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Our Team

A.J. Mirabedini


A.J. brings over 30 years of entrepreneurial, marketing, sales, and money-making life-skills to GKIC. He joined the company as CEO in June, 2015, where he feels right at home among the unique breed of industrious humans known as entrepreneurs. His mission today: To expand GKIC into the premiere and most relied-upon community of small-business owners in the world. His entrepreneurial path has led him through many opportunities as well as a fair amount of rough patches, each giving him insight into…

Nick Loise


Nick Loise, President, comes to GKIC after being a successful entrepreneur, marketing and sales executive, info-marketer and lifelong student of Dan Kennedy and GKIC. He originally saw Dan Kennedy in 1994 at a Success International event in Arizona, and he’s been hooked every since. He has owned and operated two separate businesses, one that is still in operation today. Nick has implemented the keys principles of Magnetic Marketing and Direct Response Marketing into all of his business and professional endeavors.…

Jonathan Kalkwarf


Jon joined GKIC in the summer of 2016 and has jumped into the business with both feet. He is enjoying the diversity of our members, our great team and the diverse GKIC product line. A membership organization is not a new experience for Jon, has spent the bulk of his career with membership organizations. Jon’s career has been in finance, government affairs, meeting planning, warehouse and operational management, commercial credit and sales. He has worked in both for-profit and non-profit…

Kim Phelan


Kim Phelan, Editor-in-Chief, is a seasoned print, digital, and live event content developer. Kim’s background ranges from association management and publishing to publishing and marketing in the construction, healthcare, and higher education industries. She has deep experience in the creation of marketing campaigns for products, services, events and courses. Kim is a journalist and magazine editor who began her career as an award-winning publications copywriter. She has been an invited “Magazine of the Year” judge for the American Society of…

Vito DeFrenza


Vito DeFrenza joined the GIKC team of Business Consultants in July of 2015. Previously he was a multimedia advertising consultant at a local publishing company where he focused on assisting small- to medium-sized businesses with achieving their growth strategies and goals. During that time Vito was introduced to the GKIC breakthrough-style of marketing, and his outlook on the way to entrepreneurial success was forever changed. Entrepreneurship must run in his veins, because Vito also owned his own restaurant in one…

Wil Beyers


Wil Beyers started his entrepreneurial journey directly out of college. His first business was a small web design and computer repair shop. As he worked more and more with small businesses on their web presence, he noticed a trend of these small business owners needing marketing help. This led Wil to start his own independent marketing consulting business, GenFour Media & Marketing. After five years of success in his own business, Wil accepted a position at GKIC as their Digital…

Joshua Burnell


Joshua Burnell – Director of Digital Strategy. In the mid 90s, Joshua was working in the music industry and while in a recording studio he was introduced to the Internet. “It was love at first site,” he says. “I knew I wanted in on this and everything it is going to be.” He immediately went out and purchased books on HTML, graphic design, and anything else he could find. Always interested in technology, as a kid he would take apart…

Johanna Morlock-Abbasi


Johanna Morlock-Abbasi, a career marketer, began her work shortly after graduating from DePaul University. An avid runner and three-time Chicago marathon finisher, Johanna applies a constant life-learning experience in everything she does. In addition to concentrating on and collaboratively improving the challenges she’s encountered in her 25-year marketing career, she makes time to not only enrich her home environment, she is also active in charitable work with local non-profits. She often hosts and leads fundraising efforts that significantly increase awareness…