GKIC Superconference 2016

Vegas Comes To Florida

Discover How To Multiply Your Income... Accelerate Your Success...Hit A Jackpot With Your Business... Learn From The Most Brilliant Marketing & Business Growth Minds On The Planet... Get Their Templates, Blueprints & Strategies...Create Total Financial Freedom... And Have A BLAST Doing It!

If you want to discover how to build a royal flush business, put your lead generation on steroids, conversion into overdrive and exponentially increase the value of your customers, clients or patients, then it's important you read this letter right now because...

We're Bringing The Glitz, Glamour, & Excitement Of Las Vegas To Florida For SuperConference '16 — And You're Invited!

From April 28-May 1, GKIC is transforming Jacksonville, Fla., into Las Vegas — The City of Lights! — for the single most important event of the year: The SuperConference. You are going to learn how to take your business into the stratosphere...with a star-studded lineup of marketing and business superstars who glitter so bright the showgirls of Vegas are jealous.

This first-ever Vegas-style SuperConference is definitely the biggest event in the entire history of GKIC and we're going to work very hard to make to make it special for everyone who attends.

When you grab onto the methods you'll discover at the SuperConference '16, three major things will happen to you

First, you'll be able to radically change the way you get your customers, clients or patients. So what was once such unpleasant drudgery that you had to force yourself to do it becomes easy and enjoyable. And what was once painfully expensive and often full of waste is going to now be affordable, measurable and efficient.

Second, you will radically change your attitude about yourself; your business; your fees, prices or compensation; your valuing and use of time; and your clientele — so that you are better paid and enjoy greater respect. Both the intangibles of how you feel about yourself and your business life and your more tangible day-to-day experiences will change for the better, forever.

Third, you will exercise much greater control over all the outcomes in your life. You will become more "powerful', not in a bullying sense, but in terms of the ability to choose and achieve goals. In all three of these areas, you will leave SuperConference '16 stronger than you already are. Even if you're already very successful, as many GKIC Insiders Circle members are; already a millionaire or multi-millionaire and/or a very high-income earner, already captain of a large business, already very skilled and confident in your particular activities... you will still leave this event equipped to do even better. But if you are in the process of "climbing up" now, then it's critically important for you to be here. Regardless of your present circumstances, we challenge you to attend SuperConference and not find "gems" you'll profit from.

The Marketing & Money-Making 'Rat Pack' of SuperConference

In the 1960s, the Rat Pack celebrities were the coolest cats of their time. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop appeared together on stage and in films such as Ocean's 11, Sergeants 3, and Robin and the Seven Hoods. Sinatra, Martin and Davis were regarded as the groups lead members, and the members of this iconic trio still define Las Vegas old-school cool.

Not to be outdone, GKIC has assembled its own hip and oh-so-very cool Rat Pack!

The Headliner

Star of the Hit Television Show Pawn Stars

Rick quit school because he fell so far behind due to migraines brought on by epileptic seizures all throughout his childhood and teen years. As a young adult, he never imagined anyone would be interested in ‘a show about four fat pawn brokers' and today, if you ask him how he's doing, he sums it all up with a quick "Livin' the dream!"

He may be a television star now, but he was and always will be just a regular guy. He began learning negotiation and business skills when he sold bags at the swap meets and turned that into opening the Gold & Silver Pawn shop with his dad, a Navy veteran (and the Old Man to fans and viewers of "Pawn Stars") in Las Vegas in 1981.

Always the most eccentric and unique pawn shop in Las Vegas, Rick learned quickly that if a media person fell into the store and saw the art and other unique items in Gold & Silver and wrote about it or it appeared on a TV news program, the phone rang a little more. He thought the Harrison family dynamic and the uniqueness of the store would make for a good reality show and without any contacts, to speak of, in the entertainment business began pitching his vision.

After four years of pitching,"Pawn Stars" was on HISTORY and was becoming an almost overnight success. "Pawn Stars" is approaching their sixth year and continues to be a huge hit, airing in more than 150 countries and in over 30 languages. It is TV's biggest cable hit and approaches 7,000,000 viewers on any given Thursday night when it airs twice.

The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop has gone from 13 employees to more than 50 and from 70 customers a day to 4 - 5000 a day. To many Rick is a genius, a TV star, a tough negotiator, a family man. But truly Rick is just a regular guy, sometimes missing his anonymity but always making the most of the serendipitous fame he has found himself surrounded by. He is a good man who always knows how to make the most of any situation.

Rick is bringing his Las Vegas street smarts to Florida and what he's going to share with you could create the jackpot windfall in your business that you've been dreaming about.

The Chairman of the Board

What do a Midget At Bat, and Twin Midgets, Dr. Seuss and A Circus, The Dog That Didn't Bark But the Clock That Ticked, The Who Was the Most Interesting Man in the World Before The Most Interesting Man In The World, 5,000 Pound of Potatoes, A Sworn Oath About What The Product Isn't, Trout Spoken Here, Marilyn Monroe And An Oven Mitt, A Warning label Worth Millions And Go-To-Jail Threat...Have To Do With YOU & The Magnetic Attraction Of A Lot More Customers?

Ever-increasingly, THE CHALLENGE for every merchant, marketer and professional is even getting notices in a frantically clutter and crowded marketplace and media world.

Drawing from my 41+ year career and my own successful campaigns, from my treasure trove of examples and from my incredibly deep and and complete study of advertising as well as contemporary "through" ad campaigns and promotions, I am going to give you my picks for the 51 Greatest Moments In Advertising some possibly known to you but maybe without their whole stories, some obscure but dramatically productive. All in all, a fascinating magnum opus rich in actionable ideas and tactics you can ethically Swipe 'n Deploy to confound your competition, create unique positioning amidst chaos and command attention.

In this 3-Session Seminar Within The SuperConference, something like a Ripley's Believe It Or Not of Advertising, I will amaze and astound you more than David Copperfield could ever dream of! And you WILL leave with an organized Master-List of 10 WAYS TO BOOK YOUR BUSINESS MAGNETISM.

In this 3-Session Seminar Within The SuperConference, something like a Ripley's Believe It Or Not of Advertising, Dan will amaze and astound you more than David Copperfield could ever dream of!

And you WILL leave with an organized Master-List of 10 WAYS TO BOOK YOUR BUSINESS MAGNETISM.

The Pit Boss

GKIC's CEO is a lifelong entrepreneur focused on the marketing needs of other entrepreneurs and small businesses. The founder and CEO of two national marketing firms, A.J. has been dedicated to learning and solving the unique business and marketing challenges of small and medium sized businesses for 25 years. A.J. is known as a passionate leader in the field of establishing and furthering a customer-focused culture and a master of the entire marketing process.

During the SuperConference, AJ will show you how to move from being the owner/operator of your business to the CEO and by doing so, take your business from where it is to where you want it to be so you can quickly increase the size of your B.R. (Vegas shorthand for bankroll.)

The Show Stopper

If you want to learn persuasion and influence strategies that make closing sales nearly automatic, then GKIC Chief Marketing Strategist's presentation, "Persuasion Power Unleashed 2.0" will be worth price of admission by itself.

Here's the truth about this, the techniques that Dave Dee is going to expose, reveals and makes useful in selling are drawn from sources no other sales expert plumbs. They are the ones I've personally relied on to make billions for my clients as a direct-response sales copywriter and that I used to sell over a million dollars a year from the stage for ten years in a row and, of course, in face to face selling of $100,000- to 1-million dollar projects to clients. Dave is a master of ethical mind control and a master of teaching it in a step-by-step format so you can use it and profit from it immediately.

Breakout Speakers
Kim-Walsh Phillips

Kim-Walsh "Parlay To Profits" Phillips:

How To Spin The Facebook Wheel into Cash-Paying Customers On Demand

Kim Walsh-Phillips, the mastermind behind GKIC's digital lead generation and sales campaigns, who also co-authored the "No BS Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing" with Dan Kennedy, reveals how to hijack Facebook's traffic to flood your business with qualified leads, sales and passive income, even if you don't currently have a Facebook account.

Kim will uncover the 3-step blueprint to turning Facebook fans into your ideal prospects, clients, customers or patients and getting them to pay you more – willingly. And as a special bonus, she will teach you how to launch a secondary stream of income that runs when you take time off from work or focus on other parts of your business.

Fred Catona

Fred "Billion Dollar Bettor" Catona

The Billionaire Gamblers Secrets Revealed

Fred Catona founded the only marketing agency in history to take a startup company, Priceline.com, to a billion dollars in sales in just 18 months and to a valuation of over $20 billion in only 24 months. He later reached the heights of marketing success again with the launch of another billion-dollar brand, FreeCreditReport.com.

At the SuperConference, Fred will show you how to turn your idea/business into billions (or at least millions) by revealing the secret place to get the resources required to rapidly build your business and experience explosive growth. Plus he'll teach you how to secure and maximize your use of a celebrity endorser.

Jack Jostes

Jack "Cash-In" Jostes

How To Get The Winning Hand With Local Search

Jack Jostes is a digital marketer focused on helping brick-and-mortar businesses increase their sales through local search engine optimization. With over six years of experience as the president and digital marketing director at Ramblin Jackson, a digital marketing agency in Boulder, Colo., Jack and his team have worked with over 200 local businesses throughout the United States. If you want more foot traffic, phone calls, and leads for your brick-and-mortar business, then Jack will teach you best practices to massively increase your income from local people searching for what you have on search engines like Google and Bing.

Walter Bergeron

Walter "Jackpot" Bergeron

It's Not Luck: How To Position Your Business For Sale

Walter Bergeron began his entrepreneurial journey when he was just 12 years old detailing cars in his parents' driveway, and over the last three decades he has built and sold six businesses, with his latest deal topping $10 million. He is the 2012 Marketer of the Year, a multi-year GKIC Platinum member, as well as a three-time best selling author – in his newest best-selling book, "The 8 Figure Exit Formula" Walter shows other driven entrepreneurs how to exponentially build their businesses through acquisitions and then sell their business to a strategic buyer, so they can experience their own eight-figure payday.

At the SuperConference Walter Bergeron will reveal the 4-step proven method to make your business or practice worth millions more than it is right now.

Craig Simpson

Craig "Old School Cool" Simpson

How to Multiply Sales, Create Customers For Life, And Dominate Your Market Using Direct Mail

Since beginning his career in direct mail nearly 20 years ago, Craig has managed thousands of direct mail campaigns, helping to gross hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for his clients. A few of his past and current clients are: Beachbody, Agora Financial, InDeed.com, Barchart.com, Iron Tribe Fitness, Ken Roberts, and Pet Supplies Plus.

At the SuperConference, you will learn how to build a better relationship with your customers and grow their business at the same time. You get inside secrets on how one company grew from $10,000,000 to over $100,000,000 a year. You'll leave this session knowing how to increase your business by 10-Times all while making your customers loyal and raving fans.

Bill "Mr. Triple Sharp" Walsh

Hitting Blackjack With Your Marketing

Bill Walsh is CEO/Founder of the business coaching/venture capital firm Powerteam International. Bill hosts and speaks at events all over the world! His passion is to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to create massive success. He loves to help people understand specifically what it takes to build successful companies. He is an accomplished author, speaker, radio personality and movie celebrity.

Bill delivers enlightening action-based principles, at breakneck speed, that that will turn your passion into success and create exponential growth in your business – so buckle-in!

GKIC Diamond Member David Fagan, creator of Guerrilla Parenting and founder/CEO of The Icon Builder, conducts this fun and exciting workshop to inspire your child to experience the process of starting and running a small business the right way.

Give your child the opportunity to discover for themselves through practical hands-on experience the Excitement, Magic, and Rewards of entrepreneurial success.

At the Young Entrepreneurs Workshop your teen will discover all the entrepreneurial opportunities that abound all around them today. They will explore all elements of small business from Leadership to Customer Service. They will get the opportunity to see the entirety of the small business universe from a 30,000-foot perspective. They will learn how to create, innovate, and brainstorm business ideas as part of a venture start-up group. Each teen will learn how to build, market, and finance their own business idea with their group.

Imagine the lifelong benefits and results of your child developing a real passion for business and entrepreneurship. Imagine if they came home with written goals in hand, along with a written Action Plan on how to achieve their goals.

You can make it happen by signing up your teen (13-18 years old) up today to attend the GKIC Young Entrepreneurs Workshop on April 28-30 while you attend the SuperConference '16.

Remember, space is limited. Once the workshop is full then you can only imagine what your teen would have experienced, learned, and applied.

Register Your Child Today

by simply checking the "Young Entrepreneurs Workshop" on your SuperConference Registration Form

Register Your Child Today

by simply checking the "Young Entrepreneurs Workshop" on your SuperConference Registration Form

Your ability to close sales gives you a huge competitive advantage and the ultimate leverage because improving your sales instantly increases your bottom line profits without increasing your marketing expense.

After leaving this sizzling day of sales secrets, you will be armed with a slew of strategies, techniques and sales scripts you can take and immediately use in your business to sell more.

You Can Choose To Go Big (Stay for the extra day) or Go Home... And You Shouldn't Go Home...If You Want To Electrify Your Sales

Answer this question:
How much is one more sale worth to you? Seriously, think about it. Do you honestly think you could come to a full-day event, where you will learn the best sales strategies from the world's greatest sales pros and not make one additional sale? Not possible, right?

Well, the investment for The Closers: The Astonishing, Moneymaking Secrets Of The Most Successful, Most Knowledgeable And Most Respected Sales Pros In The World" workshop is just $247.00 for Gold Members making it the biggest no-brainer in the history of the world.

To reserve your seat, simply check "The Closers Extra Profit Day" on the SuperConference registration form.

*Times are subject to change
We're Bringing The Glitz, Glamour, & Excitement Of Las Vegas to Florida For the 2016 SUPERCONFERENCESM And You're Invited!

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida


APRIL 28TH - APRIL 30th,
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Guest(s): $397.00
(Limit 2... Spouse/significant other, w-2, 1099)
Bonus Day: 247.00
Bonus Day Guest(s) $97.00
(limit 2... Spouse/significant other, w-2, 1099)

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