Vito DeFrenza


Vito DeFrenza joined the GIKC team of Business Consultants in July of 2015. Previously he was a multimedia advertising consultant at a local publishing company where he focused on assisting small- to medium-sized businesses with achieving their growth strategies and goals. During that time Vito was introduced to the GKIC breakthrough-style of marketing, and his outlook on the way to entrepreneurial success was forever changed.

Entrepreneurship must run in his veins, because Vito also owned his own restaurant in one of the industry’s toughest markets: Chicago! So he understands the fierce, daily challenges of running a brick-and-mortar business. He knows what keeps entrepreneurs awake at night, and he ‘gets’ the need for continuous marketing and promotion to grow a business – but it’s all about working smarter, not harder, he says; it’s about channeling marketing efforts and dollars in ways that actually produce results.

Because of his experience as a business owner and having served small businesses throughout his career, Vito is putting his knowledge and expertise to work, listening to and then helping GKIC members grow in sustainable, life-changing ways.

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