Ron Penksa


Ron Penksa is our Senior Statesman at GKIC. He joined us when we had just moved the corporate HQ from Baltimore to Chicago. Ron’s grew up with a Father that was an entrepreneur who was the recipient of Inc Magazines “Entrepreneur of Year Award.”

Ron was the number one producer at a regional investment firm with over 100 reps, and owes much of his success to direct marketing. A number of years ago while he was still a financial advisor, he also set a World Record for telemarketing of 1082 dials in 12 hours.

To his credit, Ron has helped a number of our members implement our principles and earn 10X increases in their businesses as well as several recipients of GKIC’s own “Marketer of the Year” awards.

Now, Ron is involved with our growing list of Information Marketing Programs and helping select people for our high-end coaching programs like Titanium and Platinum, as well as other Top-Secret projects we are creating.

To say that Ron is an avid runner is an understatement. He runs outside all year long in Chicago (wind chill -15 below zero) and completed another marathon this past October and lowered his time by 15 minutes.

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