Nick Loise


Nick Loise, President, comes to GKIC after being a successful entrepreneur, marketing and sales executive, info-marketer and lifelong student of Dan Kennedy and GKIC. He originally saw Dan Kennedy in 1994 at a Success International event in Arizona, and he’s been hooked every since. He has owned and operated two separate businesses, one that is still in operation today.

Nick has implemented the keys principles of Magnetic Marketing and Direct Response Marketing into all of his business and professional endeavors. He has served as a top marketing executive at companies ranging in revenue size from $1 million to $1 billion.

Nick was an early adopter to the digital marketing side of the business in the early 90s and used this online platform to acquire new customers and gain market share over his competition. He also instituted direct response marketing into all of his companies and industries (even in many industries where direct response marketing was unheard of) and used that to acquire leads and customers and drive revenue and profit.

He has been an adjunct professor of marketing at a Chicagoland university, teaching both undergraduates and graduates, as well as guest lecturing on many different stages and online platforms. He resides in Park Ridge, Ill., with his wife and two children. Nick brings his passion for small business and entrepreneurs to his work every day.

Contact Nick at or call him at 773-632-4640, Skype is nick.gkic.

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