Regardless of how attractive your website is or how engaging your social media posts are, if they are not converting visitors to leads and leads to customers, they are worth little more than the few kilobytes of storage they take up.

The GKIC Digital Solutions team can provide a second opinion on how effective your online marketing really is. For only $97 our team will conduct a full website analysis and search engine optimization check-up that will identify the following:

  • Direct response strengths and weaknesses of your website
  • Usability and structure weaknesses of your website, including analysis of:
    • Links
    • Social Media/Engagement
    • Tracking Systems
    • Email Marketing
    • Visitor Experience and Navigation
    • Visitor Conversion
  • Reviews/Testimonials/Online reputation
  • Identify SEO strengths and weaknesses with respect to online profitability
  • Search engine performance of the page ranking for your keywords
  • Code and technical errors for your keywords
  • Search volumes for your keywords
  • Local search performance analysis
  • Google/Bing/Yahoo traffic analysis

The resulting report and phone consultation will provide you with a roadmap that clearly identifies the strengths and weaknesses in your online marketing so you can properly plan your marketing efforts. With GKIC Digital Solutions, you get more than a great website. We design successful digital marketing strategies that attract traffic and generate quality leads to improve your bottom line.