A.J. Mirabedini


A.J. brings over 30 years of entrepreneurial, marketing, sales, and money-making life-skills to GKIC. He joined the company as CEO in June, 2015, where he feels right at home among the unique breed of industrious humans known as entrepreneurs. His mission today: To expand GKIC into the premiere and most relied-upon community of small-business owners in the world.

His entrepreneurial path has led him through many opportunities as well as a fair amount of rough patches, each giving him insight into what causes some entrepreneurs to succeed and others to struggle.

In the ’90s, he invested his savings in a dot-com company and was ready to roll it out just as the dot-com crash happened. Then he spent seven years building his first company only to have every penny of the profits embezzled by an office manager. A very expensive lesson in the school of hard knocks, which left him with two choices: either give up and take a job or rebuild his business – bigger and better.  It was at this time that he learned the principles GKIC calls Magnetic Marketing, and he cracked the code to attracting, retaining and converting prospects into clients. In just a few short years, his business grew to become a national firm working with hundreds of clients, creating record profits, jobs and a lifestyle of which he had dreamed.

A.J. worked his way through four years at The College of Wooster in Ohio. Immediately after graduating with a degree in marketing and communications, his entrepreneurial flame was ignited. He turned down an internship at the United Nations (the safe path), preferring instead to invest in and work for a start-up magazine in the advertising department (the risky entrepreneurial path). After a year, the magazine went out business and his investment up in smoke, which only stoked the fire more to figure out this game of marketing, advertising, and making money. And so, true to his entrepreneurial passion, he started consulting with small businesses, providing marketing guidance and resources to support and sustain their businesses. Since then, the entrepreneurial path is the only path A.J. has known.

Contact A.J. at amirabedini@gkic.com

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