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Penn Jillette


Penn Jillette



HIS SOLO EXPOSURE is almost unimaginably diverse: from the Op-Ed Pages of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal TO Glenn Beck, Fox News, The Independents, Piers Morgan, Bill Maher and Oprah (on serious subjects) TO Howard Stern, Dancing With The Stars, MTV Cribs and more than 20 appearances on Letterman and being cartoon-charactered on The Simpsons TO battling to the Final Two on Trump's All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, raising $663,655.00 for his chosen charity, OpportunityVillage.org. He has also had guest star appearances on Miami Vice, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Friends, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, The Drew Carey Show, In Bed With Joan Rivers and Space Ghost.

HIS TV SHOW "PENN & TELLER: BULLSHIT" is Showtime's longest-running show, nominated for sixteen Emmy Awards, and is a personal favorite of Dan Kennedy's. He says "It's what '60 Minutes' used to be: real investigative journalism, but with occasional nudity". Dan is particularly fond of the episodes de-bunking his own 'personal growth' industry, bottled water, and Feng Shui. This summer, Penn & Teller judged magicians competing on FOOL US! on the CW Network, and he has served as a judge on SyFy's Wizard Wars. Penn also produced the critically applauded, outrageous 2005 movie The Aristocrats, which features 100 of the biggest names in comedy all telling their versions of the same joke – known as the dirtiest joke in history.

THE LONGEST-RUNNING HEADLINER SHOW IN LAS VEGAS belongs to Penn & Teller, and, last year, they were again named Las Vegas Magicians of the Year. In 2013, they were awarded their Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, very near the Star honoring Harry Houdini.

HE IS AN OUTSPOKEN LIBERTARIAN AND ADVOCATE OF AYN RAND'S OBJECTIVIST PHILOSOPHY. A controversial person for a number of reasons. An inventor, notably of an 'adult product' we won't describe here. A passionate champion of free enterprise and free markets.


  • How to build a Legend and a Famous Personal and Business Brand.

  • How to raise yourself to the mountaintop in your field or category of business or marketplace and stay there.

  • How to turn your own highly developed skill into wealth – according to CelebrityNetWorth.com, Penn's net worth tops.
  • $175-million.


"I've always wanted to make the world a more rational place. I'm still working on it."

Asked for his keys to success, he talks about "logging flight time, just as a pilot has to" – honing his juggling, magic and comedy skills by taking virtually any and every show business job offered to him. Early on, he was a street performer. Quote: "Find a skill you enjoy and at which you excel, and hone it until you are better at it than anyone else. Do work you are proud of. Be an original."

Do you think Penn Jillette was merely a Master Magician? If so – you would be wrong! Click here to listen to an EXCLUSIVE Interview with GKIC's Dave Dee and our 2015 SuperConferenceSM Celebrity speaker – the One-Man-Cultural-Phenomenon PENN JILLETTE! But be forewarned... it's for adult ears only! Penn does NOT hold back or self-censor! Listen to the Interview Below

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Tight Rope Walker
Dan Kennedy
Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy

New, Featured, Extended-Length Presentations:
Inside Current Client's Marketing:

How the Giant-sized Tricks
are Done

Certain magicians – Copperfield comes to mind – are known for Giant Illusions, like making entire planes or the Statue of Liberty disappear. Blackstone was the first, we think, to disappear a live elephant on stage. Kennedy is well-known for the Biggest of Big Marketing Breakthroughs, none of them grand illusions. For this SuperConferenceSM, we've asked him to show some of the most dramatic breakthroughs achieved with his current Private Clients* over the past 12 to 36 months and the Big Tricks that have made those breakthroughs possible.

And just how BIG are these breakthroughs? We are not talking about baby steps. You'll see entire new businesses or new ways of doing business created inside existent ones. You'll see entirely new, highly productive target-markets found, entered and plundered. You'll see online media replacing manual labor. Not little bunny rabbits pulled from hats: lions 'n tigers materializing! HIS VERSATILITY IS AMAZING: the breadth, depth and diversity of his experience and knowledge challenges established, accepted limitations in hundreds of fields. This will be an EXAMPLE RICH SHOW'N TELL of What's Working, Right Now. Further, you'll also get a special mindset seminar, revealing why so many businesses rarely and barely change, go from leaders to distant also-rans, to it." and gradually lose their profitability – because of very specific 'mental blocks' of their owners or captains. The first step to doing something new and different and BIG is stepping out of your own way!


*with clients' permission. In some cases, with certain details withheld.


  • How To Go Where Your Competitors Aren't & Get Customers They Can't

  • Understanding THE Question You Want Potential Customers or Clients to Ask

  • Why & How To "PRE-COMMIT" Customers BEFORE The Selling Begins

  • How To Break Through Mind-Numbing Clutter In B2B & Sell Top-Down

  • How To Use 'The Vicious Attack Dog' Strategy: Be HATED By Competitors And HARSHLY CRITICIZED By Peers, For Fun & Profit

  • How To Raise Prices & Sell At Top Prices In Markets Where Competitors Are Visibly Slashing Prices And Committing Profit Margin Suicide

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April 15th
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Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller

Magical Culture:

How to Wow Your Customers & Excite Your Employees

You may know Gold Luxury Members Jimmy & Travis – who Dan calls 'the Penn & Teller of Marketing – from the info-marketing part of our world and their phenomenally successful Rich Dealers® company in the auto industry, named one of America's fastest growing private companies by INC. MAGAZINE three years in a row.

Their ad campaigns have produced over $20-Billion in sales and every 2 minutes, a car is sold by one of their members. One of their campaigns was even highlighted in RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT in 2011. But what you may not know is: they are masters at transforming the entire culture of businesses, to dynamically involve customers and staff in exponential growth of diverse businesses. See a lot more at gravitationalmarketing.com


  • The page you probably threw in the trash from the Franklin-Covey Planner that has mystical properties – how to use its idea to induce your employees to perform extraordinary feats

  • Houdini could NOT escape these "culture-chains that bind" customers

  • The war strategy from Greek mythology that transfixes any audience

  • "Corporate Culture" de-mystified and made to pay
Jack Daly

Jack Daly

Hyper Sales Growth:

Make it Appear Now!

GET INTO THE FAST LANE!!! Jack Daly built one of his own businesses from start-up to $350-Million MONTHLY Revenue from 22 sales offices and 750 employees in just 18 months, starting with a team of 3 people... producing $42-Million in profits in its first 3 years. And that's a fact, Jack. So feel free to ignore all the sales and business growth "gurus" waving all sorts of bright, shiny objects they've never actually used. A pox on 'em!

Yes, Jack has written a book, Hyper Sales Growth, but he didn't write fiction. He's done it. Guys with big, big teeth and giant smiles and $3,000 suits and stagecraft up the wazoo can yell about success – but Jack has built SIX hyper-growth companies and sold two of them to Wall Street giants: Salomon Brothers and First Boston.

And since, has helped hundreds of other entrepreneurs create their own astonishing, amazing hyper growth. He has also played golf on 80 of the top 100 golf courses while managing to stay married for 43 years, so this guy knows how to sell!

Steve Adams

Steve Adams

growth by systems: NO MYSTERY TO IT!

Titanium Member Steve Adams is a very rare bird: a reformed business banker turned super-entrepreneur. In 2012 and again in 2013, his investment group bought additional retail pet supply stores, adding to its total of more than 22 stores located in several states.

He grew his bank from a start-up to $500-million in assets and 100 employees. He knew next to nothing about pets and pet owners, and knew retail by observation only, but stepped in and quickly became the largest and most profitable (by far!) multi-unit operator in the Pet Supplies Stores network of 260 stores. And he is gobbling them up, even in this economy, when "retail" is shrinking and suffering and being Amazoned... because he has his own innovative, creative marketing system and a management-for- growth system that never fails!

He is also on the Advisory Board of the Multi-Unit Franchise Association, a partner in a commercial real estate development company, involved in micro-financing of new businesses in developing countries, and author of the book The Passionate Entrepreneur.

Michael Taggart

Michael Taggart

Is He "The Coolest Marketer in America?"

Known by many as "MICHAEL-X", he is the CEO of ADVENTURE MARKETING and a partner in LANDMARK TECHNOLOGIES – and he has, simply put, made a killing online!... and continues to turn everything he touches there to gold. Traffic & Conversion Summit attendees dubbed him 'The COOLEST Marketer In America'.

Want to hear from somebody REALLY crushing it online – with SEO, with traffic, with conversions... be here! He's also become a bit obsessed with Bitcoin, and, broader about "crypto assets". He's a fascinating futurist. A guy you won't forget! He's good at "ESCAPE!" too, often running his Idaho- based businesses from the ski slopes or his favored vacation spot, St. Maarten.

Dean Jackson

Dean Jackson

Breakthrough Blueprints

DEAN JACKSON is the co-founder of I LOVE MARKETING®. He fell in love with marketing as a boy when he realized early that selling on commission beat renting himself out by the hour for wages. He has achieved tremendous success in marketing an eclectic variety of products and services, and real estate investment training programs. Dean helps business owners analyze their opportunities differently, with...

  • 8 Max-Profit Activators
  • 3 Units: Before, During & After
  • Compelling vs. Convincing (demonstrated by a case history example of increasing response by 8 times with this shift)

Lee Milteer

Lee Milteer

Become an Implementation Wizard

Lee Milteer

Lee Milteer has an amazing life story; a "girl least likely to succeed" start and a rise to success, wealth & influence. She is well- known to GKIC Members as the leader of the Peak Performers/Implementation Coaching Group, but other client-companies where she has worked her individual and team performance magic include Disney, Ford, FedEx and even NASA.

As a speaker, she's shared the platform with Dr. Phil, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, the late Stephen Covey in the personal growth community and fashion entrepreneur Diane Von Furstenberg, Wally "Famous" Amos, Jim McCann of 1-800-Flowers, etc. from the business world and Marlo Thomas, Montel Williams & Chuck Norris from the entertainment world – to name a few.

She also had her own advice segment on Canada's #1 Daytime TV Talk Show for years. Above all else, her reputation for coaching entrepreneurs one-to-one and in group settings, to the discovery of unseen opportunity, to breakthrough answers to seemingly immoveable obstacles, and to new levels of personal productivity is unmatched.

Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson

Traffic Warlock!

He entered 'internet marketing' in his spare time – but became so successful so quickly, he walked away from a high 6-figure income as a stock broker and never looked back. Today, all he needs is an internet connection and he's in business! In other words, JEFF JOHNSON is a Warlock! He can conjure income anytime, anywhere. Free of any anchors or limits. Don't envy him – join him! Want to see more? Go to: www.UndergroundTrainingLab.com

From Jeff's 11 YEARS' EXPERIENCE, CUTTING-EDGE & CURRENT SUCCESSES and work with thousands of small business owners, learn:

NON-STOP Traffic "Spells" – So powerful even Google can't stop you even if they want to

MAKE YOUTUBE Your Traffic-Generating "Slave" & Build Your List Like Never Before


REAL MAGIC: How To Easily DOUBLE Your Video Sales Letter Conversions – without even producing a single minute of new footage

Dave Dee

The Mentalist: Dave Dee

Our Own:

Triple Threat

Dave Dee

1. NEW: The Psychic Secret


The techniques of 'cold reading' that amaze people – convincing them their minds are being read; their dead relatives are speaking to them – are carefully guarded secrets of the mentalist community, dating back to the turn of the century but as current as today's TV mind-readers.

But this is not just for "show" or chicanery; there are ethical, practical applications for anyone who sells, persuades or influences face to face. Dave is a very serious student of these techniques and an able practitioner of the classic "cold read." See videos and read articles by Dave at DaveDee.com.

2. The Strange & Astonishing Automatic Money Magic Machine

Have you ever seen a magician show off a 'money machine'? It might take a dollar in one slot and magically produce a $100 bill out the other slot. Well, that's just trickery, But Dave has "installed" real, automatic money machines in all sorts of businesses. With nothing more than your current parts and pieces; your leads, your customers, your products and a computer, you can "Presto! Change-o!" in as little as one hour – and have them producing more cash, faster than ever before.

3. Info-Business Alchemy:


Get an inside look at how ANYONE CAN and SO MANY HAVE created "sideline" incomes of thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars a month inside, alongside or out of their present businesses.

You'll focus on 'The Birth Of A Saleable Info-Product'. Info-marketing pros should attend too, to see mind-boggling shortcuts. But anyone who could find a use for an extra income stream...anyone who has ever thought, "I wonder if
I have a 'hot' info- product in me?"...anyone who wants proven instructions for mistake-free, low-cost info-product development... this is for YOU! By the way, Dave launched his first Info-Product and began generating sales with an investment of just Sixty-Five Dollars.

Breakout Speakers

Kim Walsh-Phillips

Kim Walsh

Directly involved in creating $497-Million in revenue for her clients in 2013 alone, DIAMOND Member Kim Walsh-Phillips has Cracked The Secret Codes of making social media actually make money! – to such an extent that Dan Kennedy has agreed to co-author a book with her in his No B.S. series! Once she was a PR person doing "fluff " until discovering direct-response through Dan.

Today, she is a tech-marketing geek with great shoes, a hatred of "image" and "awareness" campaigns, and an obsession with squeezing trackable results and hard dollars out of places most can't – like Facebook. Her clients include GKIC Members like Ron LeGrand and Gardners Mattress, as well as a wildly diverse range of corporations, from the Art Institute of New York to Harley- Davidson and Hilton Hotels to Chem-Dry. See more at: www.iocreativegroup.com.                                                    

Brodie Tyler

Brodie Tyler

Gold Member Brodie Tyler's INBOUND MARKETING SYSTEM creates organized effort out of chaos, attracts the customers you want most, and stops Google, Yelp, etc. from wreaking havoc in your life!

He started his first business at age 13 and has been a serial entrepreneur ever since, with businesses in services, retail and internet. His firm, Inbound Systems Inc. runs marketing campaigns for entrepreneurs, corporate clients and charities.

Jeff Giagnocavo

Jeff Giagnocavo

Jeff is a retail marketing and sales expert. An entrepreneur since the age of 14, Jeff worked in the furniture industry for 9 years before partnering with Ben McClure to buy Gardner’s Bedrooms from the original owner and transforming it into Gardner’s Mattress and More and doubling the business in four years. Gardner’s as received national attention for its progressive and unique marketing and sales strategies and is a model for retail success. Dan Kennedy himself flew by private jet to become a Gardner’s customer.

Jeff has published several articles for a variety of industry publications and is a sought-after speaker for industry trade shows. Jeff is also the Chief Sales Officer of Infotail Systems, Inc. – a marketing and sales automation services company for retailers and professional practice and service businesses.

Richard Seppala

Richard Seppala

R.O.I.: Return On Investment seems continuously mysterious to many entrepreneurs and marketers! They certainly understand the concept. But they find it hard to define, get and use the right data to drive their marketing decisions by R.O.I. Grounded by years of direct selling and direct marketing, long-time GKIC Member Richard Seppala has developed comprehensive systems for tracking the R.O.I. results of every separate marketing campaign, media and source...and for converting data mining to cash, by targeting and reaching your ideal, avatar customer, client or patient.

He has even developed an "R.O.I. Bridge" that integrates with Infusionsoft. He has been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates and in The Wall Street Journal, widely recognized as a "genius" at precision marketing, online and offline. For more info about Richard, visit www.yourROIGuy.com.

Scott Hallman

Scott Hallman

What wizardry is this? – getting more without spending more! Scott Hallman built not one but two INC. 500 ranked companies, and a third company to a $1-Billion valuation. His SuperConferenceSM Presentation is rich in practical examples from that experience as well as work with clients.

He has spoken at events hosted by Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Jay Abraham and Eben Pagan; his clients have included brand-name growth companies like Jiffy Lube...now his new and improved PROFIT HUNT PROCESS comes to you!

Nick Loise

Nick Loise

He has, at various places, set records for bringing on the largest number of new clients, for having the highest sales volume office in a network, and achieving President's Club award levels in three consecutive years.

He can make money disappear from others' pockets magically. He is also a Principal in RSVP-Chicago, a lead generation and digital marketing company helping clients reach Chicago's affluent homeowners. And he has an exceptional track record of creating, training and motivating High Performance Sales Teams.

He is Director of Sales at GKIC, and you may have recently seen him on a Live Webcast with Dave Dee and Dan Kennedy, about Sales Mastery.

Magic Background Magic Wand Rabbit in a hat Magic Hat

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April 15th
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Youth Event

Attention Parents:

Are You Looking For an EASY and FUN Way to Inspire Your Son/Daughter To Experience the Thrill of Running Their Own Business?


Suppose there was an easy way to get your child away from the muddled messages about business and into an environment where the core lessons of entrepreneurship, excellence, and success were laid out in a way that's fun, interactive, and powerfully motivating...

Imagine your child having a REAL passion for becoming an entrepreneur... with specific goals in hand... and a written down ACTION PLAN to make those dreams reality?

Do you think this sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn't any longer. In fact, you can make this happen this coming April 30th - May 2nd at the 2015 SuperConferenceSM.

At the Young Entrepreneur Renegade Wizards Magic School your child will discover the secrets of how to Start, Market, and Build Their Own Business – with lessons ranging from branding, copywriting, web design, video, and list building. This 3-day program is specifically designed for teens from age 13 on up – with the goal to give them a SOLID grounding in direct response/business principles they can use the rest of their lives.

The kids will get hands-on experience in the value of teamwork by working in small groups. This will culminate in the creation of a 'mock' business presented in front of a panel of experts – with the winning team presented with an award and recognition.

The kids will even get to attend Entertainment Legend Penn Jillette's SuperConferenceSM Presentation, followed by a group photo with Penn.

Taking the lead again this year will be David Fagan & his daughter Jordan Fagan:

DAVID FAGAN is a Professional Rain-Maker, cutting his teeth in the financial industry, overseeing business development for 9 banks before transitioning to consulting. He has worked with Jay Conrad Levinson (Guerrilla Marketing) and Infusionsoft. David is also the father of 8 children, one of whom is...

JORDAN FAGAN - The author of "How To Make It Big By 17: How To Make Money On Saturday." She has her own teen temp agency "Hire A Teen!" which markets teen-agers as virtual assistants, and has spoken on several big stages, including Stompernet and GKIC.

Okay, So What's the Cost To Attend This Incredible Event?

This is an extension of the 2015 SuperConferenceSM and is available as an 'add-on' to all registered attendees. With that...The VERY good news is you don't need to buy a full pass to SuperConferenceSM for your teen – not even close. In fact the investment we are asking could well be downright baffling... particularly when you consider similar events can cost $400-$700 and more! But you won't need to pay anything like that...

Instead, your teen can attend for just: $97

When you sign up for SuperConferenceSM just add your child's name to your registration in the Young Entrepreneur Renegade Wizards Magic School section.

Or just give your GKIC Concierge a call at 1-800-871-0147 and they'll be happy to help.

We promise a weekend packed with information and activities guaranteed to lay the foundation for your child's future business success – challenging, inspirational, and fun from start to finish.


Rich with GKIC-trained and GKIC-Members' endorsed Vendors, Suppliers, Experts, Joint-Venture Allies and more. Regular, repeat exhibitors come with their latest services and products. New exhibitors offer new opportunities. Magic wands for every purpose – for everyone!


Reception, Book Signing, Photo Opportunity Time, after the Special Evening Seminar on TRUST POWER MARKETING


Coaching Groups & Invited VIP's Luncheon, for Peak Performers/Implementation Group, Platinum Mastermind Group, Titanium Mastermind Group, IBA's and CBA's, Speakers and Invited Guests. Hosted by LEE MILTEER and DAN KENNEDY.


Evening-Before Networking Reception... Exclusive DIAMOND Members' Lounge stocked with refreshments, a refuge for relaxation and private meetings... Photo Opportunity with PENN JILLETTE*. (*May be limited by registration deadline.)


GKIC Marketers of the Year Award Winners 2013-2014 Recognized. NEW #1 MARKETER OF THE YEAR Revealed!


Young Entrepreneurs & Future Millionaires YOUTH CAMP led – by popular demand – by DAVID FAGAN, owner of Icon Builder Media, and former CEO of Guerilla Marketing, which has sold over 23-million books in 62 languages.

David is a Guest Lecturer at UCLA and frequently seen on Fox & Friends and featured in Forbes, Investors Business Daily, and Yahoo! News. He has worked with and represented 58 Academy Award Winners, 34 Grammy Award Winners, and 43 New York Times Bestseller List Authors. GKIC Young Entrepreneurs and their parents RAVE, RAVE & RAVE about the terrific programs he presents at SuperConferenceSMs.

This year's up-dated Youth Camp features workshop sessions in which teams will design ads, create social media campaigns, obtain social proof, and compete in a NEW Contest, competing to get the most viewers to their webcasts!


Please contact Nick immediately, at: 800-871-0147 or email: nick@gkic.com. Many positions already taken by repeat, regular exhibitors and sponsors, so act now.

Bonus Day

GKIC's BONUS DAY on May 3rd Gathers the Master Magicians of Tech to Reveal How You Can Conjure Up Dazzling Revenue Results By Utilizing the Newest, Hottest, Devastatingly Powerful Direct Response Marketing Technology Tools Available Today!

Imagine if you could wave a magic wand and make all the confusion, hype, and noise about “trendy, must-have technology” disappear in a puff of smoke...

Imagine that you finally had a simple, clear path to a powerful short-list of tools that – used properly – provide you the greatest "bang-for-buck" results in your business...

Imagine that you could drive traffic to your website, create compelling videos, and attract the perfect prospects to YOU for practically pennies… and without having to seek out, find, and hire costly techno-geeks in the process...

Sound too good to be true?

It's not – because GKIC has brought to SuperConferenceSM Bonus Day two of the top-tier technology marketing experts in the US:

Michael Taggart

Michael Taggart

"The Coolest Marketer in America"

Michael Taggart, also known by the name of Michael X, has been in the SEO industry for more than thirteen years, building his first site when he was only twenty-two years of age. He began in 1999, and has been recognized for his contribution to many prestigious online marketing careers as a coach, and through coaching programs.

Michael is the CEO of Adventure Marketing LLC, is also CEO of Rock Steady, Inc. and is trained in local and international businesses. One of the most renowned marketers in the world, especially in terms of local search marketing and mobile SEO, his interests include Bitcoin and crypto assets, giving him a reputation for technologically advanced knowledge, and the title of "the coolest marketer in America."

Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart

"The Internet Video Guy"

Mike Stewart , is president and founder of Soundpages Inc., a complete multimedia production facility located in the Atlanta area of Georgia, USA. Mike has composed countless radio jingles, television scores, and produced or performed on music heard all over the world. He has worked with world famous musicians such as Tommy Roe, Joe South, The Shirelles, William Bell (Georgia Hall of Fame Recipient), Isaac Hayes, Eddie Floyd, Bertie Higgins, and Bill Anderson, and more. He owned and operated a recording studio for over twenty years working in all facets of digital audio and video.

In 1996, Mike became passionate about the future of the Internet and how small businesses could benefit from the web if they just understood how to make it work for their company. He saw how the broadcast of audio and video information on a website was no different than the television/ radio industry he had been a part of all his life.

Since that time, he has become very successful consulting with small business owners on how to broadcast their unique marketing message to the world.

Event Information

SuperConferenceSM 2015

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Location & info provided after registration.

Wait & Be Locked out
Before this material even went to press, more than 300 seats for the
SuperConferenceSM were already sold from last year's SuperConferenceSM.
DIAMOND Member Price (Regularly $2,497.00)
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2-Monthly Installments of $549.00 or
1 Payment of $997.00
(Total Savings of $1,800.00)

Guest(s): $397.00
(Limit 2... Spouse/significant other, w-2, 1099)
Bonus Day: $197.00
Bonus Day Guest(s) $97.00
(limit 2... Spouse/significant other, w-2, 1099)

NOTE: You can "UPGRADE" your Membership Level to DIAMOND in Order to Take Advantage of the Higher Level Membership Discounted Enrollment Fees. Call 800-871-0147 to upgrade today!

Gold Member Price (Regularly $2,497.00)
Diamond Membership

2-Monthly Installments of $799.00 or 1 payment of $1497.00
(Total Savings of $1,400.00)

Guest(s): $397.00
(Limit 2... Spouse/significant other, w-2, 1099)
Bonus Day: 247.00
Bonus Day Guest(s) $97.00
(limit 2... Spouse/significant other, w-2, 1099)

Note: You can take advantage of a free trial GOLD membership when you register for SuperConferenceSM and take advantage of gold member pricing. Click here to get started now

General Schedule

Please note that all times are subject to change. We do our best to provide you with the general outline to help with travel arrangements.

Wednesday April 29th
  • SuperConferenceSM Registration: 4:00pm - 9:00pm
  • IBA Dinner: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
  • DIAMOND Reception: 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Thursday April 30th
  • SuperConferenceSM Registration: 6:30am - 8:00am
  • General Session: 8:00am - 9:00pm
Friday May 1st
  • General Session: 8:00am - 12:00pm
  • Breakout Sessions: 1:00pm - 6:00pm
  • General Session: 7:30pm - 9:00pm
  • Book Signing & Networking Reception: 9:00pm - 10:30pm
Saturday May 2nd
  • General Session: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday May 3rd - Bonus Day!
* Additional Registration Required
  • General Session: 8:00am - 4:00pm




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