A.J. Mirabedini



While the world is full of business leaders focused on the bottom line success of their companies, A.J. is building a movement focused on serving entrepreneurs globally. After a successful career building, growing and selling businesses A.J. is now leading GKIC, one of the real foundational pillars of entrepreneurial advocacy founded by Dan Kennedy. He’s dedicated to building a haven complete with support to support entrepreneurs during their lonely journey, their bootstrapping, their sacrifices, their failures and successes, their pioneering spirit, their support of economies through the world, their juggling act of life, their endless hours and unique business needs.

At GKIC A.J. is the leader of the “Renegade Entrepreneur Movement” with the aim of uniting entrepreneurs globally to create the inertia, momentum, and strength that this vital, yet underserved community deserves. A.J. is a consummate business, marketing executive and entrepreneur, offering nearly 25 years outstanding success history.

As CEO of GKIC, A.J. has instilled his passion about establishing and furthering a member-focused culture for SMB companies utilizing state of the art business and marketing strategies and tools. Dedicated to team building and developing deep-rooted relationships with employee teams and members using unique business, marketing, and advertising strategies.

Recognized as a powerful, savvy business leader with strengths in navigating businesses through periods of challenge and explosive growth and profitability. A.J. is passionate about team building, and empowerment of a well-trained organization. Valued as a key partner and contributor to bottom line success of private equity and investor-led organizations alike.
Contact A.J. at amirabedini@gkic.com

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